Saturday, April 24, 2010


don't worry, i'm still blogging, just wanted to move to a different neighborhood. and i'm too lazy to change up this (really old) layout.

you can now find me here.

go now. and follow me. i can't believe i'd ever say that and not be scared.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

super huge update

holy crap, i can't believe i don't have the urge to blog anymore. some days i do, i'm just lazy. and of course facebook sort of fills the gap with the constant mini updates that are status changes. and you know how i like the shorthand. so let me update you all kinds of quick best i can since last march:

- work is still great, i love my job, though i have been on a trend for problems, i mean like 4 a month. and they're little stupid ones. luckily, i DO love my job and care about it so things are getting better, i got meds. i'll explain coming up...

- and speaking of pain in the ass, the ram ba lam and their partner thing is back, cept this person isn't out to get me i just plain don't trust them, and hate working with them...but what are you gonna do? i'll try my best to be civil and remember i'm a good caring person and just do my job.

- ah yes, on to the meds. it's always a joke i'm a spaz, but this time i thought (well cindy urged me to do this) i'll go see what the doc says in regards to this possible ADHD. turns out, i do exhibit symptoms of this. and he put me on something called strattera. now at first i was freaked, i don't want to have a "condition." but i've read SO many famous people have had ADHD. and the side effects sucked at first, i got real nauseous and felt like i had a hot flash. luckily, those have gone away.

- green day's new CD, 21st Century Breakdown is AWESOME....better than American Idiot.

- my braces are still going good, hell, i forget i have them.

- haven't gone to a cub game this year yet, we're scheduled to go to the aug 29 game. good lord, they better turn it up a notch by then.

- going to the chiefs game (which i've been to like 4 of so far...) wed. kriss has a peoria jaycees group and got me 3 tickets. so janiene, her husband mike, and i are going. also, free hot dogs and peanuts night.

so hopefully, if i forgot to catch you up (and by that i mean me months or years in the future) on anything, i'll touch on it when i WRITE IN THIS MORE....geez...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IE 8

i hate to sound totally geeky, but i really like the new Internet Explorer.

don't worry, i'll found something wrong with it soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patrick's day!

we offically have the coolest president ever.

cleveland pics coming soon....but none of the lab. sorry. the ARC is weird about stuff like that. and i'm sure you're so bummed you can't see a lab.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

cleveland, here i come

so since the red cross is consolidating (that's not as scary as it sounds for us in the lab job wise) over in Indiana and Ohio, for some reasonj they need help in the lab in Cleveland. so i jumped at the chance, not really thinking i'd get it. but sure enough, next week they're sending me. flight and hotel paid for. sweet. and arental car of course. AND, every meal i eat i'll get reimbursed. not liquor of curse. damn! but i do have to work 1st shift. but that's ok, seeing where they're putting me up....i think i'd like to spend as much time in my room as possible. dude, i get a kitchen.

and below is a pic of what the red cross building looks like:

i leave sun morning and wouldn't you know, i work up until then. even sat. dammit, when am i gonna pack?

Friday, February 20, 2009

so funny i pooped

ok not really. but this garfield (which i don't norally find funny) comic in today's paper CRACKED ME UP BEYOND BELIEF. i was even having after laughs. (is that a word? it is now)

and speaking of funny, "Chelsea Lately" is the best show ever (besides "Scrubs" of course)

stay tuned for reports on the florida trip and the soon cleveland trip.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

greetings from the arctic state

i know, so funny right? i go to florida and it hits a record low.
luckily, i don't come down here for the hot ass weather. but i would like to get a little bit of color at least. it is supposed to warm up to 80 degrees by sunday. BUT, two things, #1- it's nowhere NEAR as cold as illinois, and #2- i'm not at work.
which reminds me, i might have a chance to work at the red cross in cleveland the week after i get home. i guess they are consolidating or something and need extra help in the lab. i of course, jumped at the opportunity, so i might be able to go. airfare and hotel paid for. woo hoo.
anyhow, i'm having fun here regardless playing with my aunt's new kittens and trying to figure out the Ghost Recon game on xbox. dude, i've never played an xbox before.
oh yea, and did i mention they got me a 1.75 of captain? they also have a bar now on the lanai.
tons of pics to follow this trip, don't worry. but i'm not sure if they're gonna be available via facebook and myspace only or i'll get the non lazy urge to make a gallery.
stay tuned and stay warm.