Friday, February 20, 2009

so funny i pooped

ok not really. but this garfield (which i don't norally find funny) comic in today's paper CRACKED ME UP BEYOND BELIEF. i was even having after laughs. (is that a word? it is now)

and speaking of funny, "Chelsea Lately" is the best show ever (besides "Scrubs" of course)

stay tuned for reports on the florida trip and the soon cleveland trip.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

greetings from the arctic state

i know, so funny right? i go to florida and it hits a record low.
luckily, i don't come down here for the hot ass weather. but i would like to get a little bit of color at least. it is supposed to warm up to 80 degrees by sunday. BUT, two things, #1- it's nowhere NEAR as cold as illinois, and #2- i'm not at work.
which reminds me, i might have a chance to work at the red cross in cleveland the week after i get home. i guess they are consolidating or something and need extra help in the lab. i of course, jumped at the opportunity, so i might be able to go. airfare and hotel paid for. woo hoo.
anyhow, i'm having fun here regardless playing with my aunt's new kittens and trying to figure out the Ghost Recon game on xbox. dude, i've never played an xbox before.
oh yea, and did i mention they got me a 1.75 of captain? they also have a bar now on the lanai.
tons of pics to follow this trip, don't worry. but i'm not sure if they're gonna be available via facebook and myspace only or i'll get the non lazy urge to make a gallery.
stay tuned and stay warm.