Sunday, July 19, 2009

super huge update

holy crap, i can't believe i don't have the urge to blog anymore. some days i do, i'm just lazy. and of course facebook sort of fills the gap with the constant mini updates that are status changes. and you know how i like the shorthand. so let me update you all kinds of quick best i can since last march:

- work is still great, i love my job, though i have been on a trend for problems, i mean like 4 a month. and they're little stupid ones. luckily, i DO love my job and care about it so things are getting better, i got meds. i'll explain coming up...

- and speaking of pain in the ass, the ram ba lam and their partner thing is back, cept this person isn't out to get me i just plain don't trust them, and hate working with them...but what are you gonna do? i'll try my best to be civil and remember i'm a good caring person and just do my job.

- ah yes, on to the meds. it's always a joke i'm a spaz, but this time i thought (well cindy urged me to do this) i'll go see what the doc says in regards to this possible ADHD. turns out, i do exhibit symptoms of this. and he put me on something called strattera. now at first i was freaked, i don't want to have a "condition." but i've read SO many famous people have had ADHD. and the side effects sucked at first, i got real nauseous and felt like i had a hot flash. luckily, those have gone away.

- green day's new CD, 21st Century Breakdown is AWESOME....better than American Idiot.

- my braces are still going good, hell, i forget i have them.

- haven't gone to a cub game this year yet, we're scheduled to go to the aug 29 game. good lord, they better turn it up a notch by then.

- going to the chiefs game (which i've been to like 4 of so far...) wed. kriss has a peoria jaycees group and got me 3 tickets. so janiene, her husband mike, and i are going. also, free hot dogs and peanuts night.

so hopefully, if i forgot to catch you up (and by that i mean me months or years in the future) on anything, i'll touch on it when i WRITE IN THIS MORE....geez...