Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i am a horrible blogger

while i will note i'm psyched for the new "scrubs" tonight (please don't cancel this show, i have a new love....yes "CSI" just doesn't do it for me anymore), here's some things i REALLY need to do in the next week:

- wash my car. seriously, especially inside.

- do my state taxes. i tried doing them on break at work, but on the test run i think i messed up. apparently i can't be getting $900 back.

- go get my license sticker. um yea, that was expired at the end of dec.

- get a steelers shirt. i gotta be prepared for the superbowl party at chalise's you know. (and hell no i'm not going for the cardinals)

- clean my room? yea we'll see

- play racquetball. seriously, i have got to get off my lazy butt and play. i've only played twice since my membership in dec. and i even bought actual nikes to play in.

- oh yea, i have books to read (from xmas) but i can do that next week cause.....* drum roll * (and this is why i need to get all this crap done within this week) i'm GOIN TO FLORIDA next tues!

and yea, i work this weekend....burning CDs saturday and importing sunday. and after the burning sat chalise, matt and i (and possibly janiene) are going to the Mix Master Showdown. and of course after work sunday is the superbowl party. i do have monday off though. looks like i'll be packing that day. and possibly buying a swimsuit. dude, i don't think i have one.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"scrubs" quote of the night

Elliot: Thanks again for helping me look for Carla.

Janitor: No problem. I'll check the dumpster.

Elliot: Ah, we're not looking for dead Carla.

Janitor: Thatta girl. You stay optimistic

Sunday, January 04, 2009

reasons to look forward to this week (starting with tonight)

well ok, wouldn't you know, the bulk of it is tv shows.....

#1- "Rock of Love charm school" reunion on tonight @6. i hope heather beats in lacy's head this time.

#2- "Rock of Love 3" premieres tonight. seriously, if they had up to "ROL 78," i'd still watch it.

#3- "scrubs" starts back up again on tuesday! even though i could watch every rerun a million times and die a happy death.

(that's it really)

(unless you count....)

#4- i don't work this weekend....no really....i really don't. maybe i'll go catch a movie since i got a $15 Rave card from the eBDR dept.

- speaking of "scrubs," i found that if a song is on it, i will either #1- fall in love with it or #2- love it even more. case in point, "a little respect" by erasure. i think that just might be my favorite 80s song ever. "she says" by howie day....SOOOO much better than "collide" (although i do like that one). and last but not least, i just saw an episode where they air banded "more than a feeling" by boston. oh yea, and that song made the list on VH1's "top hard rock songs of all time" as well, which i just watched. that could be it too.

- i'd heard that "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is airing the Grys family episode on january 18th instead of 11th...BUT the listings still say the 11th. ah well, tune in anyways.

- i am so getting the instinct in march. right now i get $75 off towards a new phone. in march it's $150. dammit dammit dammit.

- i think i'm in love with egg sandwiches. why doesn't any fast food place serve that at all hours?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

dear instinct,

please be mine.

seriously, why can't touch screen phones be anything but BLACK?!

i want a purple or green one dammit.

in other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

and i promise blog, i'll try and visit more and not be a deadbeat dad.