Saturday, November 22, 2008

i heart work

after i clocked out, today, i had 37 hours overtime. (for 2 weeks) new record! and what's funny is that i went home early last friday sick.

no really, i do like my job, and we are seriously understaffed. but i'll update more later, i have to watch "Scrubs" and drink.

then go in tomorrow (my day off of course), but wait, i can go in whenever, it's just to play catch up.

i'm getting used to the braces, but they're starting to tear apart my gums.....arg.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

the on call post

mostly cause that seems to be the time i have for blogging. here i am @ work, about to spend the entire day mostly here. i mean there's stuff that would get me called in periodically, mainly @ 2 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm, then the good ole chicago mobile check in at around 1 am. BUT, i figure i'll just come on in around 1 and kill time by helping first shift get a jump start in what would normally be an overwhelming monday morning. you see they have to leukoreduce all of friday, saturday, AND sunday's blood. a lot of friday has been leukoreduced anyhow, since rika and nikki came in yesterday morning around 6 am and worked for about 6 hours. but tonight's chicago mobile is due to bring in about 160 some units, and the first thing they'll be doing for that is probably processing it monday morning, before they even get around to leukoreducing anything.

wow, shop talk britt....pretty boring. oh whatever, i'm the one that will reread this later down the road and know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.

and so i give you random pictures to make up for it, my (so very few) readers (left):

the illinois river and how freaking high it was at the end of september.

hehe....we had a mobile from the association of god church in pekin. too funny.

my mom and dad trying to figure out texting @ Old Chicago a few weekends ago. (they never did quite get it)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

brace yourself

oh you knew i was gonna do it. yep, i got braces. no i don't have pictures. nice try. i got the clear ones on top and the regular ones on bottom. the procedure wasn't too bad, kinda uncomfortable having your mouth open that long, but the worst was after it's done and they hand you the mirror. not to sound all boo hoo, but i HATED that. in fact, the whole time the dental hygienist is explaining to me how to brush, what to do, how to eat, what to eat, etc etc, all i can think is "what have i DONE!?!" in fact, i just got the hell out of there and didn't even bother to make my follow up appointment. i'm surprised i made it to the car, since it was already in the AM and i was sleepy to start with, then having me lay back for 90 minutes. and then there was the "oh-dear-god-i-have-to-get-the-hell-out-of-here-i-hate-the-way-i-look-maybe-i-look-better-in-the-car's-rearview-mirror" dash.

all in all, i am getting used to them, and reading a lot....A LOT of "adults with braces" stories on the internet, i realize, EVERYONE had those exact same thoughts. even the "i'm gonna drive back and just have em take them off" ones.

so it's been a week and a half now and really, it's just another case of the soft food diet, which i am definitely accustomed to. plus, i sure get carded more.