Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Home Practically Right Next Door Edition

dude, i cannot even tell you how close these guys are to me. well ok i can. (they're B, i'm A)

(click for bigger)

but anyway, not even being a fan of the show....i actually don't watch it....i wasn't all that moved earlier in the morning when it was announced it was a pekin home that got the honor. BUT.....it literally was too freaking close to me. hell, the way home from work i had to take a different route cause HUGE ASS SPOTLIGHTS (like stadium ones) and cop cars blocked my way.

so yea, i took pictures.

i had to drive to the end of 13th and willow (willow and 14th street have a NO PARKING ban) to do it. but here you go.

this is actually their backyard...a la the CAT bulldozer (and bright lights)

and the intersection of 14th and willow street

i couldn't get the ROAD BLOCK: NO THRU TRAFFIC sign

oh you'd be amazed at all the SUDDEN traffic we have now

hence the parking ban on 2 streets

oh yea, and i get braces tomorrow.....BOO YA!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

short and sweet

so i got my spacers yesterday. and paid my $500 deposit. yikes. AND they stretched my mouth in ways i didn't think possible. ugh. what a crapy experience. oh well. get my braces (THE INVISIBLE ONES) next wed. woo hoo.

work is SAH LAMMMED. basically, when 2nd shift comes in, we start to do all the stuff 1st does. and 3rd shift comes in and starts our stuff (processing blood). it's ALMOST (but close) as bad as 9/11 was they say (i missed out on that). i was there til 3 am last night. ah good times. good overtimes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

now with the hours passing theres nothing left here to insure

- i just realized (although it's 7 yers old) collective soul has a greatest hits CD (hence the blog title....."run" BEST SONG EVER)

- remember the sidebar i used to have on my blog? "currently *fill in the blank*"

- well for old's time sake....and me re-reading this later on:

CURRENTLY LISTENING: collective soul (of course): Dosage

CURRENTLY WATCHING (TV): all the "scrubs" reruns i can

CURRENTLY WATCHING (movie): Sleeping Beauty (i have to get into character for my costume you know)

CURRENTLY READING: the tommyknockers


- and as for all else, work has made a turn for the flashback worse. that's right...OT. hey i try to think positive. i'll come in early and stay late dawg.

- i think i might re-join Parkside

- the new "CSI" made me cry

- "Smallville" (despite the departures...lana and lex) is looking good so far

- "rock of love 3" on it's way! and can i just say i love "rock of love charm school"...it's like an awesome combo of ROL 1 and 2. AND sharon osbourne.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


well it goes to show you that you never can tell. i still think (as do many other teams) the cubs had the best record in the NL (and in baseball for a while too). but then you'll have the occasional 2 or 3 game slump. i'm not making excuses either, it happens. unfortunately it happened during the playoffs for us. oh well, we had a great season and for that i'm happy. but they did sure break my heart.

on to other things, i'm in the midst of one of 4 exciting on calls. that's right, when the new weekend/on call schedule comes out, usually you sign up for 2 or 3 saturdays (with me it's like 8 cause i'm crazy), and one on call. since i was off the day the new schedule came out, cindy was so kind as to sign me up for....ahem...TWO. dammit cindy. she didn't realize she did that. but i think she secretly somehow knew i would have taken an extra one anyways. then misty on 1st shift quits...so another on call presents itself. who do you think took it? then jason needed to trade on calls, but i instead greedily just took his. it was easier on him anyways. the thing is, i'm not jonesing for extra $$ really (but really, who isn't?)...but that brings us to my next thing. no really, brace yourself, it's good.

HA, i made a pun! "brace" yourself! no i'm not getttng leg braces....but upon a trip to the orthodontist the other day to inquire about invisalign, she told me it would beneficial to just get braces. and they have the cool clear ones now, so it's no where near as bad. AND, it'd be for only 20 months. and she told me it would help with so much as far as jaw alignment (not that mine is out of whack....) and my overbite (which i do seem to have). big problem, my dental won't pay on it cause i'm over 19. what the ??? oh ok, $200/mo isn't THAT bad.....but still...forget it. but you know, the more people i tell about, the more i'm convinced to do it. everyone tells me they have either done it later in life in their 30s, or have known someone and you WON'T regret it. so i'm seriously considering it. what the hell, 3 years ago who woulda believed i'd join a health club? (which i need to rejoin)

as far as the on call exciting weekend, i got a dose of an old school on call last night (think irradiations calling you back into work after you have JUST laid back down to go to bed). i get in to do the Baxter tube shipment around midnight...with Chicago due in around 1230-1 am. ok, come 2 am, i'm like what the fuck? where is this guy?? jeremy from hospital services is thinking the same. so after some deliberation, i just pack up what i have for Baxter (which has to be iced as close to 4 am as possible for the Quick driver when he comes @ 4), and figure well i can't pack up what Chicago is bringing cause i dunno when he'll get here. so at 3 am i head home, not knowing when the driver will get there....or if he's ok....these volunteer chicago drivers are like 90 some years old usually. so then i go to try and get to sleep, thinking that center is going to pry call me around 10 am the next morning...wait...THIS morning...and what do you know, the phone rings at 330 am. dammit! it's not like i can say "i'll get it in the morning." whereas the tubes won't be Baxter bound, i still have to check in the damn mobile.

ok, now i think i will take that nap.