Tuesday, September 23, 2008

seriously, wake me up when september ends

not so cool things that have happened this month:

- car breaks down
- i get the flu
- the FDA is visiting the red cross
- my sister's basement flooded while i was housesitting

cool things that happened this month:

- the cubs clinch

well, ok, on to october....

Monday, September 15, 2008

zambrano throws a no-no

best game ever!!!!! that wasn't on tv!!!!! thank god i really like WIRL 1290. i thought ron was going to have a heart attack. luckily, they also showed the last inning on mlb.tv free. only cause history was about to be made. damn you WGN...you were slated to show it...what's with this "Newheart" stuff?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

pictures and a short story (of the picture)

first off, my car still being in the shop (i get it back monday though...woo hoo!), i rented a car. and i LOOOOOOVE my kia spectra. mainly cause of the blue.

and i've always wondered when doing tubes @ work, why the hell some regions have a shiping label with a FLY on it? what the hell? gross.

and the other day, blood got all over the floor (the tubing had a break) and i don't even notice as so far to STEP IN IT. (never commit a murder when wearing chucks britt...)

oh yea, here's an old school shot of me (from like a few months ago....) that the red cross used in some sort of power point thing. (i'm pretending to work see...)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ye olde dope

note to self: 3 months expired nyquil still works

Saturday, September 06, 2008

news and notes for september 2008

- so far, i started the month carless. after having a few drinks and playing the wii (best way to spend your monday night EVER) @ cindy's, it wouldn't start. so i crashed there and had it towed to my mechanic's the next day (which thankfully, was in sunnyland)

- that resulted in me only having a 2 day work week. sure i worked labor day, so i guess that made me feel better when i, carless, couldn't go in tues night. actually i worked the whole weekend too, so tues night worked out good. then i worked wed, thurs, off yesterday. hehe...loser.

- i love the recent cold/rainy weather we've been having. man, i can't wait for fall!

- went to davis bros last night w/ kim and rika, then off to goodfellas to take advantage of my "i-didn't-drive" situation. i found i'm awesome at pool when drunk and don't like their vodka when you ask for just a shot of it. what was that, firewater?

- soo soo mad to be a cub fan now. but i try to look at the bright side and not worry...remember this is the best cub team i've seen in my lifetime. and no snide "they'll choke/they suck" comments please (real original by the way), i will delete them...save your rude comments for the brewers...those bastards need to go away.