Monday, August 25, 2008

pics from Erin Feis

my mom and dad

my dad and i (not in that order) doesn't he look disgusted? what the?

mom drinks with the irish wolfhound in the background

ok, this one is a better more posed and centered pic.

hey look, stacy, shane and lindsay decided to suprise us from Normal.

funny thing was, stacy's come to a couple of irish fests, in fact one time i got so drunk i went back to normal with them (to party more i guess) and i woke up totally forgetting what town i was in. ah college. anyhow, she, shane and lindsay decided to just to hit irish fest, not knowing if i'd be there or not. well duh. but when she arrived she tackled me and some of my beer spilled and i heard her say "oops, party foul!" so i'm turning around thinking this person better have a good reason to- oh it's stacy! and while i knew shane, lindsay looked familiar....but i just couldn't i introduce myself..."oh i know you brittany, i used to come see the improv're super funny."

awesome. fan in the house.

now back to work this week. arg.

Friday, August 22, 2008

must love cubs

oh look john cusack made it to the cubs game yesterday. of ALL fans to make the photo shot, come on! AND he got to high five big Z.

wonder what he's saying....."hi big Z! I AM JOHN CUSACK! AND THAT IS JOHN CUSACK'S RIGHT HAND THERE!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PT crapper

oh the joys of a rent a car. dammit if they didn't give me a crappy one this time. to all you PT crusier owners/fans out there, i'm sorry, i hate your car, it's ugly, and it sucks to drive!

dammit all to hell, that's the one thing i look forward to when my car's in the shop, geting to drive something different for a few days.

this doesn't count as a car though.

and what's with the Iowa plates?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

off to the land of wind

so tonight i'm headed off to chicago. julie and i are taking in the day cub game tomorrow (1:20 for me) in THE BLEACHERS. never been there, so let's see how that pans out. i do know you have to get in line early cause it's general admission. but anyhow, we're heading up tonight and we were gonna hit lollapalooza, but i think it's a $80 / day pass....and we won't get there til 8, so what's the point i guess. but i would like to see the toadies. even though i have seen em twice here in peoria, i loved it, i wish they'd put out another CD.

but anyhow, not sure what the plan is for tonight, dunno if we're getting a local hotel or staying with her friend jen (who lives like 4 blocks from wrigley field), i guess it depends on what nightlife we hit tonight and where.

should be a good time though....i'm (FINALLY) gonna see the sears tower tomorrow. it better not close like the arch did. dammit.