Wednesday, May 28, 2008

heck yes i did!

cindy: "you run like napoleon dynamite."

me: (after a pause) "that's not really a compliment."

Friday, May 23, 2008

shop til your clothes fall off

once again, the victoria's secret girl has lost her clothes.

seriously, women don't shop in their bra and panties.

for um....bra and panties.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mother's day weekend pics

FINALLY! after 18 years, i get them up. well ok, i'm lasy, but you all knew that.

(click on the photo to go to the's not like i would give you guys ONE photo...)

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day weekend

the photos are coming, i swear. in the meantime, they are up at my myspace page. but you have to be my friend. ha!

dee dee arrived on thursday (which in addition to friday, i took off work), and i suprised her (i guess somewhat, nothing like when i fly down to florida a day later and suprise her) when i picked her up at the airport. from then we ventured home to start the festivities. and by that i mean start the drinking.

friday they (holly, andrea, mom and dee dee) went shopping. i wasn't the early riser like them so i just joined up with them at bar louie and TGI Fridays.

saturday was race for the cure, and damn did it seem longer this year. maybe we aren't as fast as we used to be. but at least the Galley wasn't crowded when we got there for breakfast. and our food came quick. what the f? i was only able to drink one bloody mary. damn!

then that night we went to davis bros and were joined by chalise, matt, their kids, and tory and cindy and their kids. luckily, it didn't seem like kid overload, as they all played together.

yesterday we stayed in of course for mother's day. richard, april and the kids came by. then holly and pete. we watched the cub game and yelled (the guys in the living room, and mom, holly and i in my room) as they took the lead. which was funny cause the cats were all in the kitchen, and as soon as we did that, they just SCATTERED. then dee dee had to leave on a jet plane around 4. holly, robin and the kids came by a little later. and then, our house was no longer standing room only. seriously, what a freaking busy company day.

even though the diamondbacks lost to the cubs (a sweep for the cubs actually...ha ha...PAYBACK!), i have to give Miguel Montero props for his cute getup yesterday.