Wednesday, April 30, 2008

how bout them cubbies?

my grandma always used to greet us with that when we came to visit. man, i wish she coulda seen this game. hell, i guess NO ONE could. my mom said it wasn't on. it supposed to on ESPN, but oh no. since my dad sleeps in the evening due to 3rd shift, he misses the game, but my mom watches nearly every one.

19-5. damn, i wish it were a double header (with the score split in two) so it'd count for 2 games.

in other news, i've joined the 21st century and got myself a DVR.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

off to work

check out what i was driving into yesterday at work.


but then, as i went into it, turns out it wasn't much of a storm.

also, i got my stimulus deposited today. woo hoo. god bless my last 2 digits of my social security number.

Monday, April 21, 2008

i couldn't have written this without you

i noticed yesterday in the front of my medical terminology book (which i bought for yes, fun reading...shut up) that there is a picture of the editor.

no dedication. just a photo and signature. (as seen in the 2 pictures below)

so i decided....hey it's my book.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

shake rattle and roll

so i'm sure you guys (local bloggers that is....and by local i might be possibly talking about as far as indiana in this case) all know about the quake by now. truth is, since i was staying at my sister's (and in a different room AND bed), the first one i wasn't sure what it was. actually, that WAS the earthquake (at 4:30 am). i was tossing and turning for about an hour before 5, so i know i felt that one. holly said frankie (her cat) likes to wake you up at 5 am, so i was anticipating that anyhow. but anyhow, the first thing i really thought (besides "what the HELL was that?!") was that some one's shaking the house, or is outside. then i thought, "uh oh...ghost." so yea, basically YIKES! and....i am not sleeping in this room again. so fast forward to 10 am or so, i'm actually awake (the other time i was sorta awake, so i can't recall if it woke me up or not or that i even felt the full 30 second shake) for it. at this point, i looked at frankie (who was looking at me in the same way) and said "what IS that frank? does this happen every night?" i knew it was a shake this time; the metal hanging my sister had on her wall was shaking. so anyhow, i get home and my neighbor cindy goes "did you feel the earthquake?" OH THANK GOD! it's not a ghost or someone trying to tear into my sister's bedroom wall, it's just an earthquake!!!

but really, as a midwesterner, if we get a whole lot of shaking, we go through 18 different things before we conclude "oh maybe it was an earthquake."

i LOVE this video. this weather guy is just like "oh feels like we got an earthquake...i'm just it an earthquake?"

then he blames it back on the trains.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

dear itunes,

what the hell is up with this movie rental thing you have going on? you rent a movie for $3, but it expires in 24 hours. what the ? and then it won't even freaking play for me. come ON, my computer has plenty of memory, it plays hour shows all the time.

while i don't appreciate your dumbass slow lagging craptastic movie rental that never plays, i do love that i can download "scrubs" and the "CSI"s, due that my VCR took a crap, and i am still in the process of finding a recording solution. (i think i'm gonna invest in some DVR)



ps- sometimes i hate you so much it hurts

Friday, April 11, 2008

all in a days work

have i even used that post title yet? i feel like i'm ripping off reader's digest or something.

anyhow, work quotes:

me: "there's lots of female donors today." (cause via the e-phlebotomy tag, we're able to see certain things as in phlebotomy start time, whether they're CMV negative, and the gender)

tara: "well, we are the giving sex"

* pause *

tara: "i didn't mean as in we give sex..."


we also got new bags that they collect the blood in. which makes the cannula harder to snap. so i offer some advice to those not familiar with the cannula snapping (cause we used to use the snappers when i first started)

me: "you have to slide it just in the right spot..."

tara: "could you say that slower?"

me: "what?"


my sister had to put her cat down last night cause he had some fluid in the lungs and some sort of heart problem. he was only 9 months old probably. she's an absolute wreck. what i hate about it is that i know exactly what's she's going through and i know there's nothing i can do. anyhow, she's doing a little bit better today. but that's all you can do, is allow time to heal it.

in other news beerfest is tomorrow and i hope i can go. chalise can't go cause of a wedding....and i'm wondering if my parents still wanna go. but be on the lookout cause i might make an appearance.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

march madness turns into april fools

but first, observations from "Rock of Love 2":

why does destiney yell at all the interviews?

whats up with daisy's weird hand motions?

rika and i do a killer impression of daisy at work. first, you have to make your face look like a stoned fish. ha ha.

i'm usually pretty inept at the march madness pool stuff....i mean i'll make it past the first round or so, but currently at work i'm tied for 9th. BUT, in the 7 scenarios that could happen, number 7 to be exact, i'd take 1st, which is $180. great, now i'll be even more into the games this weekend.

and now for april fools day. no one got me, although whilst trying to scare janiene, she snuck up and scared the hell out of me. good job janiene. but after a whole night of not really doing anything (i did mess with michelle's mouse), i sneak out before i leave and put a new kids on the block CD in cindy's car. so that when she gets in, "The Right Stuff" blasts at her. ha ha. that's the perks of knowing her locker combo...and also being a fart in a whirlwind, so when i disappeared for 5 minutes, no one susupected anything.