Sunday, March 30, 2008

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours ago...

so they say there's no such thing as the 24 hour flu. ok, so they call it that cause it usually goes away in a few days. what the hell? wouldn't they call it the 72 hour flu then? anyhow, i spent the night housesitting on friday, pry fell asleep around 11 or so...then, at 1 am or so i just woke up sweating to death and had to take off my hoodie (it was cold when i went to sleep i swear). and of course, i felt like i was going to yak. i don't think i've had a sickness wake me up that fast in a long time. come to think of it, last time i had the flu it did.

anyhow i got sick a few times, went back to sleep, but at 5 it happened again, so i just went home. yea, i know what you're thinking: hangover. but trust me, if this was a hangover, i'm never drinking again. not to be graphic, but i had the good ole coming out both ends part, i was sweating AND i couldn't get warm once i got back into bed. that was the most frustrating part. besides the fact i was soo thirsty for water, but every time i drank even a bit and it got in my stomach, i had to race to the bathroom. and that was another thing, once i stood up i immediately had to puke. i have not been this sick in, what was it....8 years? last time i had the flu i was @ ISU. that sucked cause i had no one to wait on me til my roommate came home. in which she drove me to health services with a plastic bag (in case i yakked). and there they gave me a shot in my butt (well close to) and wouldn't let me have water, just ice chips. what is it with wanting water so bad when you have the flu, but it's toxic to your stomach?

anyhow when i woke up early this morning to let the dogs out (i didn't stay last night), i felt fine. not 100% of course, but close to 90%. damn, that sucked. i know i always say i wish i got sick more often, but i only mean cause i never do (i have a great immune system so it seems) and i feel like i should take one for the team more often (not that i actually like feeling like crap). cause people like my mom have had enough of it. and the bright side to this is, at least i got it out of my system before i go back to work tues. i do work today, but it's just importing stuff, so no biggie.

the first few days of this vacation whether or not i actually had plan or not, i wanted to make sure a second didn't go by that i didn't approve of. in other words, i had no obligations (work or plans), so there is no reason i couldn't have 100 % fun. (what is it with me a percentages?) well duh britt that can't follow through completely. but it was damn close the first few days. i didn't really have an agenda, but i did watch a movie a day (i'm talking at the cinema), i slept in (that was the best part of vacation), *ahem* drank (not got drunk!) every day, read my medical terminology book (shut up), and i would say exercised, but i try to do that every day anyhow. but when there's no work to run late for, it's easier. plus i dyed my hair. i need a week off to do that?! man, i'm lazy. anyhow, it went off without a hitch til i had to housesit thurs night (and "Smallville" wasn't all the great that night...which i didn't have to tape....what the f?), cause god knows i don't sleep well over there, and besides, i had to get up early with the dogs. the good thing was that i could go home and safely go back to bed. if i worked that day, i couldn't necessarily sleep until say 12 or so.

oh yea, then being sick sucked up a day of potential fun. dammit.

two more days to go, though. and it's supposed to THUNDERSTORM today!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

back in pink

sorry, no photo for you britt fans (are any of you still OUT THERE?!). but soon you shall see the all new "hey-look-i'm-back-in-crazy-hair-colors!" britt. the current all the rage pick is pink. when i say all the rage i mean my me and me only.

and it's STORMING! what a great day off! and i'm almost caught up on "scrubs"...i'm currently on season 6....which will bring me soon up to date to the current season 7....which i hear you can purchase for a dollar each on itunes. and speaking of Shows I'm Addicted To, all new "smallville" tonight. yea, i'm a dork. go ahead and feel free to bite me.

last night julie and i checked out Drillbit Taylor, which was actually pretty good. god, i hate high school. and then we checked out Banana's Ale House and Eatery on Willow Knolls drive...mostly cause i had a slew of free drink cards (from the st. patty's day parade), but i only used one cause i wanted to throw some business their way. it sucks they're all the way out on WK rd, but it was a super cool bar and i'd highly recommend it. cept for the drunken teetering businessman in the purple shirt....that part i wouldn't recommend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

easter pics

first off this is like nearly impossible to find! i haven't had it since college...which 8 years ago... * sigh *

my dad doin some ham massacring

the snow...part 1

and more of that

my mom made me take this

blacky. out for the count

"what the hell?"

these weird bunnies my mom got. and i made it: EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHTING!

and of course the usual march madness fun.

the snow part 2

look! it's dippin dots!

mama kitty sets up camp on andrea's butt

i just realized (this is later that night) there was a ship on the back of the captain morgan bottle.

Monday, March 24, 2008

spring break WOO HOO

oh lucky me, this week i decide to take off is also spring break for the high school. not that i dislike teenagers, i mean , i was one....wait, that's why i do dislike them.

anyhoo, that just means when i go to the movies or anywhere else retail oriented, there they'll be.

but jokingly at work on sat, i wrote out a list:

what's funny is that i just might stick to it...except the last one of course. hell, there's no hope for that one.

now i'm off to see Shutter. teenagers be damned.

passing thoughts on "ghost hunters"

- at the reveal, when jason says "come on let's get out of here,." i love how he always says it like if he didn't they'd just sit there forever.

- and they always say "kris williams" not "kris." why do they full name her? it's not like there's another "kris."

- jason was sick last epiode and lost his voice, why the hell did he come out and do half an investigation? and also, why is he so dressed up? does he dress nice when he's sick?

- as for the "GH international," jason and grant didn't do that cause they have a family, but brian jumped right aboard....ummm...brian, you just had a frickin BABY, what the hell?

- and i have noticed the "me and grant" jason spits out usually has been replaced with "grant and i." aww....i'm so proud.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

fight fight...and a trip to the cemetery

i know everyone likes a good hockey game fight, but we got TWO last night....and then the mass one. i only thought to pull out my phone after they had left the ice. but look at all the helmets! it was like a mass smack down. i think even the refs were getting pounded on.

anyhow, the video of it (god bless you tube) is here:

and then, upon taking a wrong turn off 74 on university one day, i go to turn a cemetery of course, and i see this.

*snicker* yea i know, how insensitive of me....but COME ON, i had to snap a shot.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

kiss me drink with me all day, i'm irish

the pics are up. and amazing, since i feel a wee bit of the hungover. i did not get sick though. not too bad for a 14 hour stint.

(click on the picture to go to the gallery)

and do that comment away and vote for a fave bullcrap as well.

Monday, March 17, 2008

let's get ready to stumble

god that shirt cracks me up. and i couldn't think of any post title to put.

T minus 58 minutes and i depart to the amvets to start the drink all day celebration. actually quitting time is around 4 or 5. i'm not that cool. i hope you didn't for a second think i was. although last year we were out til after 10. what i love this year is that i have tomorrow off. i took it for insurance. yes, let's say i DO get sick this i did 3 years ago....WHICH was the last time i got sick on alcohol....then i don't have to worry about work tomorrow. but mainly i like having it off cause it's just a nice thought to know i don't have to go in tomorrow. i can SLEEP IN. unlike today....whew. but it's like xmas morning i'm telling you, it makes it hard to sleep anyhow. this year i am all prepared like a solider. i got my licence, my camera, a red bull just in case, and an assortment of snacks. wait, that sounds kinda like camping.

anyhow, angie, kriss, and jennifer from last year, i hope i run into you guys again!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

hope's greatest hits

in reference to her breath after lunch and she should have got gum while she was home.

hope: "man, i meant to grab it before Raza left."

and then...

hope: "no really, i mean i really wanted a piece before i came back."

and then talking about st. patrick's day....

hope: "remember in school....they gave you those....what were they? 4 loaf clever???"

i then told her she had successfully made an entire blog post.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

more "scrubs" fun

while watching yet more "scrubs" DVDs (i went out and rented season 3), they mentioned "clavicle" and dammit if i couldn't think of which bone that was.....

now see, not having any sort of interest in medical anything my whole life (cept for the fact i wanted to be a vet), i have a knack for being able to name every single bone. cept for those phalange ones.....damn, i hate those. but i couldn't for the life of me remember where the clavicle was.

so i ask my dad.

me: "hey dad, where's the clavicle?"

dad: (after kinda looking around) "i think it may be in the bedroom."

seriously folks, i wasn't sure if he was serious or being funny. but knowing my dad's sense of humor, it's pry the latter.

and then i realized my drink looks a lot like the urine sample in the particular "scubs" episode i'm watching.

i like my captain and sprite strong ok?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

scrub a dub dub

so i've been told (multiple times) that "scrubs" is my cup of tea. everything from "it's SO your sense of humor" to "you are the female JD."

and i borrowed the first 2 seasons from julie and yes, i confess, i love it. though i think dr. cox is freaking hilarious and JD....well....he is the dork for God's sake.

oh wait. so am i.

but it brings me to......i really think scrubs (the wear) are cool looking....why can't the red cross rock that anymore?

(so they say, they used to in the lab)