Sunday, February 24, 2008

arbeit spielen macht frei

mom: "mama kitty...want to P-L-A-Y?"

mama kitty: "meow?!"

me: "uh oh, she knows how to spell. mama kitty.......machst du spielen?"

mama kitty: "meow!"

mom: "oh shit she knows german."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

pizza pizza

me: "if i order the pizza, will you get the door?" (cause i'm all ready-for-bed-look-like-crap)

mom: "sure, i'm not drunk"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

more post it fun

my mom wanted to remember to get her friend sue a throw rug when she comes to visit in april.

no, really....she's not violent or anything.

and ambre from "Rock of Love 2" has the best expressions.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

i'm so hungry i could ride a horse

yesterday was ash wednesday, so yea of course i'm super hungry at 1. normally it's 3, but i went in early to help out. overtime is gonna be sweet this check. of course, not only are we short handed (on 1st, mostly cause rika's training), but the volunteers don't open filter anymore so we have to. yea, that's real convenient right before hanging. anyhow, i'm also housesitting at cindy's across the street, so since the dogs gotta get up at 7 and eat, so do i. i normally would go back to bed, but what the hell, might as well get stuff done and go into work.

and the other day (sunday), we got some kick ass thundersnow.

i wish i could post the damn video but grabbing and saving videos is harder than it used to be it seems. or maybe i've become javascript stupider. wait...never!

more at 10.

just kidding. internet got blocked at work (stupid few people that ruin it for all of us), so i couldn't even if i tried.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

saturday in the park town of peoria

last night i actually went out and did something. holly, andrea, mom and i issued a triple threat. shopping, movie and dinner. now i'm not much of a shopping....actually i SUCK. i'm better than i used to be. it used to cheer me up....but again, i went alone too. my mom, sister and andrea have a much different agenda.

after shopping we were off to see The Bucket List. dammit, i knew i'd cry. but i highly recommend it. not to sound cheesy, but it'll put stuff into perspective.

then as we were waiting on my mom smoking outside of the car after the movie:

mom: "i'll just finish this one..."

holly: "ok, we'll be right here waiting."

me: "just like richard marx."

then off to olive garden, which my sister got kicked out of (along with her friends) years ago for being drunk, HA! she's back!

me: (in the witing for a table area...the lobby?) "ok mom, after they (holly and andrea) get out of the bathroom i'm going in, i gotta pee."

mom: "well don't announce appetizing..."

and later, at the table:

holly: "want more salad?"

me: "no, i'm saving for the (seeing the salad tongs and thinking 'lasagna') latanya."

* laughter *

holly: "what????!"

me: "actually, i think she works here"

Friday, February 01, 2008

they mean business

geez bennigan's, you don't have to shout "hours of operation."

oh yea, and it snowed a bit here too.