Sunday, January 13, 2008

barhopping in p town

pekin will always be P town to be, but * sigh * okay, just this time peoria.

so i went into work yesterday (crazy), but just for a few hours cause i was planning on hitting old chicago with tara, sarah, and janiene at 7. since tara was already at work, i might as well make myself useful. so i opened filters. it's a mindless task, so it was ok.

then off to old chicago at 7, and tonya came out soon after and joined us.

which brings me to my 3rd beer, and photo and dialogue as follows:

tonya: "you look like my grandpa" (cause i was drinking a pabst - didn't all grandpas drink that? AND i had on a cardigan)

sarah: "bet you've never got THAT before"

and then off to pizzeria uno, where i ran into an old friend from ICC, who recognized me right away. wow, i look like i did when i was 19.

wait, i couldn't do this:

(julie took this with my phone)

then after uno's (bar closed at 11! ack!), we ventured off to sullivan's. lost julie and tonya. well, julie had to work early....and we just seemed to lose tonya. janiene and her husband mike met us at sullivan's. mike keep buying us shots of jack. no seriously, i think i had 4. but i was ok. WAY TO GO IRISH GENES. speaking of way to go ethnic things.....

me: (in response to janiene's repeated calling as to where sullivan's was) "you know, for a native american she sure doesn't know how to navigate"

Sunday, January 06, 2008

the captain was here

(in response to my almost empty 1.75 bottle of captain)

mom: "god, did you have a leak?"

Saturday, January 05, 2008

and the shadow of the day, will embrace the world in grey

- i swear i used to be better at these post titles. dammit that song is in my head.

- i'm all stuffed up right now. NO i am NOT getting sick. (i think it's the weather) but i would settle for not being stuffed up. cause sleeping is a bitch.

- funny things overheard @ work tonight:

tara: "if i was a girl my parents were gonna name me corey. DAMMIT! NO. SHUT UP! don't put that on your blog!"


chad: (in response to brooke's blood spill) "wow, that is the biggest one i've ever seen!"

and then there's the picture part of my post:

the cool ass snow on the (somewhere new year's eve)

part 2. (no, i'm not gonna wreck)

now that's the BEST ATM ever!