Sunday, December 30, 2007

weekend monthly update

man, i really wish i was better at blogging. it seems my day pretty much run together though. and then i'm a fool and work the weekends.

but here's a recap of stuff that's been going on:

- dec 5- got to see chicago in bloomington. AWESOME. it's the closest thing to seeing the beatles to me. i know about as much about chicago as i do the fab four. i also got to meet cindy's parents. i'm sure they pry thing i'm a somewhat quiet, beer abusing girl.

- for some reason, i love "snoop dogg's fatherhood" what the???

- my cousin tom (yes, tom duley, no jokes please...oh wait, stay tuned) in germany just had a baby boy (well he DIDN'T), ian anderson. say, that's the name of the lead singer of jethro tull, isn't it?

- aunt dee dee and uncle george decided to suprise us last sun (the 23rd) with a random xmas visit. and we were JUST TALKING about it too. "hmmm....they're due to suprise us for xmas...."

- ever since my gum surgery i haven't had my tongue ring in. hey, it's my (a day late) 5th anniversary of that too. actually, i don't really miss it. i really don't want to go through that surgery again. whether my tongue ring was responsible or not.

xmas 2007 pics coming soon.

no, really, i mean that.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

it's the most pooperful time of the year

here you go guys.........

pics from december 2007!!!!

(post coming soon...I PROMISE)

these pics have no captions, but they are collectively from rika's 31st b-day at crusen's (and alexander's.....which i was not at) and the last one is all of us (chalise, kim, rika, and that order) at our annual xmas eve lunch at johnny's)

Friday, December 21, 2007

high school musical

well, if i had cool musical tunes to accompany this, sure.

anyhow, reasons i felt i was yet again in high school today:

1) VH1 has this "100 Greatest Songs of the 90s" show goin on....which i taped tonight. (and part 5 is tomorrow!)

2) i brought in a few pearl jam CDs for tara to listen to.

3) a) my car BROKE DOWN....oh wait.....stay tuned for part

ok, i guess you really had to know me in high school (or had read my diary) to know my car back then broke down a whole hell of a lot and yea well, me and my comrades spent a lot of time at SNS.

man, i miss my car.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

talk poop

god bless yahoo messenger.

brian8888ca: This might sound strange but please answer. Other then a bathroom, where else have you pooped?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

why i'm a dork parts one and two

at the bathroom at Bromenn, i change this:

to this:

HA HA. i've always wanted to do that.

and also, i think i really really like ELO.