Tuesday, November 20, 2007

britt over the years


well ok, maybe some of you have but people at work just don't believe the stoopid pictures i have taken over the years. or how my hair really is blonde.

and i'm showing these #1- cause i found a bunch of random pictures that don't necessitate a gallery and #2- because i'm the laziest writer ever.

and yes most are of me, but i'm not narcissistic, i actually look pretty goofy in almost all of them.

my aunt guddy from germany and i on my 21st b-day. yes, apparently, i used to tan.

ACT did a christmas skit and well, i was goofing around. the santa hat actually had nothing to do with our skit.

another behind the scenes. what was i? a charlie's angel?

the camping group in washington island, wisconsin. that's me drinking the beer at 10 in the morning. (circa summer 1999)

we had nowhere to store this pizza we had camping. so well, we put in a large plastic bag. we never did eat it.

after sleeping in the car (it was FREEZING) on a trip to montana, we stopped at a random south dakota rest stop. (circa jan 2000)

reader's theatre 1997 ON TOUR! and our....umm...pyramid.

(below me and to the left.....yes, that's chad from alltel)

busted. looks like i got drunk and fell dowm. but i'm really just plain drunk and sitting. this was around fall 2000 maybe??

pick a winner. me on the way to montana jan 2000.

my halloween 2004 costume.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

weekend in chicago: the pictures

so it seems i have evolved into a picture blogger. can i help it i have fun with my camera phone? actually, some of these are with my regular (and super nice....i need to USE it more) camera. sorry i only got a few at the wedding; i was so busy catching up with everyone i forgot i had it.

here's our (holly, pete and i) room at the Hilton Suites (which really wasn't that pricey given the location.

the view from the window. see Lake Michigan?

always bring your gun. oh ok, only if you're a cop i guess.

look at me all touisty and artsy picture taking. that's the Hancock building.

when we went to Mother's that night (friday), the ATM was #1- broken and #2- had the damn name of the place spelled wrong.

and there's mike and allison during their first dance.

me and buck.

the KICK ass after party room at the Allegro. yes, that's a pool table.

Friday, November 09, 2007

somebody save me

is it weird i'm watching "Smallville" in my superman pajama pants?

yea, i didn't think so.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

goin' to the chapel hotel allegro

so that had to have been the first wedding i've been to at a hotel. and hey the reception was right there too. holly and pete decided they needed a trip to chicago for no reason, so they taggged along. and by tagged along i mean they drove and took me out drinking friday night. that was cool, though, i didn't have to worry too much about making the trek to the windy city alone.

anyhow, friday night we checked in, and made our first stop at the hotel bar. drink one: down. then off to giordano's (i'm linking these places cause they really are awesome places....plus i didn't take pictures of everything) for some dinner...which of course, usuallly is accompanied by a 45 min to an hour wait, but it's worth it. so holly and i knocked back about two pitchers of 312. (best chicago beer ever!) yes, i just linked a beer, get over it.

upon leaving giordano's (where because of this stupid soft food surgery plan i couldn't get a stuffed crust pizza, but the raviloi was good.), lo and behold there's a stand on the corner and they're selling hats (a LOT) and scarfs. sweet. not that i really needed a scarf, but what the hell, it was cooler than my last one. AND, i got my st. patty's day hat. see what you can find when you aren't looking? and what's up with finding my dream shirt/hat at these stands? like that "kiss me i'm a cubbie fan" shirt i searched EVERYWHERE for online. oh look, it's at a street vendor. hmm.

on to the pub crawl, where we intook (i don't think "intook" is right but i'm makingit a word right now) a beer each, cause that's how holly and pete roll.

no, really.

and i shall link them all. (cause that's how i roll)

we ventured off to the following: mike ditka's restaurant (saw him leave too...well, the back of his head), jilly's (sinatra used to hang there), the Lodge, mother's (holly's old college hangout), and finally the Drake hotel bar. no, we weren't staying there, but why not drink in one of the swankiest hotels in chicago?

ok, and that was just friday. stay tuned for saturday. with pictures!

the few i took that is.

Monday, November 05, 2007

at long last

here you bitches go:

halloween 2007

(when i say bitches i mean that in a TOTALLY super nice way)

* snicker *

stay tuned.....

pictures from the wedding this past sat coming soon...as well as the halloween pics. but for now:

that's right we got blood from the ass bank. hmmmmm...