Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

(look, i gave you a teaser picture)

yes, i know velma doesn't typically have a sword

too bad i'm celebrating today with CRAMPS!! arggg!! and work. that should be interesting. maybe i'll bring my camera.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose

because it's halloween of course. and that song is stuck in my head.

so anyways, i really wish i could get into the habit of writing in this every day like i used to. the britt of 2010 is going to be really pissed when she can't take a decent stroll down memory lane 2007. and blogger is so much snazzier now, with auto saving of posts (gee, that woulda come in handy a few hundred times) and the photo (AND video! haven't even tried that yet) hosting. ah well.

moving on, work is the same. i did ask wendy if they'd sign me up for the instructor class. this basically means i'll have the power of instructor. which means if our trainer (hope) is off, and someone needs to learn something, well, most of us on 2nd can show and teach them how to do it, as well as answer questions, but unless we've had the class we can't. well we can, but not actually TRAIN. so anyways, why i got passed up or overlooked to take this class i dunno. but then wendy asked if i'd be interested in doing competencies. quick rundown: every year lab staff has to go through a review period, which consists of doing all the tasks they're trained on and making sure they know what they're doing, which is a competency. also included in the competency is interview (quiz) questions, and a written test. then you get reviewed by your supervisor and get a raise (or not) blah blah. anyhow, while you're doing the competency, someone is following you around and checking off that you're competent. and asking the questions. so yea, i don't know what kind of class that would be but hey it's giving me more and more power in the lab. muh ha ha.

saturday i worked...arg. and it seemed to take forever. poor misty, she's still new and she felt so bad making this tiny errors that were fixable. but i assured her it was ok. and since neither she or rosa are signed off on tubes, i had to be back there doing them. all the while worrying how it was going out there. but after that tonya and i (in costume) ventured off to cindy's halloween party. * snicker * cindy still had no clue who i was coming dressed as. that was fun. pictures soon. i drank too much (not sick the next day woo hoo) and hit my head three times so i'm told. but i'm ok, no worries. nothing keeps me down it seems.

Monday, October 22, 2007

service with a smile some stupid questions

so the new (i think?) guy at the hucks in EP came across with a weird first impression.

first question:

"did you know your hair is purple?"

no dude, it's blue. and at this point it's sorta green/tealish.

second question:

"1977.....that's the year i graduated high school

(ho boy)

....that makes you....47? 48?"

yea. cause i look like i'm pushing 50. no offense to 50 year olds, but come on, he just added 20 years.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

tell me that I won't feel a thing so give me Novocaine

look i'm back, and with a green day song.

so i had to get a connective soft tissue graft on friday. no, they don't knock you out, but at least they numb you up real good. it still sucked. as does not being able to eat hardly anything. i'd blame my tongue ring, but my periodontist was pretty honest and said "really, 90% is your anatomy." i got some pretty crooked teeth on my bottom row. if only we could have afforded braces. ah, what's done is done.

anyhow, the whirlwind of Things I'Ve Done Since That Crappy Two Hour Thing They Insisted I Was Awake For on Friday:

- i drank two beers (had to wait a day before carbonated beverages or beer) at Old Chicago on saturday (had to finish the tour to get the shirt), holy crap, i think i was copping a buzz. please note, i had nothing but scrambled eggs in my stomach at 8 pm. a buzz off two? that's awesome.

- then today i walk around the lagoon with my sister (she needed a walking buddy and i can't sit still so sure) about 6 times. i think i desreve another two beer buzz.

- i also have completely read a book, Thinner (ironic one since i can't eat anything) since friday. arg, why can't the library just be open today?!

damn i love wikipedia.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

and yet again the ever popular picture post

(cause i can't think of any thing to say)

so last bloomington visit, i venture over to take some artsy watterson towers pictures. (DORK!)

that's right, when you go to do laundry in this dorm, you're all the way at the top.

look, it's iowa. (actually the one white building on the right is where i used to live)

this note to tonya was legit. til i added quotation marks. then other people went to town with it.

this is the importing stuff i do on sundays (cept i usually do 10 laptops at once). fun fun.

britt the grammar nazi.

happy columbus day. and then my 2 cents.

the lunch bags we got for going to a boring meeting.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

don't fall in love

ok, so the "she's a beauty" song by the Tubes was one of my favorites when i was little.....but now upon listening to the lyrics, i just realized it's about a damn stripper!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

it's all over

it's ok, i still love my cubbies. and i hate to be the pollyanna, but at least we got this far and we had an awesome year. AND i got to have an awesome game to go to. no offense those who scored tickets to the NDLS, but that would be depressing as hell.

and on that note, bring on the fall!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

what the f?

why can't i find this anywhere anymore?

all they have is Carmel Groove, which i admit tastes super good and smells even better but alas, gives you dragon breath.

Monday, October 01, 2007

would you stay here and rock my hair?

wow. her hair just got bigger each episode.

she kind of looks like a transvestite.