Saturday, September 29, 2007

the cub game adventure

i swear i didn't plan to post about the cub game / adventure on the day after they clinch the central division, it just worked out nice that way.

so i present to you the trip from last saturday a la dashes:

- left at 6:30...yikes, got there around 9:30, got settled into a parking lot, to which the guy goes "$15....that spot right over guys got tickets? (as in extra for sale)" ahhh...wrigleyville...that question (or "you guys need tickets?") is at the end of everything.

- at the Cubby Bear, our waitress decides to be stupid and accidentally bring me two beers. but only charged for one. well, ok.

- and they were pretty particular about underagers at the Cubby Bear, they weren't going to let andrea in...even with pete shows his badge, and then they were pretty ok with it.

- on that note, they did have to check everyone's ID....but my mom just goes "oh sure" and laughs and walks by the guy....we're like "mom! no really he DOES!" way to almost get kicked out mom.

- and also on that My Mom Misunderstands and Might Get Busted note, since we were on the aisle at wrigley, people down from us would order beer, pass down their money, and then in turn we pass down their beverages. my mom of course gets the first beer from my dad and goes "oh ok, thanks" and proceeds to put it down in her cup holder. no mom, that's not for you. those thirsty people in seats 17, 18, and 19 were pry wondering why that lady took their beer.

- some business type guy bumped into me at the ballpark after i got my beer, and thus spilling some (pry on him), so he gets huffy look on his face, and instead of me saying "oops sorry, did i get some on you?' i say "dude, did you just SPILL MY BEER?!" he had nothing to say at that.

- oh yes, and of course, the pictures

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"ghost hunters" premiere

is it just me or does jason (center) totally look cuter with a goatee?

yes i know i said "totally"....what am i, 17?

saturday cub game/adventure update coming soon.

ps- please start winning cubs and/or losing brewers.

pps- prince fielder, you are a fat piece of crap....and kind of stupid too

Saturday, September 22, 2007

hey chicago what do you say....

holy crap. or shall i say holy cow....i am so glad that was an awesome game today. not that it wouldn't be a good time anyhow....i mean just being a LIVE game....but still it always makes it 800 times more awesome when they like 4 runs at that.

and me going on like 3 hours of sleep (yea, i was a dumbass and went out til 1 am last night....argg), i needed that.

oh yea, and the "kiss me i'm a cubs fan" green shirt i saw at irish fest that i could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND ONLINE AT ALL....yea i found it today at a street vendor. and for $10 too. score.

pictures to come soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

and the winner is...

for the WEIRDEST freaking batting stance i have ever seen.

Craig Counsell of the Brewers

seriously, is there some sort of pinata up there i just can't see?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fetishers are benefactors too

not that i make it a habit to decide to find telethon pledge papers (or whatever they're called) funny. but this one at casey's in north pekin just cracked me up one time too many (it is right by the energy drinks), so i had to take a picture.

Friday, September 14, 2007

britt the tv dork

this is just for my own personal dorky "to refer to cause i forget" use.

season premieres

"Smallville" - 09/27

"CSI" - 09/27

"CSI: Miami" - 09/24

"CSI: NY" - 09/26

"Ghost Hunters" - 09/26

wow, don't i have a busy week.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a caller for money

sometimes caller ID cracks me up.

and by sometimes i mean just this one time.

now that damn song is in my head.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

it's never too late

- you know reading my blog posts past (and that's like 6 years worth), i sure the hell blogged a lot. hey, that britt is NOT DEAD, i can come back!

-'s september!!! now let's start getting cold.

- please cubs don't choke, i don't want to hear any of the faggoty "choke" jokes. * sigh * give us credit for doing this well this year. AND...i'd like it if the game we go to at the end of the month is a significant one.

- i'm hopelessly addicted to "Rock of Love." weird, i hated "Flavor of Love" (mostly cause flavor flav is a fucking tool)

- arg....and sometimes i watch "The Pick Up Artist." damn you VH1.

- tonight is the closing night of Living Housesitting at My Sisters For a Week. i think i drink more when i'm here.

- new song i'm in love with: "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace. holy crap, i think it made me cry.

- hey i get to go see them (and Breaking Benjamin) in oct. so far in Concerts I'm Psyched For, i'm 0 for 2. (see The Starting Line canceling last april and Sponge being....ehhhh...last june...well, it WAS 4 am) you guys BETTER DELIVER.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

and yet they keep coming

so gene the MUA comes in with a late mobile the other night, and having already sent out the driver to st. louis, it's gonna be rollover. so i say:

me: "gene, i'm gonna have to roll you over."

gene: "say what now?"

god, i'm glad he's hard of hearing


and then the other day i notice cindy spitting on her envelope. yea, she hates licking those things. so i licked the next one for her. yea, well the taste doesn't bother me that much. and then i say:

me: "just let me know if you need anything else licked"


and then today....this isn't really a conversation, but just funny. i'm walking through the hall and greg from main lab stops and says hi to me....but he calls me BROOKE. i don't notice (i get the wrong name all the time). he then corrects himself....and during this reading my shirt (which says "WISHBONE"), and then i THINK calls me WISHBONE! what the f?

Saturday, September 01, 2007 subject line ever

From: Lakeisha Kramer

Suject: Be like Ron Jeremy bitch

i would have wanted to be like ron jeremy if you hadn't called me bitch.