Thursday, August 30, 2007


ha ha...i did a play on "celebreality." but not very well.

i swear, i'm the actor in the family, but yet it seems like everyone else in my family gets in the paper somehow.

oh look, holly and pete sitting right there to the right listening to ryno.

article here:

Monday, August 27, 2007

pictures from erin feis

the WWII ship they had that was new this year. i guess it's irish??

oh no, cindy fell down. close your mouth cindy.

atta girl chalise, double fist it. (then you don't have to walk all the way back)

that's chalise's son all right.

seriously, you gotta watch your beer around him.

oh sure now he thinks he's cool.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

pictures and some words too

the storm a brewin' sunday night on my way home from work.

when you put dry ice in the sink at work and turn on the water = FOG!

the shell station in creve coeur is SO proud of their million dollar winner.

- in other news, of course i've been busy with guys are bored of that already.

- i wish leath would go out of business already, i'm sick of seeing the "going out of business act fast!" signs.

- irish fest this weekend! it's like a 3 day st. patrick's day bender. it better be a high of 78 like it said on saturday.

Friday, August 17, 2007

lab update

since it was kate's last day tuesday, we decided to take another 2nd shift group shot.

back row L to R: tyler, kate, me, cindy, and hope

front row L to R: tara, michelle, and jason

doesn't tyler look like he's in the SS?

what's michelle doing to my leg?

and then there's this one:

same lineup, with michelle being replaced with tonya.

jason quit licking your lips, you already had lunch.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

makes me wonder

- songs i currently am in love with :

"so caught up in you" 38 special

(ok, so i like 38 special due to my brother richard, but all of a sudden this song has been on the radio a lot, and i think it might be my favorite)

"the take over, the break's over" fall out boy

(well duh i like FOB, but this goes in hand with "thanks fr the mmrs"...which i still like...but hey maybe tomorrow it'll be a NEW one)

"everything" buckcherry

(oh hell no buckcherry, you did NOT write something i like...and it's so different than everything else)

"makes me wonder" maroon 5

(way to dance-y and michael jackson-esque....but god damn if i don't love it. and ok, MAYBE wanna dance. I DON'T THOUGH)

- so i got a kinda new job at the red cross. i'm still in lab full time (and even more so, see next bullet), but due to my computer savvy ways (that somehow get spread as word i'm a computer geek), they asked if i'd be interested in importing eBDRS one sunday a month. to fill you and not bore you, here's the breakdown: BDRs are blood donor's all your history and whatnot that gets recorded when you donate (and consists of your answers to those "have you had sex in after before 19977 for drugs?" questions), so now it's electronically registered, so when the mobiles register your name, your info comes back from this HUGE database at National. so since it gets updated (practically every day), i'm responsible for importing it from National to our Regional server and on to laptops that go out with the mobiles so they have up-to-date information. did i put you to sleep yet?

- of course as always we are short handed at work (2 people gone from the well deserved boot on 1st and one gone from 3rd and soon to be another), so i'm working stupid hours. i don't want to see my non overtime check. ever. i don't think i ever will. ha. but i'm off today. what the? yea, and i didn't even need to take PTO. score.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

passing thoughts during my 3 hour stint @ my sister's yard sale

1) car that slowed down in front of the house, took a quick look (they ALL did this), and drove off. yea, i didn't like what you had either buddy.

2) to mr. peabody (see below, HE was basically the center of attention) after some lady left (asking if he was alive or just asleep) : "ok, mr. peabody, you did NOTHING to sell my monitor that time."

3) the radio was playing "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You" by Heart. well, that's not a very yard sale-y song.

4) i should get pete to stand outside in his police uniform. then NO ONE would try and haggle with me.

5) kid on bike (who HAD to be 16 or 17): "do you have any boys toys?"

say what? freakshow.

6) i should totally sell beer.