Saturday, June 30, 2007


so i as a self proclaimed geek am getting a lot of my friends and family asking me what i think about the iphone. i'm sure if it's "what do you think of it?" or "are you going to get one?" yea right. sure they're cool and all. but i really don't want THAT much junk in my phone. hell it took me long enough to GET a cell phone. besides, it's way too clunky looking. all i really want on my phone is a camera (which they come with) and a a GPS, now that'd be perfect....hence the you're driving part.

but if you already bought me one...ok.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

something blue

yea now i know blue is my current favorite color (orange being my all time #1....but sometimes i'll have an affinity for blue or green that knock itself into the temporary #1 spot), but yesterday i had a serious case of the blues. that was such a horrible pun but you know i had to do it.

so i get my cub hat (A-GAIN....the last size fit, but i still wanted something a tiny bit bigger, these are fitted hats you know) in the mail.

it actually fits perfect too. i might actually *GASP* wear it.

and then, just when i think i lost the auction for these particular shoes:

(a little flashy yes i know, but i can't take my eyes off of them)

i get a second chance offer from the seller. which is awesome since they go for like $86 at so eBay was my only hope. not to say i wouldn't begrudgingly pay the $86 eventually....

and then, the phone story......strap yourselves in, this is a novella...

so i get a sprint katana phone on mother's day (there was some sale going on that part. day) i want the phone, they don't have any. so ok, i take the black, BUT they said they'd call when the blue came about a week (so they said). a week passes, i call...nope not yet. and more weeks pass. finally, i get sick of it, so my mom opts to call and bug them. cause really, i felt stupid asking the same thing. then, friday, viola! it's in. i run out there, with just my phone...he says he needs the box...oh ok. whatever. i go get the box (already telling work i will be late), i'm almost there and i'm thinking, "i don't think the car adapter is in there." i run BACK home....i can't find it. but wait, did i even take it out? i check my parents' phone box (they got an indentical one when we got the plan), they don't have a car adapter either...and they haven't touched their box. huh. waste of a trip. dammit. so i go back out A-GAIN. the guy looks up the purchase date. may 13? oh no, 30 days have passed. say what? the 30 warranty. WHAT?! but i told the dude, you guys PROMISED the blue phone. i didn't want the damn black one. so he says he'll try and do what he can...blah blah. i would have protested more, but i was already late for work, so whatever. so this is why he tells my dad (the next day) "your daughter seemed cool with it." of course i did...but i wasn't COOL WITH IT, my heart was broken and i just wanted to get toi work (it was now 3:00).

see what happens is, this cellular store sells me that black katana phone, then they turn that into sprint, as in, "look, we sold one of your phones." then the for real one i want comes in, so since 30 days have passed, by giving me the blue one, they would have to PAY for that black one then. so when my dad goes in there the next day (pretty upset), he tells them "that's your problem....we were promised a blue phone." then the guy (mgr) says he made a call to his district manager and he'll hear back from him monday. "you sure?" my dad says. then the manager decides to get all cute and say "look, i can't even tell you if it's gonna rain the next day..." my dad: "oh so you're saying your word is no good?" uh oh. good one manager boy. and then not only was he tiptoeing around and trying to be cute, he's laughing (nervously probably) and THAT pissed my dad off. my dad: "you think this is funny?" so then he tells mananger boy "this is unacceptable, i'll be back monday."

damn, i wish i could inherit a little of that from my dad. but it's there, and it'll come out at the right momnet i'm sure. so he goes in yesterday, mananger boy throws his hands up (scared much?) and say "we're (he and his DM) working on it right now." 10 minutes later (i was at work during all this), i get my phone. AWESOME.

i can't say i've ever had that sort of "your warranty is up, sorry" crap happen to me, but i'm glad my dad knew how to handle it.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

cause "Harder" is a common Christian name

no really, it's bad enough with spam that's sexually misdirected ( i really don't need any penis enlargement tools right now, but thanks!), but to have them be from someone called "Harder Erections," that's classic!

well with a name like that, you'd HAVE to go into this particular business.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


is anyone else completely and utterly ANNOYED AS HELL at that "i'm six times faster!" guy on the insight commercials???

Sunday, June 17, 2007

play ball

i think i've done that post title before, but oh well.

anyhow, took my parents to the chiefs game last night. mainly wanted to go cause ron santo was going to be there and that's my dad's absolute favorite cub ever. the pictures i have are of course from a distance, and we could have waited in line to get his autograph, but it was super hot and my dad was just satisfied in seeing him down there on the field.

anyhow, for a worthy picture of him, go here.

and now for the photos...which also appear on flickr and maybe myspace someday.

our view. the miller lite stadium club is pretty awesome

ron santo (circled) throws out the first pitch

my dad and really, i hate hats

man, i can't wait to get drunk...

damn paparazzi

mom and dad

look, it's ryne sandberg as the 3rd base coach (circled)

my obligatory "shake my fist" picture

seriously guys, MOVE

my mom shows me how a hat is worn

which cracks my dad up

seriously, the fireworks after a chiefs game rival most towns' celebration

Monday, June 11, 2007

ride like the wind

ok, i'll admit to being a christopher cross fan. well, i can't really say fan per se, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine. yea well sometimes i just might listen to him as i go to sleep. you didn't think slipknot put me to sleep did you? although i have listened to stone sour before.

but anyways, maybe it's the fact i'm now 30 and let's face it, that means really really old, * roll eyes * but i really really want this.

i'm not even shitting you. if someone bought this 11 cd collection, i'd crap my pants. in happiness of course. not cause i'm "old" and lose control of my bowels. * again with the roll eyes *

i've been rolling my eyes a lot more...mostly at trucks on the road as they pass me. good one britt, like they can see that.

anyhow, i'm in the process of downloading the 11 cd collection, so don't go buying it for me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the big 3-0 part 2

ha ha....i crapped out on you for a post....all i got is pics.

and vote for a favorite (or some multiple)...honkey breath.

Friday, June 08, 2007

the big 3-0

wow, what can i say....this was the best b-day ever. everyone i loved was at my suprise party. even those of you who didn't make it, i still love you as well.

so last sat chalise gets me out of the house. "rika is upset (she did just break up with brandon), she needs to get out and go to lunch." so ok, i beleive it. why shouldn't i after all? we go to olive garden. meanwhile, everyone is gathering at my house for the part-tay. holy crap, i can't even describe the feeling when i pull up and see all these cars then the shit ton of people in my drive and yard. i think i actually braked in the middle of the street and just kept saying "no way, no way....NOOO!"

it was so awesome. i never in a million years thought I'D get a suprise party. and no, i never suspected a thing. i mean, why would i? i wasn't looking for any signs.

anyhow, tons and tons of pics to come soon as i get the gallery up. trust me, you get some funny ass britt "what the hell?" expressions in there.

but for now, two kickass gifts i got:

look how BIG my monitor is! maybe now i won't need glasses.

a 7.2 megapixel sony cybershot. AWESOME camera. and my current one was 3.2 megapixel. wow, i was ancient.

Monday, June 04, 2007

GMP * morning classes make you funny

so we had to do a role playing thing, where one person is the boss and the other is the screw up employee. everyone thought this would be FANTASTIC for me since i'm the actor. oh yea, i love pretending to be different people in every day life. but at least give me the good role, like the "i-don't-really-give-a-shit" employee....not the hardass supervisor. that's what's fun about acting, playing the bad guy. but anyways, in another group, tara played the boss and tyler the "eh-don't-worry-about-it" employee, named chris. and chris had a good quote i have to share. please note, this is 100% "chris" your character, whatever.

chris: "i don't MAKE mistakes. mistakes are made by other people"


the teacher (after being exasperated with our goofy answers, turns to rhonda, who hasn't answered with a goofy retort) : "rhonda, help me."

(seriously, after i started cracking up after she said that, everyone BUT the teacher and rhonda got it and did as well)


at break, i tried to explain how holly misdiagnosed me as a non-touchy feely person. (cause some people i DON'T WANT hugging me)

me: "i don't mind being touched. just by the right people."

* GMP= good manufacturing practices