Tuesday, May 29, 2007

tag team back again

from angie:

Five Reasons I Blog

1) first off, i've had a journal from the time i was 13 until a few months shy of my 21st. (wouldn't
that had been a cool entry? wait, no i forgot that night) i like being able to look back and re-read my life objectively. and i actually had the urge to write in it every day. this one, well, not so much.

2) reading other people's blogs made me want to go have adventures and write about them. what was funny though, the ones i started off reading were so full of shit. can't guys just say they went out drinking and maybe called it a night at 10:00? oh no, they PARTIED ALL NIGHT and then bought the strippers, wait no, the strippers bought them breakfast. right. my adventures may be boring, but at least they're true. plus i try and make em exciting through the written word.

3) blogging does something a diary or journal can't: post links and photos. for a while there, my blogging style was somewhat of a "cool link(s) of the day" and not so much "here's what i did today." i try to mix it up with both if i can. cause i'm gonna want to look back at may 2007 and know what i was up to as well and see the link for Charlie the Unicorn permanently in place.

4) i have a handful of people i wish i were in better contact with, but i've lost the avid e-mailer i used to possess. plus it's easy to answer "what have you been up to?" with "go read my blog." unless it's in person, then they look at me kind of weird.

5) sometimes i just gotta write. not necessarily for an audience. just for me.

i guess i could tag some people, but i'll just let you take upon yourself to do your 5 reasons.

Monday, May 28, 2007

On a live wire right up off the street

so something went down last night at the par-a-dice. (story here). pete has his walkie talkie scanner thing on, and of course, being deputy chief (which is right below chief of police), gets call after call on the phone. which was really cool to hear it all unfold live. what kills me though is #1- why these thugs would have the audacity to prey on an old couple (and stab him in the neck at that), and they pry didn't get away with much. although pete told them to check and see if they had a big win that night, so maybe these thugs were watching them all night. and #2- these guys got away cause god forbid, they didn't act fast enough. i mean sure 2nd shift police force, around 10:30, you are off duty, but you're a COP for god's sake! you're never really off duty, isn't that right? i don't feel like i can't answer a question someone may have in the lab just cause it's a crappy time of night (cause god knows i've been there before). and 10:30? come on.

not saying i blame the cops, but they really should have got those guys.

in other news, the smashing pumpkins are back. thank god. zwan was a really dumb idea.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

size does matter

jason comes out to the lab to hand me a work order for review, and i instinctively try to run (as i'm pry doing 8 other things at once), so he tries (key word TRIES) to reassure me:

jason: "don't worry, it's a small one"

me: "i wouldn't be saying that out loud jason"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

you say it's your (4th) b-day

happy birthday davey and blacky!

of course, they have NO clue. it's just another "hey-let's-sleep-all-day-then-eat" kind of day for them.

oh yea, they don't still look like kittens by the way.

of course, this isn't that recent of a pic, but they just won't pose together dammit.

oh no, i've turned into that girl that puts nothing but pictures of her cats on her blog! isn't that a precedent to the old lady that dies alone with all her cats?

hey, i don't have kids...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

passing thoughts

- why don't people tuck their shirt in anymore?

- the other day i actually said to my supervisor, "i'll have it on your desk by monday." crap, that sounded shockingly adult.

- i didn't realize wearing a cub shirt out last night would provoke so much stupidity. i was really waiting for a "cubs sucks" comment so i could say "really?! THANKS SO MUCH. I DID NOT KNOW THAT!" instead i got one guy at goodfellas say something (like "are you wearing a cub shirt?") and having 3 guinnesses in me i retort "don't even start with me butthole" needless to say, he didn't buy me a beer. (oh damn!)

- and on the subject of Things I Hate A Whole Bunch: i don't get why people say "i love to laugh"

what the? who HATES to laugh?

it's not like "HA HA HA HA!!! .....oh......crap....damn, that sucks, i HATE that."

- that lowermybills.com dancing guy on the ads is really starting to piss me off.

- and hey blogger, where the hell was this feature YEARS AGO? i have so many posts that have gone to post heaven.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

race for the cure pictures (and one non)

look! it's me with (still) normal colored hair!

andrea, holly, me and aunt dee dee after the race (don't andrea and holly look like cataract patients?)

me and my sister....RACING AGAIN. no, really we were just being stupid.

see i'm still doing it.

all in all it was fun once again. especially breakfast and the bloody marys. i'll be honest, that's what i look forward to. and destroying breast cancer of course. but i think next year i'll have to get more than 4 hours sleep. don't get me wrong, i'm not one of those who lament about how much sleep they got or didn't get (i want to punch those people in the face, THEN they'll go back to sleep maybe)....and i'm sure i've gotten much less. but damn everyone kept saying how tired my eyes looked that evening. and i'm pushing 30 right now, i don't wanna hear that. and i even tried taking a nap!

* sigh * i guess i'm just not the nap taker i was when i was 20.


Friday, May 11, 2007

charlie the unicorn

holy crap this had me rolling.

yet another cindyism

in reference to the ice bags we use for tubes....which she hasn't put ice in for quite a while it seems.

cindy: "it's not the same...it's too long but not big enough"

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

mission accomplished

who says i don't ever accomplish anything on my day off? well ok, this is Day Two of Britt's Two Days Off (it's an official holiday cluster), but i had to of course spend Day One with the arduous task of Doing Nothing.

so today i visit chalise and see her new house she just moved into (north side!), cash in my change (dude, i had like $50 worth..), and MOST IMPORTANTLY...got my oil changed. yea, THAT was way overdue. next up i think i'll clean my car. and then clean out some of my drawers.

you stopped reading 2 minutes ago didn't you? you thought work talk was boring!

anyhow, i did get some new carpet in my room, so in addition to a spring cleaning, i figure it's time to clean out all the excess crap i have in my drawers.

but it's not ALL WORK for britt. "Ghosthunters" once again has a marathon on tonight. and of course i can actually watch the cubs play on tv for once. and i might play dueling webcams with nikki.

my webcam shall win.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

quote a rama

mom: "have you heard from alex recently?"

me: "no, why?"

mom: "well cause yesterday was Psycho de Mingo wasn't it?"

alex, i sure hope you're reading this..... ;)


and rika's boyfriend to me last night:

brandon: (in reference to my Mathlete shirt) "that's social suicide!"

Friday, May 04, 2007

for the love of god...

no, really...."don't be so open minded your brains fall out"?

is that the best you could do stupid church in north pekin?


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

think outside the greeting

i really don't like how taco bell starts off the drive thru intercom with a "hi, how are you?"

i mean, sure that's nice and friendly and all, but after i say "good...thanks," i'm puzzled if i should continue on with my order or not.

but no, i wait til they say "go ahead when you're ready."

way to go taco bell throwing me off with your cordiality.

ps- EP is getting one soon......which means Coming Soon....Awesome Lunch Break.