Monday, April 30, 2007

all stuck in the middle between what is and what might be

- man, i cannot WAIT til "Ghosthunters" is back on. in june. arg. but they have some sort of rerun marathon going on wednesday, and though i've seen all of them, i'm super psyched.

- oh yea, and i met kriss finally at the beerfest last sat. and she's actually either with child or in the process of getting child out right now. so here's hoping baby hank is with us already.

- and i won't bore with "i've-been-working-a-lot-of-hours" spiel, but seriously, what is wrong with me? don't answer that.

- don't know what the post title means really, i just got that part from the motion city soundtrack song in my head.

Friday, April 27, 2007

hard for me to say i'm sorry

what's up with all the celebs apologizing lately?

geez...lighten up people.

i'm so glad i'm not famous. i'd be so fucked.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

happy lab week

so THIS lab week we not only get free lunch, but a shirt as well. which we all have to collectively wear on friday. oh how cute. monday we got a free lunch. dude, she should get free lunch EVERY day. this week that is.

and of course there's the "interesting fact about you" and baby picture submissions. mine is lame. well to me. maybe my colleagues will find it fascinating.

and today is "everyone wear red!" day.

no even says that WITH an exclamation.

anyhow, make your you wish your friendly neighborhood laboratory professional a happy lab week this week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

double trouble

after putting a piece of the cheap ass double bubble gum in her mouth:

kim: (main lab) "god, i just put it in my mouth and it's already hard."

i of course immediately said , "kim, can i put that on my blog?!"

Monday, April 23, 2007

funniest commercial ever

pry not, but it made me chuckle today. especially the first lines.

KIRSTIE ALLEY: Hey, Jennie, listen, I'm not fat anymore. But my friend Valerie Bertinelli is.

VALERIE BERTINELLI: Hello. Standing right here.

3 in 1

body was, bubble bath, AND shampoo? holy cow. and it smells like strawberry daiquiri. the only thing you CAN'T do is...well drink it.

no can't.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

don't even say the "S" word...

seriously, i'm a lifelong cub fan...i already know they suck.


yea so the cubs couldn't pull off this game. but they did make for an interesting game, at least it was back and forth. like it was when we went last summer....not boring at all. of course being at an actual game is much more fun.

but i really do think there's a special place in heaven for cub fans cause we get our heart broken so much.

and speaking of funny pictures. ok we weren't, but i couldn't resist.

now i think to actually be condescending, you have to be somewhat smart first.

and at least the cardinal fans i know are intelligent.

(now don't prove me wrong in the comments guys...)

Saturday, April 21, 2007


by the way, you can spell it "canceled" or "cancelled" blasphemy!

so the show last sunday. i'm all psyched cause i LOVE LOVE the starting line. i went to reel big fish a few years back JUST to see TSL. oh, and RBF was good too.

anyways, due to weather, TSL couldn't attend. ARG! but just as well, it was a punk show. and treaty of paris was good, but i LOVED motion city soundtrack. and they were so funny. but the keyboardist (who looked straight from the 80s) had to have been the highlight. man, i thought i was a spaz. he got on top of his keyboard and couldn't get down. ha.

anyhow, other than attending a long overdue punk show, i have been..naturally...working. bruce was let go on 1st shift. finally. geez, he's been worthless for years. but anyhow, not that it's much of a change; he calls in incessantly anyhow. but since i'm not going to first shift, (never! i'm a 2nd shifter for life!) the OT of coming in early is automatically OKed. and stayng late for that matter. it's just like i told corey in main lab (which is ridiculously understaffed too), i can't come to main lab (i'd just go to play CSI tech and play with the pipettes), but i can come in and help out on the weekends. part of main lab's tasks are labeling...which we used to do, but they let us keep the power of being signed off on it just in i can always do that. actually that's all i can really do. being i don't have some sort of BS in science. but i actually miss labeling, i don't think it was a fair trade when we took over tubes. but yet they still aren't signed off on tubes.....hmm. hey wait a second, everything components gives to main lab we still remain signed off on. dammit. like i still want to have the power to do a wash and deglyce. don't get me wrong, those are some pretty intricate life-saving tasks. especially when we get a call from the hospital for an order cause a patient is waiting. it's almost a doctor-like complex you get. but anyways, i digress. i need more red cross people to read this cause i know everyone else is starting to fall asleep.

but i haven't posted in a while, so there's your catch up.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

easter resurrection

i really need a new template. i know i've been saying this for months (years), but it's not so much i'm too lazy, more so i haven't found the look/design i want.

and have it be blogspot or blogger friendly.

any ideas or sites to visit (and i know i've reiterated this before sorry), hit me up.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

knock knock

"hey, what's up, WHERE'S MY COOKIE?"

seriously...this squirrel loves us.

LOOK AT HIS PAWS on the ledge!

Monday, April 02, 2007

if it floats in peoria

body found in illinois river


i always joked about that whilst boating too.

ho boy.

but when we were at old chicago last night chris the bartender (yes, that's his new full name and title) told us about it.

cause apparently, that's where the people that found it ran into to tell the to call the cops.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

flavor of the week

first off, kate, if you're going to lure me in, don't insult my page in your DAMN SUBJECT LINE at that. and two, it's "weak," not "week." (and it's not WEAK! it's a webpage, not an arm wrestling contest!) that doesn't even make any sense. and then after that it's an atrocious fragment followed by a run on. and that's all the subject line. the actual message is just a link. with a "thank me later."

no, i shall thank you NOW. thank you for being a always makes my day. have a good one....kate.

i know it's just stupid myspace spam, but i like to have fun with it.

ps- what is she doing in her profile picture anyways?