Monday, June 30, 2003

double the fun of just ONE question!!

via the daily double...

1. Do you have any hidden talents? yea, but i'm not telling's HIDDEN. hah..well, you'd have to ask my friends on that one...not a lot of people know i'm a good bowler.

2. Do your offline friends know about your website? well, yea, i got nothing to hide..i don't talk shit about anyone anyways...and if i do, they're usually standing right there recepting it.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

The show goes on for Pekin group

click here to see our article in the Journal Star.

Pepperoni's Episode II: Attack of the Bitchy Customers

and now, introducing.....more fun things to do to annoying customers (see yesterday's list):
- wash your fingers in their water
- keep singing "Henry the 8th" at tables
- tell customers you don't sweat nearly as much as you do at your stripper job
- mention how much you sweat A LOT
- say "wow, you look DIFFERENT with your clothes on"

yea, that's right, all the jerk offs were back last night...what the hell??? they better all not be THIS bad next weekend, or after my play i'll go POSTAL i mean RETAIL i mean FOOD SERVICE EMPLOYEE on their ass.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Things NOT To Do As A Customer At Pepperoni's

disclaimer: these views are of course property of me, and if you've been there before, i welcome your comments. if you think this all "whiny-whiny," i welcome you to FUCK OFF

- DON'T sneak in and "seat yourself." if i didn't see you, then i sure as hell shouldn't be expected to wait on you.
- DON'T be an ass as a bar/carry out customer. your "jack and coke" may just end up being a "COKE."
- DON'T get upset with ME if your calzone isn't ready yet (estimated cook time for a done calzone: 25 minutes....especially if you have a lot of shit in it). it's YOUR fault you have "ice cream melting in the car" fatty.
- DON'T get mad if your food (which is NOT via microwave by the way) isn't out in TEN MINUTES at 7 PM on a FRIDAY NIGHT.
- DON'T come to the bar with your fucking ticket. if i don't look like your waitress, then i'm NOT.
- when i talk to you, LOOK at me. i don't get paid $3.10/hr to talk to mr. shifty eyes.

no shit, these were all present last night. talk about night of the TOTAL JERKS. luckily, there WERE a bunch of nice people too, especially the lady at the bar that mumbled something after "my ice cream is melting could you hurry it up?" lady left. then she goes "i'm sorry, i should just keep my comments to myself," i said "no, really, it makes me feel better that it wasn't just ME that witnessed a total bitch."

Friday, June 27, 2003

if my computer were a person, i'd kick the LIVING SHIT out of it.

other than my computer being a pansy ass dipshit cock sucking wussie with hardly enough memory, my day went pretty good. we had around a 4 1/2 hour rehearsal today, got A LOT of stuff discussed as so far as perspective and historical aspects of the play. i even talked to bill some about the upcoming improv projects, and frankly, i'm looking forward to it. we're focusing more on the short games, and i feel like i did better at those anyhow. my mom had her Doppler test today (that's test that checks to see how her legs are doing), and it came back GREAT. of course, it's only been a week, but still...anything good news with my mom puts my mind at ease. and my grandma got into her new room at the nursing home today, and THANK GOD, it went fine, i was soo scared. i was more worried she wouldn't understand that this was the best thing for her and that we AREN'T jerks more than anything. but i'm just happy she'll be taken care of there. and she BETTER...or i'll kick their ass.

domi origato mr. roboto

is it just me or did the year 1983 totally ROCK in music? it could be i'm DAMN ADDICTED to the "I Love the 80s" show on VH 1.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

my shoe dilemma hath resolved

yea, that's right, my old suede green one stars (which are hard to find now BTW) are soon to retire...i found some kickass ones on the web today and hell, i'm not gonna find them anywhere near here (i got the green ones online too)....besides last night delivering in the DOWNPOUR (i'd say "rain" but that's not as accurate) was hellish, considering there are two big gaping holes in the left shoe, so it was like being barefoot really...the water came RIGHT IN. oh yea, you guys pry want to see them huh?

it's like my shiny blue space boots i used to have AND my one stars...TOGETHER...AS ONE!

the A.C.T. webpage is pretty close to complete.....go here to see where most the work's been done in past few days...and COME SEE IT (if you can). today my aunt and uncle are coming from North Carolina and lucky me, i'm off today. unfortunately, they're coming so we can put my grandma in a nursing home, so tomorrow's going to be pretty sad and crappy, but it's what's best really, she's almost lost all of her mind. i'm just happy she's in good health physical wise.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

And remember, It's only funny until someone gets hurt ... then it's hilarious!

- At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.
- Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme.
- Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you're not in the mood
- Have your coworkers address you by your wrestling name, "Rock Hard Becky".
- When the money comes out the ATM, scream "I won! I won! 3rd time this week!!!!!"
- When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot, yelling "run for your lives, they're loose!!"
- Tell your children over dinner, "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."

that's why i smell like spot-free rinse

i think i got more of myself washed than my car today.
and somehow..damn this blogger hell if i ever figure it out...i lost the posts saying GO SEE ISU PICS AND FAQ!!!
i got a James Patterson book thrown at me today. yea, that's what kind of business nikki means when she fights. damn...good thing i don't have a soft spot in my heart for James, otherwise i might have been hurt. i think today was Stupid People Day..either that or Stupid Question Day...your choice..and i ripped my pants! argh...and don't worry tim, nikki got plenty of bad pictures of me today. *sigh* and she'll pry use ME as a means to post them. i'm off to my other job now, which should be pretty was last year.

porn mail sucks

yea i'll admit, you get a rush when there's a comment, and a "man i feel like shit" feeling when you don't...but i try and ignore that and concentrate on the writing. so i guess i'm saying i agree with niccole and nikki, comments are a fringe benefit. if i truly wanted comments every day, i'd post pictures of porn...but i can't blogspot won't let me i'll bet. so everyone just know i wasn't targeting anyone in particular in that last post so shut up you damn ass rammer and have a great day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

my searchengine queries KILL me sometimes

hahaha....i got a hit for "bartending schools in creve coeur"

photo friday tuesday

i think me and roland are the only two that usually keep a consistent update of our blogs....or so it seems. come on people, you aren't that damn busy, stop milking the comments, so get on with the meaningless posts about your life. i don't mean any of this in offense naturally...being that i'm the QUEEN of meaningless posts. but that's why my fans love me. i like to read WHATEVER is going on in your life, boring or not. i wouldn't be an avid blog reader if yours if i was THAT picky. anyone else notice that the "italics" tag in the new blogger actually brings about an "emphasis" tag? (ie - "< em >") what the fuck blogger?? what are you trying to pull?? KNOCK IT OFF. anyhow, on with the other thing you guys supposedly love me for (one being the meaningless drivel about my life), random photos...err...just photo for today:

joe, todd, me and tim (and michelle pfeiffer of course) in tim's dorm at ISU circa jan 2000.
i think they just wanted the chance to pose with michelle pfeiffer and fauxed a photo op.

Monday, June 23, 2003

BAM BAM BOOM...what the fuck!???

why are people letting off fireworks NOW??? my birthday was 18 days ago FOOL! i'm going back to my ranch dressing...oh by the way nikki, i left a bottle over use it...ON EVERYTHING.

Facelift Shmacelift

as you can see, this blog is a little different. and by a little different i mean i changed one link. i just really needed to change the colors around a bit...i mean, it IS June, and i still haven't switched the colors around. yea, so my mom's been getting on me for, not really...she has no idea. speaking of my mom, she's doing fine...super glad to be home more than anything. i think by tomorrow she should be in full swing, given the medicines will all have since exited her system. Episode II is on HBO right now and even though i own it, i can't help it, i'm watching it...come's STAR WARS. i also finally watched all the episodes of "The Osbournes" last night...and speaking of which, "Friends Season Four" is on sale July 15. WOO!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

how the hell do they do this stuff?

the journal of a starving artist
Magic Number17
PersonalityUnfulfilled Dreamer
TemperamentAngry - At Everthing
Likely To WinThe Wrath Of My Peers
Me - In A WordAdoreable
Brought to you by MemeJack

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly...Kicking and squealing gucci little piggy

microsoft internet explorer is starting to bug me, if they insist on "finding" a problem and closing every five seconds, i'm going to personally fly to and bitch slap Bill Gates in the face. then when he turns around, i'm going to kick him. but i can't, because i don't have the airfare. YOU'RE LUCKY MR. GATES!!! *shakes fist* god, i hope he doesn't read this. please don't unplug me.

today i'm off to see how my mom has recovered from her surgery. i hope she gets to come home today, but again, if she stays overnight, i feel better, at least she's around good help and not to mention drugs up there. anyhow, nikki returns home (THANKS FOR COMMENTING ON MY GUEST POST YOU ASS RAMMERS) today, so that's the end of THAT era. damn, phoebe is going to miss me. sissy and dayv are going to post on diana's blog, so be on the lookout for that, i have to set them up with a blogger account so they can get their own name. and when they do get a blog, be sure to make fun of them for the first week. and the titles are back...for some odd reason, they'll show up here on this interface, but not on blogspot. seems you have to go create a tag in the template. fucking blogger...anyhow, thanks for your help roland. and like i said before, guess the song of the post title and free...umm..what did i say...hug ??? yea, thats it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

we've got our own brand of hyperspace

so yea, as you can see from the new cam pic, i need a new pair of converse one star suede. yes, only those. those shoes are my babies...i've had them since college and just ask tamara how much hell i went through to get them. actually, if you ever DO talk to tamara, let me know, she lives in colorado, and actually, i haven't talked to her since april. oh, and tell her i said hi. also!!!!!!!!!! if ANYone has a discman they NO LONGER USE (and granted WORKS), let me have it! no really, i'll pay shipping. i can get one for $20, si if i bought it off you, it'd lose the purpose. yea, mine broke or got rained on or some shit like that...that's what happens when you buy a cheap one. and anyone that guesses the song in the post title wins a free hug.

stupid Harry Potter, take that

this cheered my day....not that i had a bad day..but i found this incident especially funny. not that i wish any harm to JK Rowling....but rather to all those Harry Potter-worshipping brats. (yes, and i'm including adults)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

dammit, we're called actors, not thespians!

The Fine Arts people, includes Band Nerds,
Thespians, Choir Boys, etc.

We are the creative people. The jocks have those
egos... we know where the best in the school
really are. Not only are we smart, but we are
philosophical and artistic... and thats what
separates us from the animals.

What fascist and stereotypical high school group are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

it's quiz-taking day

that's right, and i was always wondering how titles appeared on some blogs....duh...i didn't realize there was a part in "settings."


Which Futurephobia Character Are You Most Like?
brought to you by Quizilla

damn, how did they know i was adoreable? well, i never thought so, but if QUIZZILLA says so, it must be true. i need to make another quiz...

Monday, June 16, 2003

since it's been pretty flaky with MSN Messenger and AIm lately (and at times Yahoo Messenger), i downloaded ICQ.....yea yea, even though i curse number is 239386963 if anyone wants to IM me, add me...whatever..
i had this post on nikki's blog, but damn ass computer froze. so here i am at nikki's....god i hate this keyboard, but i absolutely LOVE this computer. and apparently, it's dangerous to be a dishwasher nowadays....yea, only if you are involved in a shitty drug deal and don't pay up. i got an email from Kuntz today (see Montana pictures), and it looks like the Washington Island Camping Trip is on again this i WILL get to go somewhere...yay. that's in august though...more on that later. it's a good thing too, seeing that i DO have to work on saturday (sorry dixie), so i WON'T get to go down to Lake Shelbyville for the day. but i'll make sure that i get down there someday, i promise. also on my list: Colorado, Indiana (since nikki inevitably WILL leave me), and North Carolina....oh and Kansas too....i got a place to stay and a computer tuitorial to do there.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

oh who is roland if i'm him?? and it is true we've never been seen the same place.....and i'm a future JEDI??!! ah ha! i KNEW it! THATS RIGHT YOU DAMN BULLIES!!!!!!

You Are Roland!

Future Jedi. Star Wars Geek. You work yes, but you
are known for your Slacking nature. It's the
American way!

Which one of The Art of Rhys-isms Regular Readers are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, June 14, 2003

i'm drinking black coffee today....and WHY?? (or rather...should you care?) because i selfishly drink up all the sugar in my coffee anyhow, so it's time i took one for the team (and YES, you should care, you read my blog don't you?). i also made a new on the lookout in your emails for it. if you don't get it, then you suck i guess. email me and explain why you DON'T suck and maybe i'll reconsider. so everything is going fine at nikki's house, poor phoebe has to get used to my schedule so that she can allocate her pee. i warned her tomorrow would be a LONG day since i'm working 12-8...but she just tilted her i'm not really sure she understood. the kittens (or two rather i should say) are all done with their medication and Davey's stomach looks all normal now. i also saw Equilibrium this morning. it was damn good. i would never compare it to The Matrix though. i have no clue why people do's more like Minority Report or 1984.

Friday, June 13, 2003

oh yea, and jon (elf boy) is GONE. woo.
i can't understand how the human body can go throught so much depression and at the same time be all uppity and happy again later. NO, i'm not manic depressive, trust me, and if i were i wouldn't be talking about it on my inappropriate is THAT? i mean, seriously, lately, i've been MEAN. and pissy. like when some one makes fun of me (not every form of poking fun mind you..just some certain types), i get really upset, and just want to say "you know what? FUCK you." i mean that's not britt-like. at all. maybe i do get upset, but i hide it deep down and laugh it off. then the next day i'm ok...or maybe even later that night. which is great. THAT'S the real britt. this isn't my usual post but sometimes it's good to get this stuff out. just everyone promise me you'll keep my mom in her prayers (and also give me the name of a over the counter stress reliever/anti-pissy and MEAN medicine).

in other news, cause i'm not leaving you guys with that depressing blog, Tne peoria Journal Star wants to do an article on ACT. and you know why? cause they saw our webpage! woo. good thing we have a webmaster (who's lazy as fuck, but oh well), now i gotta get my ass on it and start updating and adding shit to it. and i'm also housesitting for of i gotta go feed phoebe and and Matrix kitties soon. ana diana leaves for camping tues...which is GREAT for her, she needs to get away from all this shit we call central Illinois. i may 9more than likely i will) go down next saturday to visit them and celebrate dixie's b-day. anyhow, i better go, before phoebe pees on the floor.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

my god, anne frank would have been 74 today. happy birthday anne whereever you are...

and isn't it odd i'm watching The Believer??? (which is turning out to be a damn good movie actually..)

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

i know i promised the montana pictures a while back (ie- close to six years ago)...and there really aren't enough for a whole frickin' gallery, so here you go...choice photos from britt's travel archives:

that's Harris, aka Sarah Harris, ready to drive the first leg (of the whole whopping 30 hour drive).

that's Liz, she doesn't know how to sit in her seat right for 30 hours.
turn around fool.

and Britt, who would like to pick her nose to start off the drive.
(that's SUCH a fake pick, i can do much better)
(keep your eye on the stocking cap i'm wearing..i seriously wore it the entire time...)

the Badlands.....WOOOOOOOOO.....BAD.....LANDS....

me climbing a HUGE ASS ROCK in the Badlands *

* wasn't really a huge ass rock.

Angie trying to kick my ass off the Huge Ass Rock....HEY!

Liz, me, Kuntz (aka Emily Kuntz), and ANgie at the rest stop somewhere in South Dakota.
i seriously think that hat was STUCK to my head at that point)

so this is what we woke up to every morning...nice view huh?

there's these springs in this river in Idaho (which was a 30 min drive...we were seriously far west in Montana) that are SUPER hot, even though the river's SUPER cold...and we had a lot of beer too.

Kuntz and Angie drinking like rockstars. ok ok, Kuntz had tea i think..but LOOK AT THAT FACE.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

whoops...hey how about i post about my day? i completely forgot...i was trying too hard to get that goddamn "microsoft debug assertion failed" outta my computer. see, i figured when i deleted that "JDBGMGR.EXE" a while back...yea, you know, it was a HOAX....but dammit, i had deleted already, so i'm thinking, that's ok, it said it wasn't critical unless you're a programmer. but it also said something about being a Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1 Java Programmer. ok, that's odd... part of the debug javascript pop up i get SAYS J++ 1.1 in it. so i'm thinking these two are connnected. i somehow go into my START --> RUN function and system restore that file (see, Windows ME comes with a Windows File Protection feature) a windows update...ta da...the JDBGMGR.EXE file is BACK. woo. but for some odd reason, the damn "microsoft debug assertion failed" pop up STILL happens. it happens when i touch anything on the keyboard when trying to type anything into the enatation comment box. and also on cafe press and columbia house. i don't get it. i did get Outlook Express working again...go me.

other than that, it was a blah night at work. don't get me wrong, i love diana and sissy to death and i thank God that i work with them....but i found out tonight my mom has ANOTHER blockage in her leg, which means back to St. Francis to do that same shit last year. hell, it hasn't even been a year. that's just not good. i'm not trying to be a doomsayer, trust me, i live in denial more than anyone when it comes to my mom, but i just can't hack it anymore. so stay close to your family, this would tear me apart if i were in Normal....and it did actually. so nikki, i'm happy that you get to move back really, i am, it's what's the most important...but cut me some slack cause i am going to miss the shit out of you.
why the hell am i getting email from Dr. Atkins?? didn't he die? STOP WRITING ME DR. ATKINS!!

Monday, June 09, 2003

blogger was down (at least for me and apparently only me) for most of the day, so DAMMIT if i couldn't post. and i have a lot to catch you up on. well...i've had two days of drinking WAY too much and i just took some benadryl and it's just now kicking in. my brain is soooooo slow....but it feels so good and i'm not sneezing or's so worth it. anyhow...

saturday: i got up...caffeinated myself, met nikki for lunch at pepperoni's...yea, i was starting early apparently. stole a bottle of wine for the party. i get kleptomatic alcoholic when i drink. the party was GREAT. too bad i tried to drink two bottles of champange (or white wine whatever) at once then resoluted back to the keg. yea, the next day...ugh...just read on.

sunday: man did i feel liek shit when i got up. we were meeting at 1 pm for the waldenbooks lunch and i got up at oh, i dunno, NOON. anyhow, i made the lunch, it was cool, i looked slightly less than nicely dressed, but i felt like shit and was planning on puking on anyone that made any sort of unnecessary comemnt. the food got rid of rumbly i was in full gear for Partay #2. a million people showed up for that one. ok, maybe more like 30. no shit. and if you've seen the size of my house, that's an undesireable situation when it starts to rain. but it was short, and everyone had fun. it's always good to have kittens at a party...makes people thing your party was "totally happening." ok, so no one said that, but it's a fun term to use to describe a party.

i just got done watching The Animatrix (thanks nik), man i wished i could have seen that before Reloaded...but that's what going to see movies 600 times is for. why am i so thirsty for soda?

Saturday, June 07, 2003

today's the big partay....yea, it's spelled that way because it's a bigger than your mom PARTY...hence partay. the keg is at the house now, but i won't intake til around 3. it should be spectacular, stop by if you can. or call to wish me "happy JUNE 7th!!!!"

davey's tummy has gone down and her eyes are both 100 % ok. pete's eyes (the one with both of them matted shut) are slowly getting better, they're both open, but there's still crusty stuff on one. damn, that antibiotic is good. anyhow, i got more celebrations tomorrow (one for waldenbooks), so you'd be LUCKY if you catch me tomorrow. oh, and katie, i blogged on my birthday cause i want to remember it YOU DAMN ASS RAMMER. i'm kidding, you're the greatest...come into pepperoni's next week to fill out an application.

Friday, June 06, 2003

got my license renewed. the DMV SUCKS. i had to take the test OVER again...the written one. but i only missed one. woo...go me. but it was like school...complete with the half desks. i look stoned in my picture. no really. that reminds me; it's time for benadryl and "South Park."
turning japanese i think i'm turning japanese i really think so.

not really...but sometimes i have to write what lyrics that are's a disease, yes i know. yea yea...i got my ass in gear and got a new cam pic up. i actually DID NOT HATE the last one, so i was not provoked to change it. like my license picture...which i DO have to change's offically expired. my brithday went well. thanks to all who called/Imed/e-mailed/sent themselves as a stripper...those who didn't...YOU SUCK. not really (ps- yes you do).

Thursday, June 05, 2003

We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

YAY...blogger got their ass in gear and ship shaped up just in time for my birthday. and anyone guesses anything older than 25 i will smash my fist in their face. thank you for all the wishes i've received so far and a HUGE thank you to roland (yes, i DID open your card today in fact) and aidan...i actually GOT your package today aidan. that was perfect. anyone else, thank you in advance, i haven't actually seen everyone today yet. i started the day with a call from my sister saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SIS!! HAHA YOU'RE OLD!" and then flowers (man, my aunt and uncle in florida are GOOD). me and nikki went to check out the new Borders (well..not THAT new...but i'm slow) in Peoria, and MY GOD is their computer section SWEET. i only got one though...i had to hold back. then she bought me lunch cause i'm offically old and she feels sorry for me. heh...isn't she sweet? and we rushed back to pekin so i could take little davey to the vet. her tummy is all swollen around where her umbilical cord was and after what happened to bungee, i'm not taking any more chances (or wasting any more time), so we took her in at 2, the vet said it was just an abcess, and he drained some and gave me some antibiotics (for the eyes...which i can also use one petey, who has her eyes crusted shut), so i'm giving them that twice a day. i am so relieved...i was so worried about this trip, i didn't want any bad news anyhow, i gotta go into work tonight, but it's ok, i'm working with two of my most favorite people in the world (besides nikki) and after that...well..i dunno....but it should be fun...after kitty is gonna be ok. i gotta run now, my dad is apparent;ly all about drinking a beer before i go to work.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

whats's up with everyone posting daily?? i mean I LOVE it, but i wish i could conjure my lazy ass to do that every day. i added some new links twinkie to who guesses who's new (hint: there are three new ones)* i'm glad diana's had some good sleep last night, though i don't remember her awaking at 4 am sat night. i was dead asleep drunk though. anyhow, tomorrow is my birthday, and i think i might celebrate either today or tomorrow by paying bills. that's right. party down. i need a new liscense too...dammit, i liked that picture too. and i don't really want to pay $'s my birthday, what the hell?? i saw The Thomas Crown Affair last night. damn, that was spiffy. did i just say spiffy?? i meant and excellent movie. although i was watching the original thaetrocal trailer from like 1968, and damn, they couldn't sell a movie then at all. i had no desire to "rush out and see" the original, though i'm sure it's a great one. stupid 1960s. anyhow, i'm off to be really late for lunch with nikki. stupid nikki and her schedule. **

* dammit britt, stop lying, you have no twinkies.
** i don't mean that, don't beat me up...please.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

more sporadic thoughts
- my sister makes damn good potato salad...i'm putting in an order for my birthday party.
- i keep biting the inside of my lip and it HURTS like a bitch (don't any of you DARE comment "then stop biting it").
- i'm currently downloading "Sing Sing Sing" by Benny Goodman from some goth kid...WTF?
- i'll make the gallery tomorrow maybe.
- dave has a blog now...go SEE IT.
- free twinkie to whoever figures out what "dilligafmf" stands for. *
- i really love tuesdays at pepperoni's, but i hate doing the damn dishes.

* i don't really have any twinkies sorry.

Monday, June 02, 2003

honestly......this is a JOB AD???

We can take your drama if you can deliver the deals. We will suck up to you and overpay you. You can come in late, take 2 hour lunches, forget to turn in your reports, scream at the staff, and pretty much do whatever else you want.

dammit..well...the whole thing doesn't apply to me. but STILL. i should send this to nikki...since really, not having waldenbooks isn't too bad. it's like being able to sleep in everyday. but again, i got pepperoni's at night. but in the case of tonight, i got that free now...i can actually ENJOY Liquid Lunch to it's full potential...and NO, i don't mean get stinking drunk...well yes i do.

damn, other than that, what the hell have i been up to? i still have yet to see The Matrix Reloaded...and i might this week along with the likes of alex, bill, barb, nikki, brian, andrea and anthony...just with who and when i don't know...all i know is that this collective group wants to see it..and it may even be two different trips...woo hoo. we have relatives from kansas coming this weekend..just in time for my it's gonna be a busy one. already with the two partys (which i hope to survive) and with The Waldenbooks Hangover Lunch (ok, it's just The Waldenbooks Sunday Afternoon Lunch, but i changed the name)...and my birthdays's actually get your email wishes in...or just say "hi," it doesn't matter.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

these are fun...or boring...or time consuming...or READ IT DAMMIT.

Last kiss: aww man, i don't know...a lot people kissed me (on the CHEEK) at the party last night though.
Last good cry: last night, i missed my kitten.
Last movie seen: Dahmer
Last book read: The Matix and Philosophy
Last cuss word uttered: "shitass" (hey look, it's two)
Last beverage drank: coffee
Last food consumed: a chalupa...apparently, we went to Taco Bell last night and i was BAD and didn't eat both my tacos.
Last crush: you got mei love everyone so damn much.
Last phone call: that'd be last night calling my parents telling them i'm too drunk to breathe.
Last TV show watched: Crank yankers
Last time showered: A LONG time ago...we have no shower, just a bath tub.
Last shoes worn: dark brown sketchers
Last CD played: the one diana made for me, Best of 1977, WOO what a wacky year!
Last download: Revis "Caught in the Rain"
Last annoyance: my damn trying-to-be-a-hangover headache this morning
Last disappointment: however many people DON'T show at my birthday party this saturday
Last soda drank: pepsi
Last thing written: i filled out a bill to pay ...DAMN BILLS...STOP ALREADY.
Last key used: my Saturn key
Last sexual fantasy: ho boy, i don't think you guys want to get into this one....
Last weird encounter: those aliens that raped my ass last night....oh wait...
Last time amused: last any point other than my "i miss my bungee" breakdown
Last time wanting to die: hmmm...the only thing that really qualifies for THAT is when i've been sooo hungover...and that was like the day after the Scotch Night
Last time in love: i don't really know if i ever have been
Last time hugged: last name it, i hugged it
Last chair sat in: the computer desk chair that i'm in NOW
Last underwear worn: let me check, the Victoria's Secret ones i have on now...DUH. they make the best underwear, swear to God.
Last poster looked at: my beatles one above my computer.
Last web page visited: nick's
I HURT: myself
I LOVE: my friends and family
I HATE: i've drank coffee after coffee and i'm still tired
I FEAR: your mom
I HOPE: i get another job soon
I FEEL: sleepy
I HIDE: your mom (she's in the closet)
I DRIVE: a saturn
I MISS: taco bell
I NEED: see above...or mcdonald's, the Hangover Helper
I THINK: way too much

(thanks to the lesbian-nick.)
MORE FUN PICTURES!!!! these are pre reception (the actual reception ones on their way) from yesterday:

bill just realizes i have a camera....crafty that bill is....

dad and mom hangin mom looks like she wants to beat me.

dad about to unveil a deep thought.

VERY clever bill...lookin away so the camera doesn't get you...instead gets YOUR UNICORN.
(PSYCHE! there was no unicorn)

ah ha...i got bill and barb in this one (and look, he's ALL about posing for this one)....nice try mom, you can't hide in the flowers.

this is one of my dad's favorite poses.

evidentally, this is one of mine. why do my eyes look so sleepy???

dad tries the "oh look, the flowers will hide me" trick. i haven't a clue what i'm doing

bill's matrix style CHOP.