Friday, February 28, 2003

why is it i can computer geek away even when i'm pretty drunk??? damn...NO ONE should be able to write HTML or trouble shoot in this state...SOMEBODY HIRE ME!
actual conversation at Applebee's tonight:

Chris the Waiter: did you know your hair is green?

me: actually, it's blue...and yes.

Chris the Waiter: oh. this for a play?

me: no, not at all..i wear a wig in the current play, so i can dye it all i want.

Chris the Waiter: you've dyed it before?

me: yep, just about every color.

Chris the Waiter: huh.

5 seconds of silence

Chris the Waiter: do you have any piercings?

me: yea.

a few more than 5 seconds of silence of silence pass....

Chris the Waiter:(possibly embarrassed) oh....(not seeing my ears pierced)...OH! uhhh...

me: NO! not THAT!.

hence, i show him my tongue....poor guy...i think i scarred him....

Thursday, February 27, 2003

rest in peace Mr. Rogers....
oh crap..i didn't realize i hadn't posted since that rum one. see what rum does to you? it makes you sleepy...damn pirates. sorry amy, i had to..i LOVE that. i saw The Full Monty last night. and before you utter the asinine question of "you mean you'd never seen it??!"...i'll answer it...NO, i hadn't. hence me watching it last night. duh. i also hacve a slew more of movies to watch thanks to kim. and when i say slew, i mean like 9. good thing i have the day off. but NO, i'm not watching all 9 today (though i COULD...i am quite talented.) i don't like days off..i feel so lazy. no really. you may say "well, try working 6 days a week" yea, been there done that jackass and i LIKED it! plus, i'm even referring to the tech crap i used to do in i had a job on top of that. but i miss that. the good news is that i get to go to Springfield yet again on sunday (yea, i think the town has missed me)...and they as well as Laurie (the acting manager or whatever her title is) at the Peoria store know my least i think that's what nikki was writing it down for...geez..i hope...*cough* stalker *cough* in TRAINING *cough*....anyhow, i hope nikki doesn't go completely MIA on the pekin store, or at least i get to work with her still. she and kim are the only two i like to work with...otherwise i'm miserable...but i put on a brave face....and grumble under my breath...

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

note to self: don't ever try to watch Total Recall after intaking too much of the Captain.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

fun questions cause i can't think of a damn thing to post

IF YOU COULD BUILD YOUR HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? the suburbs of Pekin..oh wait, i mean Chicago




WHAT'S THE LAST CD THAT YOU BOUGHT? how personal is THIS???!! ok, ok..uhh...A Simple Plan...i forgot the name of it


LEAST FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? work...when i work wit the dumb stupid know who you, not YOU, YOU or YOU


WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT - STRONG IN MIND OR STRONG IN BODY? strong mind...i can't stand stupid people

WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE IN THE MORNING? let's not go there...what's this "morning" thing?


WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY? when i pushed my cousin down the he knows not to mess with me...

WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY? judgemental close-minded people

WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO BED? damn this is personal...well, a t-shirt and pajama huh?

IF THERE WAS A MOVIE MADE ABOUT YOU, WHAT CURRENT/FORMER HOLLYWOOD STAR WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY YOU? i'd like to play myself cause i'll need as many acting gigs as i can get



IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? i don't. stop making assumptions about my character

WHO WAS YOUR FIRST LOVE, AND AT WHAT AGE? ryan something..age 5...he always called me "GO AWAY"

CAN YOU JUGGLE? one thing, yes

WHAT'S IN THE BOOT OF YOUR CAR? what the heck is a boot? and i'm sure my midget saturn doesn't have one

FAVORITE SONG TO SING: "My Friends Over You" by New Found Glory


WHAT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY? don't you mean when is my birthday? otherwise...what is your birthday would imply an response suggesting an adjective or a birthday is "FUN", "INEBRIATING", "and "UNFORGETABLE"
(it's also june 5)
oh sure, i suck majorly at the preferred reader card, but waldenbooks should tahnk their lucky stars that because of MY blog, i am hit number 30 for "preferred reader card" !!!!

Monday, February 24, 2003

i've noticed a strange attraction to my listening of The Clash and various 1970s bands...most predominatley Jethro Tull and Fleetwood Mac.
so anyhow..britt is still here..i went through a "i-seriously-fucking-hate-my-job-more-than-anything-else" day yesterday, so i didn't post. i don't post when i'm depressed or pissed. i don't see why you would. you bring other people down and look back on that entry and get bummed. at least that's been the way with me when i look back at my diaries and journals in high school. i swear i don't remember being that all. but what the was high school...everyone was having a crappy time. or so i'd like to believe. anyhow, that stupid question everyone keeps asking me ("when are you moving out?/when are you moving to chicago?/what do you want to do with your life?") seems to be increasingly closing in. i honestly don't know if i'd like to stay at waldenbooks for a few more years or not. whether i do or not will determine what store i'm going to spend most my time at. let's face it..i'm sick of telling everyone the pekin store is staying..cause we actually DON'T know. and this is from someone who hated her job a year ago...and wanted desparately to quit any day now. now i'm trying to find any and every other store i can to work at. i growing up?
the fact that snoop doggy dog is the host of a "Girls Gone Wild" video almost makes it pretty damn cool.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

things that flew through my mind today:

- my drivers side window is amazingly (almost freakishly) clean, i keep thinking it's down.
- to the guy with a "Lost Your Cat? Try Looking Under My Tires" bumper sticker: WHAT A WITTY BUMPER STICKER! i'm sure you impress all of your redneck friends with your witty banter! hey! get an UNsick sense of humor would ya, shithead?
- i am so far behind in reading my Entertainment Weeklies it's not even funny...when i do read one, that particular event happened a month ago.
- i have had NO coffee at all today...i'm slipping into a sleep it feels if none of this makes sense or is mispelled...

my mom comes home tonight. for real. no damn overbooking is gonna keep her away from my dad any longer. which is good, he gets all sad when she leaves. anyhow, i'm off for now to go see Gods and ass is gonna hurt after this, i just know it.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

i think i'm going to take a road trip to Olney, IL. why? well...duh. yea, that's right...if you HAVEN'T clicked on's the home of the white it's somewhere that isn't pekin. anyone wanna go with? i'll pay for your first soda.

and i changed the "stats" section...added more...uhh...stats..if you care that is...if not, bite me you jackass.
dammit...i wish i could be mean...i really do. well...not Hitler-like mean...but mean enough to tell those Jehovah's Witness people where to go...and to stop coming by. i mean, come on, i said "dammit" before i opened the door (in reference to the lock being stuck), have blue hair and claimed we were, in fact Catholics. isn't that enough?? what?? you STILL want to talk with me? i just felt bad and besides i couldn't think of what to say. it's easy for my dad, he's a non-practicing Catholic. am i...i guess. i guess i'm just not as much of an asshole as i thought. good thing i guess. GOD, could i stop saying "guess" ?? anyhow, the FAQ should be up soon...very soon...look for it in the area under "me." if it's not there, it's not done..duh.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

i changed the link to andrea's blog....cause it was..umm..wrong..ok ok, i'm a lazy jackass.

but when i try to comment on her site (and this has happened on something else non-comment wise), i get a javascript message that says "debug assertion failed!......blah...blah...."(press retry to debug the application)" then whatever i hit it'll have that "explorer has blah blah...explorer will now close." what the hell??? tell me it's not MY computer (piece of shit...) and possibly something i can fix. any suggestions would help...yes, i'm calling YOU computer geeks out there.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i know there supposedly were a lot of meth labs in pekin...but dear God...

argh...there was one near MY house

if you really wanna know more, go here...and NO mom, i'm not making any
my cat is on a repeat cycle of terrorizing the roll of toilet paper and puking. i think she's revolting against something.

don't mess with me

Monday, February 17, 2003

oh my god, i nearly forgot about these..these are so funny...NO, i don't know any of these people...someone found these pictures evidentally and had some fun with photoshop...don't we all??

this is why i don't go to formals

oh man...OUCH

mom would be so proud

and a UK one for all you brits
shit dude....i've been here. i hope everyone is ok. makes me a bit scared to move up there. as if i didn't have any scared reservations anyhow. oh well, i don't really do nightclubs at it's ok. being President's Day, i suppose i should celebrate by working at a bookstore...but i'll slate that for later tonight. i was informed last night that i would more than likely (the percentage is 99.9%) be wearing a wig (yet again) in this show, so you know what that means....SOMEONE BUY ME HAIR DYE. i hate being feels weird. anyhow, i should head out soon, i have flavored coffee waiting for me at my sisters and i have to pay to get my whole whopping hundred something from my taxes sent here.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

so here's what happened last night. after a lengthy chat with aidan, kim and nikki (hey look, i'm able to link them all)...i began to get restless..well, first off, nikki was having too much fun with various forms of alcohol, and i with only beer. just didn't do the job. so after i realized my dad was NOT gonna watch Signs (he was hooked on some gay ass golf thing), i started to fall asleep. whereupon rika calls....with a question. "do you know what a golden shower is?" i said i did and proceeeded to explain it. i hear bursts of laughter and kim saying "see rika!!! you're the only one that doesn't know!!!" and anyhow, they were off to chalise's to visit, so they came and picked me up. and we hung out there for about 5 hours, drinking and looking up really...and basically laughing until our stomachs hurt. i haven't had that much fun since the Captain Morgan Night. for the literary summary of said here.

and, as promised...yea, THAT'S RIGHT!

pictures of from The Night Of Ca-Razay :

(note: my camera decided to be retarded and not get sorry for the sporadic momnets)

chalise (far back), me and rika. i was trying to be cool with the timer thing again.

at this point, rika was buzzed (which is like one drink with her), kim is soused (hence their "i can't get off the bed"), and i'm just stupid.

and there's Sierra...sorry, i wasn't 100% sober. for better pictures, click here.

ummm...that's me...i'm only that translucent when the flash attacks me like that.

chalise, sierra (a bit blurry)...and kim. you can't see it, but kim pulled out kristin's (chalise's other daughter..see above linked website) sled and was...uhh...having some fun on it.
i changed my friend chalise's screensaver from "i love matt" to "i jack off". dammit drinking with my friends from 3rd grade has reverted me to to come soon....if they turn out.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

argh! curse you snow!!! you're keeping me inside! that's i can read..or watch movies..or sit in front of the computer. luckily, my camera had enough power in it to snap some pictures of my front yard.

from my mom in the 80 degree Florida: "HA!"

Friday, February 14, 2003

today is kim's dog's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEDERAL!!! and as for today...*sigh* true, i hate valentine's day..i think it's stupid and pointless (as is christmas if you really think about it and it's true meaning adverse to how people celebrate it), but that doesn't mean i wish others a sour one. honestly, i hope your day goes well...just like i hope every day of yours goes well. but i don't immerse myself in it. it was the one day i hated in grade school. no one ever gave me any valentines. yea yea..poor britt. no, not that, it was just what appeared to be a popularity contest. i used to come home crying my eyes out cause the only one i got a valentine from was my teacher. (heh, thanks teacher) but my parents immediately fixed the problem and told me how meaningless the valentines were. the important thing is, the ones close to me love me very much. and that's it...that's pretty much been my attitude since. i'm not a scrooge at all. i'm actually having a fantasic day...although i did get plenty of The Stupid Question from customers at walden's today. remind me to post The Stupid Question as well as the assorted responses i've come up with....but nikki has them....arrr..remind her too. holly informed me that she and pete are coming into pepperonis tonight to drink at the bar with my dad. as she put it: "it's valentine's day...we're all gonna drink 20 beers each!"
hehe...bill talks like he's from Cicero when he's been drinking....

Thursday, February 13, 2003

i finished IT!!!!!!!!!!
it took him a little over four years to write that book...and i think a little over four years for me to finish the damn thing...hey, it's over a thousand pages i DO have two jobs and various shows, so get off my back...
new blog alert....mike has finally got a BLOG!!! and it's so nice looking too...dammit mike show me up with your Linux skills...oh, and it's ABOUT TIME!!!
dammit! i hate when the first song on my playlist is "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul...cause then it gets stuck in my head ALL DAY. and i can always see kim dancing to it. not that that's a bad picture kim, but i've forgotten paula dancing to it completely. anyhow, i'm in another show again, this one's called Impromptu. so far we've only had one rehearsal, a read through. i have to admit, i was really nervous. sure, i've been doing this for a while, but i have to tell you two things: #1- it doesn't matter how many times you do a show, the feeling of nervousness will always be there (at least for me), it's part of the actually feed off of it. #2- the director of said show happens to be my old high school drama teacher. and though he always believed in me (honestly, he still had nice memories of me from high school), i was always the assistant director for the plays in high school. ie - i suck and can't get cast, but they'd LOVE to have me help out backstage. what the hell, it gave me perspective, and was (obviously) well-appreciated. and obviously i've come a long way since highs chool...hell..I'LL admit, i pry DID suck. but this is the first time he's really directed i was nervous as hell..i mean this is worse than anything i've had before. but the first read through is done...and i's all downhill (or uphill) from here.

movie and music recommendation alert: i just watched The Good Girl last night and highly recommend it, so go rent it...and also grab/download the soundtrack to's heaven....or good..whatever.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

now i have all the Shakespeare names i need. the FAQ is ready to be launched. if you have any more at this point, send them in. i got some interesting ones actually...some i have never asked myself...but oh well..that's good..i like creative people...uncreative people should be shot...and replaced with the Creatives. today would have been my cat Abbey's 22nd happy belated birthday Abbey whereever you are!!!

i actually woke up today at it looks like i'll get things accomplished....or NOT...ah HAHAHA. i already cleaned my room..sheesh what's wrong with me? ohhh..i should clean out my closet, so i can sing that eminem song..wait, i don't have it...i'd have to download it. and we better have our checks at waldenbooks *shakes fist at imaginary Mr. Walden*...cause i could use that obligatory $16. just kidding folks, i make around $12.14 with taxes taken out. woooo. anyways, let me get on with my day...and downloading, so i'll catch you guys later.
i never thought i could do this...but it's fun..and time consuming...that's right..i made a quiz!!!!

found out Which One of Britt's Co-workers Are You?

EDIT: make sure you copy and past your result on your blog...that's what the code is provided for fools!!! i wanna see your results!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

You are not very reliable but people like you anyway because you are so easygoing and fun to be with. And cute, too.

Which Blogging Tool Are You?

the test thinks i'm cute!!!! the test thinks i'm cute!!!! waitaminute...

Monday, February 10, 2003

ok, so we didn't see The Two Towers....instead (since we were late...AND had to almost literally chug a half picter of beer)..instead Chicago..which was good, being i had seen TTT, and not Chicago. don't get me wrong, i love TTT, but if i am gonna spend $8 on a movie, i'd like it to be one i haven't seen. plus i really really wanted to see Chicago. anyhow, i don't have to tell you it was AMAZING cause you're gonna go see it yourself anyhow...RIGHT??? RIGHT??? yea, that's right..hey, i'll even go with...promise. * anyhow, turns out..i DID get some FAQ' HA. i just didn't mention it cause well..i was waiting until i had enough for a decent post/section..DUH. they'll be up soon...i have to dig up some Shakespearean names. and the taz thing is ok now, i drank beer with stacy..see that's all i needed. it just sucks when you EXPECT SOOOO much more than what you get...but it's not like i bought a $700.00 yacht (note to britt: return yacht tuesday. love, britt)....

* roland and aidan will have to pay airfare
and ...

i got screwed

that's right, since pepperoni's decided to switch accountants ....i think we went with Jackass Accounting Company, Inc....i'm not getting very much back in a refund. last year i got $700, which i AM grateful for, i paid off most of my ER bill..and this year, since they didn't take out SQUAT in federal...i'm getting...well, i'm not telling you, but it's more than $120 and less than $131. talk about a depressing visit to the tax fairy. but cheer up folks..stacy is coming!!! yay stacy! we're gonna go get some wings...i'm sorry...wangs (note: only certain wings may be qualified as "wangs"...any questions, ask britt) at Kouri's. then we're gonna go see The Two Towers...we've both seen it already turns out, but we agree it's worth seeing again for the scenery and Orlando Bloom. ahea...and Tolkien's spell-binding story....yea, so, i leave you now..i'm gonna go have fun and cry my tax return woes into a few Guinnesses while i'm at it.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

i am pretty useful...ask anyone....

"damn, i'm in a bad mood...OK WHO'S TURN IS IT TO BEAT UP ON BRITT???"

Saturday, February 08, 2003

oh yea, and i know i've expressed this, and i don't know it if it's the lack of interest (I'M SO INTERESTING AND COOL DAMMIT) or LAZINESS...or maybe i didn't ask it...but i want do a FAQ post. that is, if you've been reading my blog for years (ok, i'm dramtizing it there..i've only been around for a year and a half) and have any burning (or maybe slightly warm to the touch) questions...or if you've even known me for a while, and never quite understood why i did this [fill in odd quirk here] here...ask a question.. yea, i'm bored, i feel like being an interviewee. so if i get enough (and i BETTER), i'll make a post of it. ask anything, your name will be masked in Shakespearean-like isn't that fun?? you want to ask something..anything now...
i have the biggest i'm not being a whiny baby, i took some advil...i'm just saying, i didn't necessarily drink last night, so i don't know what's up. i did have a few beers with my mom and dad last night (they stayed up at the Hampton Inn last night cause they had a free stay), but that's clearly nothing. damn, and that coffee is taking FOREVER to brew. and did i mention it's 2 pm? yea, i SWEAR i did not do all the crazy drinky drinky!! no, i got off work at 10 pm (and no screaming white trash lady thank God..but i did fuck up one order, but i'm not cry about it), ate, and went up to hang out with my parents (yea, i know, i'm a real winner). actually, my parents are cool as hell and i really don't care what YOU think fools.

THE COFFEE IS DONE!!! ITS ABOUT TIME!!! sheesh, i'm lucky i'm addicted to such a cheap drug. i can't believe i slept til 2 pm, there must be something wrong with me. oh, i also watched a movie last night (does the excitement ever end with britt?) was prettty good, better than i thought. and that new template/look i'm shooting for?? i fucked it royally (i'm not as good as a web designer as i'd like to think i am) and got all i'm taking a break for a bit. fair enough. maybe since i got some time to kill i'll work on galleries. it depends how much coffee i get in me.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

a dissorted array of This or That:

Super Bowl or World Series? world series...i freaking hate football.

Private or open? i'm usually pretty private..i really dislike drama queens/crybabies/"i have a problem every 5 seconds", but to certain individuals i open up.

Winter or summer? winter.

Look up numbers in the phone book, or call directory assistance? hehe, i usually look it up on infospace.

Soda or pop ? i'm telling you, it's "soda."

Left or Right brained? right....or so i've been told/tested.

Hand-code your website, or use an editor (such as Front Page)? i usually code by hand, it's actually easier for me. but if i see somethig i like on a webpage, i'll swap the code for it (and modify it as to my liking..i don't STEAL). but then again i do everything the hard way at first, i used to FTP with DOS....UGH.

Heavy or light sleeper? very very heavy...i DARE you to try and wake me up.

Star Wars or Star Trek? i can't believe you just asked me that...i should kick your ass for that. STAR WARS..DUH.

Socially active or stay at home laid back? a little bit of depends on my mood. but lately, as i'm getting older (i swear this must be why), i feel like staying at home more often..and drinking there.

Eat meals in kitchen or dining room? huh? what' s a dining room? i eat in my room, right in front of the tv.

Movies: see them in a theater or wait for DVD/VHS? i think it's best to experience it in the theatre first, you can't substitute that atmosphere..and YES, it is worth the $8.

Theater: film or live on stage? both, plays are even more rare to come by..go see one if you seems as if they're a dying breed. (especially go see one if I'M in it and force you to do so)

Rock concert or the symphony? i've never been to a symphony, but i try to take in as many concerts as i can...providing i can afford it.

When it feels chilly in the house: crank up the heat or put on a sweater? put on a sweater. i love sweaters..and word to the wise, they REALLY do warm you up..duh.

Hippie, Goth, Punk or Other? i have no clue...but i'll bet i'm punk..since i've been called that. (and according to all the online tests, and we know THEY don't lie...)

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

at last...well, maybe...but i'm true to my word dammit, it's The List, Part 2

A Collaborative List of Customers From Pepperoni's

Mr Foote

basically the town drunk, lives at the UAW (across the street) and usually stays for about 15 beers at a time. calls me "no good smartassed little shit" and diana "AHHHH" (to differentiate between HER- Diana- and DianE).


used to be a staple at the bar, but he hasn't been in too much lately. used to drink Guinness (woo!), now resorts to iced tea and soup...doug, you party ANIMAL. but is a bar customer i'd actually keep.

Don and Jon

they aren't twins, but they should be. Don scares me when he drinks, he's on a lot of medication (we once had to drive his drunk ass home), but he always brings in candy for me. Jon just sits there with him and smiles, but can be pretty damn mouthy when he gets drunk.


ugh...what can i say (that diana already so eloquently has not) ? they drink nothing but Jack and water. yuck. get REALLY mouthy when they drink...and talk about NASCAR...i like to ignore them...thank God i don't bartend.

The Jergens'

one of my favorite deliveries. they always invite me in and tip me over $5. the husband is blind but you'd never know it the way he functions.

Mr. Helfers

lives on Highwood...nice me $3.50 every time. he's been into Waldenbooks before, so now he thinks i'm this hard working two-jobbed girl...heh.

Drunk Families From Lake Knolls Drive

always claim that they're naked when they call. so far they never have out (in what i like to call) BFE, take about 20 minutes to get there. but they always tip very well...pry cause they're drunk.


i get a $10 tip from her dad plus a beer from diana every time. one time i got a monkey from her daughter nellie.

The Swartzes

they live on Rose Court, they are the only ones i deliver to on that street, so it's real easy. they are extremely concerned for my well-being i guess, they ALWAYS invite me in, cold outside or not.

The Landises

the family of 222 Indian Creek Drive. sometimes they take a little too damn long to get to the door. home of the 6 minute or less delivery run.

Mr. Peters

used to live in the Audobon apartments..moved to a house in Sunset Hills. was super excited to get a house, as he expressed to me upon my first delivery there, so much he tipped me $8.

The Topps

part one, Dine In
nikki and brian (or beej as he is known on the world wide web). always sit at B1, unless some damn ass customer took their spot, then they resort to B7. they like their Captain and Sprite and Captain and Coke really STRONG. me and diana wonder why we have seen them in lately.

part two, Delivery
also live in BFE, the ONLY South Pekin delivery i will take. also the only soup order i will take...and only Captain and Sprite order i will take.

chalise had her baby last night, around, oh hell, i don't quite remember, me and kim got there around 9:00 and didn't leave til after 11, so i guess sometime between then. so far it (pardon me, she) has all of it's fingers and toes and really really dark hair (some babies are so lucky being born WITH hair). anyhow, i'm off to go see chalise and child in 10 minutes, then tonight i'll post YET AGAIN (maybe).
today is my cat Lizard's 19 th birthday...

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

A Collaborative List of Customers From Waldenbooks

Marcia Ballard

gives you a list of smut romance to look up for her. you don't have to, but i do it so it looks like i'm busy. plus she can never find them herself.
annoying incident: she told me once she felt really sick was about ready to drop.

The Whistling Guy

he talks and talks, mostly about stuff you don't care about...but not as bad as The Talking and Talking Guy.
annoying incident: he whistles....BADLY.

Surattanavad Prateep

she's super nice, orders romance by the bushel. thinks either kim or me is funny (i think it's me).
annoying incident: none, just the fact i can't pronounce her name.

Scary Looking Little Kid That Collects the Pokemon Anime Junk

i dunno his real name, but he shouldn't have long hair (it's almost a mullet), he looks like a girl (and an ugly one at that). he has a mouth on him too, i think i just may beat him up.
annoying incident: do i really need one?.

The Talking and Talking Guy

i dunno his name either...i think kim or nikki do....but i don't ant to know...hell, he'd pry TELL me, but then i'd have to hear the ramifications of his geneology. he talks and talks and will not shut up...i think he actually likes the sound of his own voice...and i don't think anyone really listens to him.
annoying incident: that one time when he was talking to me...oh wait...i mean EVERY time.

after i get off work, i'll post THE LIST....PROMISE!

Monday, February 03, 2003

it appears i have this time warp problem. i've been downloading all these songs from like 1991 (ie- my first year in high school) and's kind of fun though..remember any of these?? hehe..yea you do. damn, the 1990 reminds me of junior high...ugh...i hated junior high..and they're all so damn short now. talk about something that can take you back like that...a song sure can. so share your early 90s stories with me everyone...or not.

as you may have read on El Stinko's blog, i was awakened at the ass crack of dawn today (well, 7 am...but whatever), but the thing is, i was having some bogus dreams, so it was ok. i actually was looking forward to an adventure in the peoria store. then i got slapped in the face with a "nevermind". that's ok folks, i went back to sleep easily (i had another bad dream though...urgh). but the list is coming (of the customers i encounter at waldenbooks) may grow tonight cause i KNOW nikki will leave the stupid people to me...haha. oh well, as bitter as i've been lately, i think it'll be good for them.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Greeting cards you wish you could buy....

yea yea, one day i'll have a post with some substance, bite me.
the Old School Gallery is up...yea yea..bout time britt..

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Hey! You're not allowed to rent here anymore!
and again, i am awkened with another disater. maybe i should wake up earlier. the last time this happened, i was only 8 years old, and i didn't really understand anything about it, such as why my 3rd grade teacher was bawling her eyes out. now i understand all the's kinda much 16 years can change your reaction. and on another werid note, i happened to be going through some old videos last night, one of them being an old improv show (and when i say old, i mean like 1998..bah), and it happened to be in a room at ISU called the Christa McAuliffe Room, who happened to be the teacher on the Challenger...and it was weird, cause as bad taste as our group could be (but alas, still damn funny), we agreed no Challenger jokes (cause there was an array of them sadly..), and that show ended up, in my opinion our best (and my favorite) show.

ok, maybe that wasn't so odd, but it's weird that was the show i watched last night, so i'm taking it. God, i hate when they profile the people that were on the ship, it makes it so much more personal and sad..but i'm gonna watch it anyhow.

the list is coming, don't worry.