Friday, November 29, 2002

all new!! updated!!!

Things That Bugged Me At Waldenbooks Fri 11/29/02*

- finger make me want to ring your purchase up slower
- DO I HAVE A PREFERRED WHAT???!!! (ok, obviously, you don't)
- "Yea, where are your calendars?"
  you're standing right by them genius, watch out or they'll bite you in the ass..
- stop being so lazy about driving to peoria, it's 10 minutes away
- STOP asking about the status of the store...i know you REALLY care
   (and if you do, call the realtor), but i don't...i'm tired
- if you need help, don't just STARE at me, ASK for help
- wait til i'm done with my sentence before you start YOUR dumb one, dammit
...and in the immortal words of kim: "when all fails..whatever."

* (note: this is a well-loved rant by Britt, so deal with it..fellow booksellers are allowed to comment)
dammit...oh the woes of living in Ilinois...i don't think it enables me to go to this. anyhow, my thanksgiving went well, it was weird having a lot of the family over here..especially grandma..who actually was doing pretty well..she didn't know a few of us, but she was having a good day..i could tell..and she liked my hair even, she said it was a good color..haha. anyhow, i retired to lay down early this year...being that the ACTUAL act of laying down does NOt occur with me post feast, i crash at night like a normal person. but i think i'm getting sick, so take heed...if i'm not on. and today is also the busiest shopping day of the year, so i'm sure Waldenbooks and Pepperoni's will keep my attention most the day. oh yea and my mom is off to Florida as we speak, send some good wishes yo.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

what is my deal having a craving for diet soda lately???

i swear that i'm not on drugs..
for Thanksgiving Day, i've decided to post the lists of get your lazy DVD-watching ass up and go rent

Five Movies You May Never Have Seen Or Heard Of But Should Go See

1) Mississippi Masala
2) Boondock Saints
3) Friend of the Deceased
4) Shooting Fish
5) Run Lola Run

and don't dare anyone ADD to this...i said 5, so i put 5...if you have 5...go post them on your blog.
i also forgot to mention...i've gotten a slew of calls in the past few days...gus called and left a message threatening my life...heh...but it was soooo funny...really, i recommned this message to anyone..and tim called tonight and left a message...damn he never seems to catch me...oh yea, and last of all, cyn's called twice..but she got to talk to me...lucky her...i think...but it was good to chat..even though i agree i am so not a phone person, i'm just happy she didn't get bored..oh yea, and i should tell you...she has a DAMN sexy's a good thing the call was kept short..haha..

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

i know the pedestrian has the right of way, but some Kroger shoppers just abuse it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

and now for a real post. well, yesterday's was's not like you imagined it...i just was off in fantasy land. (God that stuff is good) anyhow, today was a day i naturally had nothing to do with myself..damn..note to self, clean room i ended up hopping on the computer and tried to make my blog a better place. then nikki (evil convincing bitch that she kidding, she's not THAT convincing) uses MSN Messenger as a means to get me to leave the house and DRINK...well, ok, i was fully supportive of drinking..and i also had those damn ass hot wings. then i came home and damn, i forgot what all i did. i went over to visit uncle dick briefly, and God, that depressed me...i hate seeing him like's just weird, he and my aunt marcia were always so good to me when i was little and it really shook me when i lost her when i was 5..ANYway...sorry guys. i went over to nikki's to fix her blog...well, i really just shaped it up a bit..she likes me to do a little at a time. damn, that sentence sounded bad..and im not even on allergy medicine.

Monday, November 25, 2002

well, since nikki (aka- my surrogate get-to-work-bitch! boss in Springfield) is all on me to post, here goes..
(note: any spelling errors or inconsistities are due to the intake of some hardcore allergy medicine)

anyhow, the party last night was awesome, although i did drink too much, after a certain part of the night, i'm not real clear. we went to 21st Century and Thornz (that place is just fun to make fun of...),a nd then i returned to bed upon near 5 am. so yea, waking up today was a bitch, but i survived. i had a LOT of Frapaccino to intake, so i was ok....i'll have to double check with nikki on that one. today seemed shorter, though, and the meeting didn't last long. neither did the captain and sprite i sucked down at Olive Garden either...aww..shit, im so drugged up, i can't even LINK...some computer geek i am....

Sunday, November 24, 2002

oh yea, go visit nikki's clicking here...(or in the blog links section)

Saturday, November 23, 2002

today is erin's last day at pepperoni's and i'd like to just say that she is one of the funnest people to work with in that place, as well as go out drinking with. i know i give you shit about not being able to stand up whilst drunk, but i'm only being typical britt...cause i think not being able to stand up is funny, thus i've never been there myself...yet. when i do erin, i'll take a picture and send to you. anyhow, you will be deeply missed and i know that diana and i will cry for days upon days..if anyone else at pepperoni's says that thry'll miss you more...they're LYING!!!!!!

in other news, a HUGE ASS party is underway tonight, so stay tuned for me to be stupid drunk tonight...luckily, i don't work at the Springfield store til afternoon. woo! but i also have to attend a meeting...what the fuck?? britt...attend a meeting??? AH HA HA..anyhow, it should be interesting...and so should going to Thornz tonight..

Friday, November 22, 2002

oh my God..why did i never see this before??? Harry Potter, YOU BASTARD! thanks for the link roland
since i spend (or so it seems anymore) so much time at Waldenbooks, here's a rundown of my typical day *

Hour 1: i arrive, usually late, but they still (apparently) love me just the same. i drink the remnants of my coffee (which actually comes first, NOT the customers..heh). i usually go to the bank, which is fun. as i wait for them to process the money, i usually just stare into space. after i return, a roundabout of 20 minutes has passed. i use the rest of my time of 40 minutes to look around the store and make sure they haven't changed sections on me.
Hour 2: at this point i'm dealing with the majority of the stupid people..sometimes (like today) it's Fiesty Old People...they're the best...not really. i'm lying. i deal with them the best i can as a Young Whipper Snapper...yea yea...Mabel, just get your PORN (ie- those romance novels you buy by the bushel) and get out of here.
Hour 3: by this time, my coffee is a bitter shell of what it once was. hell, what does THAT mean?? coffee is a liquid, there's no way it can be a shell of ANYthing...stop trying to be a poet britt...anyhow, my coffee is a COLDASS gulp ANYhow, after the Stupids leave, i can get to receiving..this is the fun-i-don't-need-to-think part of my job. i just scan and enter in things. a trained monkey could do it better. hell, i AM Waldenbooks' trained monkey. i try to get this done and shelved by the time i get off work at 1. if it's Karen coming in at 1, she's early, if it's Nikki or Kim, they're late. But God love 'em, so am i....
so that's my day...stay tuned for Long-Ass Springfield Waldenbooks Shift, The

* based on the common 3 hour 10-1 shift
* may have been altered with poetic liscense

Thursday, November 21, 2002

i saw Jackass last night....pretty damn funny, great if you want to go to a movie and not think. and believe me, we need those kinds of movies. i just wish my nephew didn't thuink he was Johnny Knoxville. but i have seen the videos he and his friends made, they ARE pretty funny. my mom agrees. i have to work a 10-4, 5-9 tonight, so don't expect much of me online today. if you do see me, then THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS. maybe i'll whip up another rant list during my 6 hours at Waldenbooks

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Things That Bug Me at Waldenbooks
(the ever growing list)

1) kids that play with the talking button books
2) adults that play with the talking button books
3) apparently the For Dummies book series connoisseurs need a
Putting Books Away In Their Correct Spot Because It's Only Two Inches Away From You For Dummies
4) stop describing to me "that guy that wrote these books about Egypt....i dunno what they're called and no, "Egypt" is not in the titles and i dunno if they're even fiction or what...." I WON'T FIND YOUR DAMN BOOK.
5) Nora Roberts: bitch, you write too many damn books. it gives me a headache. stop it.
my mom just asked me if i knew how to get the closed captioning on her tv to Spanish. is there something about our heritage i should know?

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

oh dear lord, i never actually POSTED about yesterday!!! well, first off i gotta say that nikki ONCE AGAIN forced me to drink after work ( KNEW i'd post it nikki!). not really...but i could have used another Captain and Sprite with no ice (there IS more that way). not that work was horrible per se, but i just like a good drink after work, and my other job doesn't exactly allow that luxury anymore. i'm thinking my stress level is going down a bit too...that's not saying everything is simply wonderful in the Duley family, i've just (luckily) found something to take my mind off of it. now if i can keep working these insane hours in Springfield as well as the ones in Pekin (at both jobs) i'll be fine.

Monday, November 18, 2002

The Curse You Tequila, You Ruined My Life and Other Things Post

anyhow, the party we went to saturday was NOT an Episode II party, but indeed a party in itself...which was wonders why alex didn't just tell us that, i still would have come. i had a lot of fun, ate the HOTTEST pepper on earth (no seriously, after this and the kidney stone, i can probably take on ANYthing), drank umm...6 Killians??? oh no, wait, one Leine (it was a different flavor i'd never had, i had to), and several margaritas....ummm.this is when the night became fuzzy. i do remember A LOT of Mexicans...and they were so much fun and nice to this irish girl who can't hold her peppers (it's a good thing i can drink, otherwise they'd never allow me at parties), hell, i even got invited to mexico by sandra, the birthday girl. man, was she nice, she gave me a huge hug hello and goodbye...obviously not knowing of any of the communicative diseases i carry. anyhow, the margaritas are what duped me in. DAMN YOU TEQUILA!!!! though it's ok when it's masked inside a maragrita...but too many on top of beer= bad news. britt didn't feel too well come bedtime. i was fine the next day (yesterday), me and joey went out and about around pekin (well, ok we stopped into Waldenbooks so i could get my books) and i killed the hangover and any remnants therein of it with a Bud Light. which provoked joe to NOT allow me to deliver..but thats another story for another time, and i'll get back to you on that. it's 6 am and i gotta get to work in Springfield.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

oh sure i don't live there yet, but i still can relate to nearly everything on this list (plus i've been going back and forth to Chicago since i was born)

You Know You're From Chicago if......

- You - correctly - don't pronounce the "s" at the end of Illinois.
- You become irate at people who do.
- You measure distance in minutes.
- You have no problem spelling or pronouncing "Des Plaines".
- Your school classes were canceled because of excessive cold.
- Your school classes were canceled because of excessive heat.
- You've even had to switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
- Stores don't have sacks, they have bags.
- You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition.
ie: "Where's my coat at?" or "If you go to the mall I wanna go with."
- You know what the numbers I-80, 55, and 90 mean.
- You realize that I-290, I-90, I-94, and I-294 are all different roads.
- You refer to any interstate highway as "the Tollway" or "the expressway."
- You know the given names of the interstates,
i.e.: Stevenson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Dan Ryan.
- You refer to anything south of I-80 as "Southern Illinois".
- You refer to Lake Michigan as "The Lake".
- You refer to Chicago as "The City".
- You find yourself referring to the central business district of any
  city you happen to be in as "The Loop."
- Even though you live 3 hours south, you still buy "The Trib."
- You know what goes on a Chicago Style Hot Dog.
- You know what Chicago Style Pizza is -- and feel pity for those that don't.
- You know why they call Chicago "the Windy City".
- You understand what "lake-effect" means.
- You know the difference between Amtrack and Metra,
   and know which station they end up at.
- You have ridden an "L" (elevated train).

Friday, November 15, 2002

well i was GONNA post today after work, but nikki HAD to force me over to Applebee's with her "getting-half-ass-drunk-before-work-is-the-COOLEST-thing-ever" plan. which is waht i needed regardless, work was hellacious..and i mean hellacious in terms of Seventh Rung of Hell Hellacious. we had a server down or something, so no credit cards or checks were going through and we couldn't do the special orders, etc...and THEN the registers froze!! what the....argh...and i got a Preferred Reader!!! AUGH! i forgot to write that down!!! dammit...see why beer went down so well??

then i get to pepperoni's...with NO FOOD in me...ugh...i was pretty sleepy..i wanted to go home and nap. i only had 8 deliveries...pretty shabby for a friday night. so im going to go and drown my sorrows in dollar beer at 21st Century.

ps- i got 2 cards in the mail from tim the other day...WOOO! that's the way to britt's heart. and i got to talk to cyn last night, so she can tell all youse people who wanna hear my voice how funny i sound.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

britt's back, and new and improved. well, not really, i'm still the same old and crappy britt i was before. but i never had any complaints...i do have a newfound respect for my job..which is good, since i've been there so damn much. the Springfield mall is absolutely beautiful, get out there if you can. finally, i work in a real feels so good. and i may be going back down there once a week...maybe twice. damn i DID get 5 Preferred Readers in one day. that's unheard of in Britt Town. the fact that i had to wake up at 5 am monday sucked, but hell, my attitude is basically "i'll get used to it." i'm not a lazy person, i LIKE to work hard * and alcohol always goes down faster (and better) after a 13 hour shift. (and also may make you pass out) i used to dislike Waldenbooks, but i dunno if it's Springfield or working with nikki (or both), but i really enjoy it now..i have SOO many suggestions for the Springfield store, and just want those damn "duh-i-just-started-look-on-their-faces-and-hand-up-their-asses" employees to take care of the customers. i swear my place is NOT waiting on people, even though i'm somewhat of a people person, i'd rather do the planning and organization stuff. hopefully if they DO section perfection (that's a Waldenbooks term, get over it), they let me come, that'd be sooo fun, especially if we can have unlimited Captain and Sprite while we do it. but then nikki would be blasted after 2 and be NO HELP AT ALL....hehe...i KNOW she reads this...damn, i better stop this "i want to make the Springfield store PERFECT" talk or they'll think i have management aspirations...
* wiping someone else's ass not included in that "working hard" definition
remind me to update you people on........things

Saturday, November 09, 2002

i wanna be like diana and drink a pot of coffee...damn her..showing me up. oh yea, and the addiction/love thingie is's on the left hand bar..under [me] get on it...pop it up..i went to all that work.* i do have another song recommendation, although i gave cyn a complete other one..but thats ok, it's good for her (but britt feels guilty she hasn't recommended back). anyway..dammit...way to get off track's Nadfa Surf : "Hyperspace"..or buy their CD, that'd be good too...and send it to me please, cause i don't have it, and how rude would that be if YOU had Nada Surf's CD and i didn't not and here I WAS THE ONE THAT RECOMMENDED THE BLOODY SONG.

ok then, anyhow, right now is the only free time God is going to give me...(right God? God: RIGHT), since after work tonight britt goes to beddy bye so i can get up super early to go work in Springfield!!! that's right, the state capital..woo hoo...they're a mess down there (heh, and they're sending ME!) i guess, but i get to spend two luxurious days there..woo! actually, they pay a bit more too, i think, cause we transfer..oh hell, i dunno. next week will suck. but i mean that in a good way cause i'll be so damn busy. AND Episode II comes out, we're gonna have a kickass screening at alex's..or doesn't matter, should be fun...costumes optional.

*not really

Friday, November 08, 2002

oh yea, and since i was left with a measy $6 from last night (i drank all my money..well some of it), i thought it appropriate to buy this.
so last night i partied til 4 am with absolutely NO PLANS TO DO SO. i had to work at 10 am today see...well, it could have been worse, i could have had to work at 8 am, or worse even, 6 am. (this is the damn attitude that PROVOKES me to stay out) so i work my two jobs, and in between i ever washed my car. damn bartending, made me $4 or so. anyway, alex, brian, and bill came into pepperoni's and we went off to Yesterdays to have a few and alex told me he wanted me to design the website for that Basque group he's a part of..and damn, nikki from waldenbooks asked me if i could do a page for her...damn, looks like ill be busy. me and alex went to Goodfellas/21st Century to find the Pepperoni's gang, but they'd gone off to Peoria. so i run home to check on mom and i swear, i DASHED, but alex must have thought i ditched him (again, sorry al..), so he left. the next thing i know, joey gets a hold of me and picks me up (he ahd to take poor really drunken kurt home) and we go to meet nathan, erin, and macaire at SOPS, then to My Apartment....bah, there was a damnass DJ there that was NOT worth the $3 cover (though you would have liked him cyn)....umm..the rest of the night is fuzzy...i DIDN'T drink scotch and i DDIN'T dance (i don't think joey, erin and macaire understand i simply DON'T DANCE)
i did really good at a golf video game at My Apartment tonight...
my group thought they lost me during this process...but oh well...

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

the great diana is at it again...

unfortunately, this pics are pretty accurate...although i WASN'T that for Halloween

ummm...we were sorta bored at work..
hehe....Julianne Moore on Letterman is funny shit..

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

oh sheesh, and before i forget, roland is my hero, i got your halloween package today, thanks dude!!!!!!
just what you wanted...The Temp Cast Party Pictures!!!
(alternate title in the Midwest: I Know What I Did Last Saturday)

the refrigerator...yea, we had a little too much beer....

bill giggling like a schoolgirl over his gift
(wrapped in Star Wars paper too..i think that's what made him giggle)
we got him a book of toast, since he insists on toasting everytime there's liquid in his cup... :)

brian and are they knackered...bill's STILL got that toast book

my mommy..she's not drunk, but she looks awfully concerned that bill won't let that toast book out of his hand

drink bill drink

my dad and i having a deep discussion while my mom concurs..
not really, we were like "is bill gonna take this picture today??!

my mom, my dad and mom was TRYING to get out of the picture..
never underestimate the power of bill's lens range

me and lynn, NO i am not knackered...though i believe lynn may think so and is laughing at my expense

what the hell am i doing??

no seriously, britt, stop're not a spy....

kathi and the breadsticks...yea, we ate at this party too

lynn (and my mom still talkin' shit in the background)

brian...he looks so sad...i think bill told him a sad and tragic toast

Monday, November 04, 2002

what's up with the expression "workin' like a dog" ?? dogs don't have jobs.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

things of note i noticed today while at work at Walden's

- this guy put waaay too much stock in my opinion of which dictionary he should buy
- "yep" does NOT constitute as a proper response to "have a nice day"
- mouth breathers should be held down and beaten until they have seen the error of their ways
- asprin should be taken with water...cause the taste is NASTY and stays in your mouth for a while
- i'm getting into the habit of saying "you're welcome" before customers can say "thank you"
oh yea..and look what diana got me at Goodwill (i swear she has the best luck there...whenever i go, it's all CRAP!)

i'm convinced she knows of some portal....
you're the best diana!!!
until i think of something to post (pry after work, i usually have a creative train of thougth while i'm ignoring book-buying customers), here's your song recommendation of the week...or every-few-days-or-so...whatever:
Flogging Molly : "What's Left of the Flag" (they're not so much punk on this one as they are traditional irish folk)
The Starting Line : "Cheek To Cheek"

now im out...(well..i WILL be, you get the idea...)
and what's up with the sporadic posting????????
and that interview of cyn's was really cool too...makes me wanna do one...oh wait, who would ask me questions??? heh, maybe tim could be the interviewer if he calls me again...and I WONT TALK SOOO FAST THIS TIME
oh, and a happy belated all saints day too
oh dear GOD, i've become addicted AGAIN

Friday, November 01, 2002

there's nothing like going to work in the morning and getting GROSSED OUT