Thursday, October 31, 2002

oh, and before i forget Happy Birthday Aunt Dee Dee and Kurt!!!
The Night Britt Kicked Scotch's ASS

because it's Halloween (and yes, cyn, i DO like the holiday ok, after all, it originated as a Celtic one), i'm writing this in orange...yes yes, i know festive aren't i? anyways, i was supposed to go see The Ring last night with macaire, but the "drinks at Fiesta Ranchero before the movie" plan turned out to be "drinks at Fiesta Ranchero for about an hour or so and besides britt found Jimmy on the jukebox" so anyway, we then planned to get a movie, but erin's car had a flat so we abandoned it at the gas station and went off to Kouri's, where macaire was convinced i could defeat scotch if i just met the bitch face-to-face again. so i had a few shots. a nd you know what? i was fine...after a few turns with Guinness, however, i HAD to leave my car there, so macaire drove. and erin were pretty gone, i'm sure she hated being the sober one...BUT SHE HAD TO..HA. anyways, then erin went home, cause she was "i-am-about-to-pass-out" mode, and me and macaire saw the MOVEI (that was for b)..don't ask how it was...i...uhh..passed out...

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

oh, and my email is the little envelope in the top left...duh..send 'em in..
i think i've decided with the [me] section i'll add accordingly. although the"stats" section and the "random facts" section IS done, all polished up and updated, so go take a look. as for "favorites" and "addictions," i think i'm going to get on that later in the week. i'm also gonna gank cyn's idea and ask for FAQs from everybody, i'm NOT doing an interview (well, unless you want it..), just asking for questions to be sent in...stuff you're BURNING to know about britt that you haven't figured out yet. i dunno if cyn fully counts cause she got to meet me and see all my quirks firsthand. of course, if you DO have a question cyn, send it in...

anyhow, my "favorites" section depends on it. hell, i may even start a "FAQ" section like pete did. though i'm sure he has more burning questions than i do, since everyone that come to his site thinks he's sooo frickin' cute. i actually went to school with him, and he IS pretty cute.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

i really wish i could maintain a mood for a longer period of time than 24 hours. one day i'm fine, and all happy (over nothing in particular), and then the next minute, i can't withstand a conversation with someone cause i have the urge to yell at THEM for being happy or i want to go bawl. i mean no offense to anyone, i'm happy you're happy, i'm glad you're in a good mood, but at the time, i just don't want to hear it. maybe this is why my neck hurts. although i've never attributed any physical ailments to stress. anyhow, on to news flashes, i got a hair cut!!! ok, that's not that exciting...but noteworthy nonetheless. i'm also working on the side bar to the left...more randomness coming soon and a "favorites" and a "addiction" section. can you say "woo hoo!" ?? yea, i thought so.

and by the way, thanks for the phone call cyn, it cheered me up a bit, but don't be dissing my message... *shakes fist*

Monday, October 28, 2002

i need to stop getting half drunk and posting about how good my food is. sheesh...unless you guys like that stuff. yea, i doubted it. anyhow, here's my song recommedation for the week and i'm sure tim would agree (and if you "already knew that"..shut it and DL it anyhow) : "If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?" by Julianna Theory. listen to it three times and if you aren't in love, then dammit, i was wrong (make sure you listen to it three times...give it a fair test) oh, ok, send me a recommendation in return and i promise to DL it. i keep my word you know, i'm Catholic. (that may or may not have anything to do with keeping my word, but i used it anyways). oh yea, and adal would most definitely third it...although he was the one that told me that song ruled first. go read his blog too, he's funny as all get out. (ie-"hell")

yesterday i woke up with a cramp in my neck. ok no big deal, i slept wrong, sure i have to screw THAT one up. then at the board meeting, it got worse, and my shoulder was killing i had to go home and get some drugs in me before work. anyhow, as long as i'm pumped with asprin, i'm fine. i think it's just a pinched nerve. great...just what i need. last night macaire said i owed her or something, so i'm going with her to see The Ring on wednesday...cause it's TOO SCARY to see alone. hehe, yea, that was my justification with Red Dragon.
ok i was wrong, it's NOT cold pizza with garlic and diet's tomato soup + crackers...oh, and Guinness still rules....

Sunday, October 27, 2002

yeesh, i dunno how many Guinness i had last night, but i think it borders on 10. don't worry, 17 is my record..some st. patrick's day...i started early apparently..anyhow, i don't like drunken blogging, it's too hard to get the right keys, and i can't type anyhow. plus i'm more of a vocal drunk. let me know, and i'll send you my phone # and you can call me on said nights. now i have to muster enough caffeine in my so i can go to a board meeting (sounds important doesn't it? well, IT IS!).
this is FUNNY..almost as funny as the last one..

Saturday, October 26, 2002

thers my drunk post....cold pizza + garlic + diet soda = RULZ.....of course, i COULD change my tune come morning
(i typed that firsty line on PURPOSE...damn it's eay to misplace ltters wheh drunk)
oh, and i forgot RANCH!
(look, i remeber HTML the cooles drunk person ever! or at least the geekiest)
yeesh, i tried going out last night for the first time since i had to leave the Le Pub early monday night, and it just wasn't the same. that's not to say i didn't have fun, i just wasn't me. i keep ending up staring at the wall...and before i knew it, i'd drank 5 beers. whoops, time to go home. oh well....things like this go away in no time...i guess..

on a lighter note, here's some pictures of the stray cat Harry we've had hanging out outside lately.

Dee Dee and Harry, drinking coffee
(ok, he WASN'T)

awww...good Harry

Harry likes to roll

oh crap! he heard me talking about him

again, he likes to roll...

isn't he adoreable?

this guy created mad cute

Thursday, October 24, 2002

the best part of waking up..

is NOT Folger's in my cup....well, it is...but i'm trying to be sarcastic here. i was awoken today with a call from Waldenbooks saying that i had to come in early because they overpaid me last week (note to my starvingartistphiles, britt got a GOOD check last week). yea, i was a message, it's not like i could RESPOND to it.

and my uncle has returned home. in short, cause i hate talking about family crises, but this may explain my soon-to-be moods if you catch me online, my uncle that lives next door has cancer, or pneumonia, or i dunno, i really don't, i know he has cancer and it's spreading, and he may not be around much longer, so bear with me. if i'm absent from blogging at anytime, i guess you could assume that...that's all, i'm closing the subject. i'm not going to to wah wah poor me post all about it so total strangers that read my blog can feel uncomfortable...i'm gonna try my best to be normal..even though pepperoni's sent me home from work early last nignt for "being sad." sheesh....

anyhow, on to other things..i guess...God, i hope i bummed no one out there. hey hey, it's getting colder here! yay! it's about time...sheesh, now i gotta go to work and i got nothing..

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

current movie recommendation: (yea yea, i know it's old....but give me a break, i never saw it in the theatre) We Were Soldiers.

in other news...wait...THERE IS NO OTHER NEWS!! i'm actually debating whether i should change my layout, cause i'm actually really happy with this one, as well as there ya go. i'm the only one that really matters anyhow. oh, and a big shout out to cyn's mom!!! she sent me a halloween card! wow, THAT's a way to make britt's day (the highest being the St. Patrick's Day Card). anyhow, my play's over, send me an email to request a copy....yea, you know you want to. and i'm out of things to say...i'm going to go deliver a flower basket to my sister, she got some wisdom tooth stuff done today and she's immobile.

Monday, October 21, 2002

ok pictures voyeurs...or maybe i'm the only's some more choice pics from my parents 25th anniversary last september..these are courtesy of alex...told ya everyone and their mom were at this bash...

my mom in her geek mode...i guess..she doesn't LOOK like your typical geek though

the one...the only..Kuntz!
(you may remember her from such webpages as The Wisconsin Camping Trip and The Trip to Montana)

my dad's co-worker Mike and his wife Gay (no, really, that's her name) they were the NICEST people
oh and that's my dad to the right...

bill and barb..what's a party without them??

my brother-in-law/godfather pete and his brother tony...who i guess is my goduncle in a sense

i have no clue what i'm doing here

alex and i...i'm giving thumbs up (as i always do) to ...something

holly and bill doing their gangsta pose...sheesh...i hope..

holly and alex...ummm...not should ask them, they were probably half in the bag

michelle, aunt dee dee, holly (ON EVERYONE!!) , me and stacy

again...but stacy's hidden and you can now see Kuntz

Saturday, October 19, 2002

i bought my first DVD yesterday...

funny ass movie, go rent it

well...unless you count Episode I and II...but they haven't arrived yet.

Friday, October 18, 2002

last nights play was a success. there's nothing better than being on stage and hearing your high school drama teacher (of whom you only served as assistant director for EVERY play....yes, contrary to popular belief, i never got to act in high school) chuckle at your comedic feats. mr. smith had a good time, and stayed and schmoozed with us afterwards. and alex showed up! attaway alex! after we sucked down as much beer as we possibly could (oh dear, getting buzzed in front of my high school drama teacher), we ventured off to Kouri's to meet erin, macaire and jon (it was jon boy's b-day), but they were all at the PEORIA Kouri's...ohhh..but i couldn't just up and leave my theatre gang, so i said i'd have one (and sneakily buy alex's...heh..late b-day present)..but the waitress...well, is like Ursula on "Mad About You" and instead of the tab...brought me two more...*sigh* ok, FORCE me to drink another Guinness. so after that..i raced on up to the other P-town's Kouri's. but jon didn't stay too much longer, he was soused and erin took him home. then me and macaire went out with jon's boys...hehe...they were actually pretty was dollar beer night at My Apartment. woo. yea, i didn't pay for a thing...Jesse thought i was his pool buddy and took a liking to me...and then Dennis was the one that called me mad cute. i'm sorry, but i HAD to laugh when he said that...what IS mad cute anyhow?? i took it as a compliment anyways...he was funny...all peoria skater boys are..
hehe...i got called MAD cute tonight....

Thursday, October 17, 2002

tonight's the second coming of opening night i can't wait for it to be over. i mean today really. i'm positive the play will go well, but well..ok, i just want to party it up with the ACT crew afterwards. and then maybe go out to goodfellas or wherever the hell everyone is. today's jon's b-day...he's 12...oh wait..22. i told him you'd save a dance for him cyn...ha ha..he wishes. and also HAPPY B-DAY to Sissy!!!!! (diana's daughter) damn, i wish my b-day was coming up...oh wait, no, then i'd be 26..damn.

ok, so i gotta run..stuff to get together for the show...oh yea...congrats cyn on your score for your comp science exam...i'll try and drink a Corona for you...and my song recommendation for the day is "Stupid Kid" by Alkaline Trio..go download it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

im back..and better than ever. i think i was just in a funk..i mean seriously, it was no good. i guess need to hire someone to give me love once in a great funk and then i can return to normal. it so much for you guys TO SAY I LOVE YOU IN THE COMMENT SYSTEM ONCE IN A WHILE?! hehehe...kidding...i just wanted to use caps. i'm still waiting for those mountain cards...they're so pretty..send me one...

actually, i do currently accept snail mail, so email me and i'll send you my address..i need to somethign to read while i deliver in the car sit down at a refined place at work doing nothing else.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

i just went and paid some i'm officially on-the-street-drinking-water-from-ugly-gutters broke. no clue what that one means. GOOD ONE BRITT GO AND GET ALL BROKE N STUFF AND ENHANCE YOUR BUMMED OUT MODE EVEN MORE. yeesh, i hate when i yell at me. some one send me money or "i love you til the mountains crumble into the sea" card. hehe yea..

is anyone else's template gone?
i can't wait til i can dye my hair again. i also can't wait til i get out of this bummed out-nobody-likes-me mood. i realize thats not true of course, but that's just the essence of the mood you see. my play's coming up yet again (two more shows) and other unmentionable family things are going on, so maybe that's it. and i do whine and complain too much...maybe i should cut back..

Monday, October 14, 2002

britt's weblog is proud to present....

the pictures from Old Chicago

a long long time ago...well..ok, it was about a month or so in the unusually chilly month of september on the Peoria Riverfront at a place called
Old Chicago's...they have like 835 beers no kidding*...britt's family gathered to drink...and eat some too

*they don't actually have 835

my mom and aunt dee dee...i think my mom's trying to dance
(notice her left hand slowly moving into dance formation?)

my sister holly (making her best face...sheesh), my dad and i
(ew..what's WRONG with me?)

a better face by holly and a uhh...well...not so much by me, ah least the other two took good pictures

aunt dee dee and uncle george

pete and holly...holly looks like she's telling pete her dreams and aspirations

is there a reason amazon's gold box is filled with shit? i'm going back to bed..

Sunday, October 13, 2002

and now for my day...heh, you guys still care right? yesterday's day that is. i went to work at Walden's brain dead...that's right..brain dead..and got home, still dead in the head. ate some is always good for a hangover, and i think it's psychosomatic or something, but i feel like i have to fuel up MORE. then i get a call at 5:30...turns out i was suppoed to work at 5. WHAT?! umm..sorry, i can't be put on the schedule at the last minute...i SWEAR i never saw that, besides i NEVER work on saturdays. so i call, say sorry, i have to go to rehearsal, i don't CARE about anything my head, i scheduled rehearsal first. what are they gonna do? fire me? hah. they wish they could. alas, i can NEVER get fired from that job. so i went to rehearsal, still a bit brain dead and bummed (realizing you have no money does that), it went pretty well, despite how I felt (God, i love being a klutz). then i was a slave to going to appleby's and having the nectar of the gods. (no, dad, not Busch) and the HOTTEST damn wings...excuse me...WANGS...whew...i had to chug down 2 glasses of beer to kill it...yea yea, i'm a wuss...DONT insert your comment here..anyhow, then i met up with erin at Martini's in Peoria. i thought it was to be her and joey, but apparently he was still sick..i guess..i dunno. i was just suppoed to call her cell phone. whereupon i met her and jon, and her friend tripp...i forgot his real name..he invited me to do an irish car bomb with him. ok, i've never done one, but considering what's in it (check the link), it seems harmless. the chugging part was what worried me...but no problem at all. i could do those in my sleep. i had an email from tamara when i got home and since i was half soused (i drank more guinness after the bomb, by the way...duh), i figured a call was as good as a reply email. but hey, i haven't actually spoken to her in forever, so it was meant to be. the bitch is going to see Something Corporate on thursday...although joey said we could catch them in Milwaukee at the Rave, but i see no listings...damn, we need to get our ass on it. oh, and apparently, SC has a cd out whoever wants to buy it for me, feel free..

and that reminds me, thanks tim for the JT cd.
sayings insults to live by

Well, this day was a total waste of makeup.
Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?
A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth.
You! Off my planet!
I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood for 30 years.
Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.
How many times do I have to flush before you go away?
And which dwarf are you? (that's especially for jon, diana)
If you were any more stupid, you'd have to be watered twice a week.
We'll have a telethon for you later.
Two more legs and you could star in a western.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

besides drinking too much last night, let's just say i was spent, i also had a kickass time at the show. i was suprised that the kicks were such a good band. although the guitarist needed some ritalin..but most punk guitarists do.
the starting line was the band i mainly went to go see, who, of course ruled. but they only have one CD and one EP, plus a song on a compilation, which is their best known hit to date anyhow. reel big fish was pretty good too, they put on a damn good show, even if you don't know anything by them (i knew like only 3 songs), go check them out. they have three shiny horns.

in other news, tim called me!!! that bastard left a message on my machine and since it was a stupid customer imitation, i figured it had to be someone that read my rants blog. so i *69ed it...cause he never frickin said who it was...and called him back. we ended up talking for a few minutes..and NO, b, he doesn't sound like a little girl...but i WAS half drunk...oh great he'll pry write on his blog that i talk funny now.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

in other breaking news, sometimes when i'm helping a customer at waldenbooks, i lose track of which one they then i'll approach a completely different customer with teh "book they wanted." wonder they look at me funny...
my favorite rehearsal

i got to tell you, nothing gives me an adrenalin rush quite like being on stage, or those two minutes beforehand. but it seems everytime i do a show and we have that rehearsal sandwiched in between show weekends (mainly to check if we still know our lines...heh), i am SO full of energy. it always becomes an improvisational version of a real show. we end up screwing around (rest assured, we DO know our lines) and doing the five minute version of said show. of course, we didn't do that this last pick up rehearsal for The Temp. but i had the urge. boy oh boy did i. i think it's because
1) i'm very comfortable with the show (ie- my character and lines)
2) i'm comfortable with the company
3) i have a natural urge to improvise

but we need to to put teh focus smack down on rehearsals so we can have some stellar shows coming up. God, i love this game profession, i wouldn't trade it for anything.
happy birthday tim!!!!!!!!!

timmy likes the Captain

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

first off, a HUGE shout out to diana, she presented me...little old me...just a delivery driver..with a gift yesterday. what was it? the coolest thing ever + something to keep you warm = a STAR WARS blanket!! whoaaa...(there's bill again) i didn't even know they MADE that means it's pretty vintage. thnaks again diana! anyways, i have the crappiest shift ever today, 10-9..ugh. 10-4 at Waldens (which si truly the crappy part anyhow), then 4-9 at Pepperoni's. i wonder if i'll get a break at Walden's? more than likely...and in the crap thing that used to be a mall....there's nowhere to go. damn, too bad the good ole arcade isn't there anymore. anyhow, i have to make the flier for diana's party post work, too...then i (finally) get to go see Red Dragon!

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

i just saw Following, by Christopher know, mr. Memento guy. it was pretty good..suprising ending like Memento, though not as good. still worth a rent.

in other news, i got a job at a pizza/Italian restaurant a bartender and delivery driver!!!!!! woooo!!! aren't you excited for me??? oh, and waldenbooks called too!!! i'm so psyched to have a crappy pushy job there!!! oh wait, this is all year old news...sorry guys...but some of you never experienced my exclaimations cause you haven't been with me since july 2001...that is, unless you've read my archives..which is always fun. seriously, if i like a a lot (like as in dailies), i'll carouse through their archives (if they aren't too terribly long)...see what they were doing on sept 11, what they did on mar 17 (bastards better have acknowledged it at least), or if they saw Attack of the Clones (bastards better have).

dammit!!!!!!! that game IS addicting!

Sunday, October 06, 2002

wow, was One Hour Photo a GREAT movie. no really, go out and see it. alone if you must. i actually don't mind going alone. most the time it's a spur of the moment decision anyhow. why is it everyone thinks you MUST go to a movie with a companion? now me, i usually get lost in the film, so i forget the companion is there anyways. plus i usually with geek it out afterwards anyhow. *sigh* with my theatre and flim training, it's hard to just watch a movie like a normal person. oh well, i don't regret any aspect of that. i love the fact i can be amazed at an actor's range (Robin Williams is so damn good in this...i can't wait to see Insomnia), as well as the wonderful camera work they did. Mark Romanek deserves , well something, especially for his use of light. dammit, i knew i would start geeking this movie out....

anyway, Oktoberfest was fun times too...sheesh everything i did today (with the exception of work), was two thumbs up. oktoberfest had only one German beer, though....heh, they're such rookies....ONE??!!...luckily it was a good one. heh... bill had a good time...that's all i'll say about THAT. hahaha

Saturday, October 05, 2002

i really wanna go see One Hour Photo today. i just may do that. by myself if i must. i was gonna see Red Dragon last night with joey, but mr. bussone didn't call me back. that's so italian of him...heh (no clue what that means). oh well...more stupid questions from the world of was just a tiresome day at waldenbooks...i reall hate when people TELL ME how things go. such as (and if you work in teh bookstore community, you'll definitely get a chuckle out of this) : "oh well, hardback and paperback usually come out at the same time"

and they're SERIOUS...yea ok, buddy, i'm more of an authority here, i AM a bookseller and have a database. and to top it off, my first transaction was the worst void ever...and there was a line behind the customer...oh well, they had to wait, suck it up. other than that, my manual labor is over for the day, after my movie i'll pry to to Oktoberfest downtown with my family and bill and barb.

Friday, October 04, 2002

i was wrong, salsa goes GREAT with Cool Ranch Doritos.

wait, there's no meat in salsa is there????

Thursday, October 03, 2002

ah...the joys of late night IMing..

BigDaddy43556 (2:37:26 AM): have u ever seen your mom and dad naked?
kickitsquirrel (2:37:31 AM): just yours
kickitsquirrel (2:37:56 AM): why??
kickitsquirrel (2:38:00 AM): is this important?
BigDaddy43556 (2:38:07 AM): nm. bye
kickitsquirrel (2:38:08 AM): i have other moms and dads to see nude
BigDaddy43556 (2:38:15 AM): like who's?
kickitsquirrel (2:38:24 AM): go to my website
BigDaddy43556 (2:38:33 AM): just tell me baby
kickitsquirrel (2:38:36 AM):
kickitsquirrel (2:38:42 AM): dont call me baby
kickitsquirrel (2:38:53 AM): not until we've established a real relationship
BigDaddy43556 (2:39:13 AM): ok, dont get moody
kickitsquirrel (2:39:17 AM): bah

i guess kickitsquirrel is DAMN sexy name to IM...i got me

im not sure if Ranch flavored Doritos go with salsa...

in other review (from the weblog review...remember that?) is up, and so it my amazon wish list...look to your left's all new and updated..

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

bet you didn't know tim was an opera singer....

ask him to do Carmen
a few weeks ago, the people at Waldenbooks (and by that i mean employees) got a memo from the home office (as we do everyday telling us all the bullshit joys of SELL SELL SELL) that showed a survey conducted of customers and what they hate about booksellers...or what irks them if you will. anyhow, the list was pretty funny...stupid damn customers...but not to be outdone, nikki and kim made one of their i promise i'd post it is:

top 10 annoying things customers do

1) ignore us when we say hello
2) not know the title, author, but do know color of books
3) kids who come to play here
4) no manners
5) blow you off about the Preferred Reader card
6) smelly people (thank you britt)
7) people who leave kleenex, sunflower seeds, etc on counter
8) want an antique book by yesterday for a report that's due tomorrow
9) people who don't have their glasses to sign a piece of paper but DROVE
10) "are you closing too???!!"

oh, and i got my evaluation type thing yesterday (the papers i had to sign) and my PR (preferred reader) percent was....*drum roll*...91 %...yea, ok, the quota is 5 % monthly...that means 1 out of every 20 customers i have i should sell or renew a PR card to. usually, i make it to 4 % no prob. but this month? well, i guess i just don't care. wah..what an ego beater..i need some love..(heh, just kidding..unless you WANT to send me something..)

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

things to do today:

wake up
read my daily dosage of Star Wars rumors
drink insane amounts of coffee
convince US Dept of Education that since i majored in the acting field,
        i really DON'T need to to pay those pesky loans
watch movies
make mad money delivering and bartending