Sunday, June 30, 2002

a few quick normal, IL pictures

zac finds Die Hard fascinating

zac. yep, he's a punk. BEST IN NORMAL

he actually takes up like the whole couch

mike on the couch. isn't he a freak?

maybe i was exercising

i dunno if i was posing or trying to get up. i hope the former.

he's like the Marlboro Man

mike does a sexy pose in a Normal alley. thank God he wasn't mugged...cause there's SO many muggers that lurk in the Normal alleyways

where the hell did he find this?

the free beer i got at Jake's Pizza...the bottle is cool...that's why i took the picture..yea

Saturday, June 29, 2002

the galleries are coming soon. i promise. i'm having some trouble piecing all the elements together. so if anyone can help me...anyone...greatly appreciated...i guess i'm not as smart as i thought i was. ah well. i'm young enough to learn everything still.
in other news, went to normal last night and saw Mr. Deeds, and no, it wasn't that great. heart-breaking really...the same guy that wrote The Wedding Singer (Tim Herlihy) wrote this...uhh...shit. don't get me wrong, the movie had it's moments (this guy and this guy)but overall, i pry wouldn't see it again. after the flick, mike and annie (improv annie) and i went to Jake's Pizza where i got a free beer...don't ask..i'll showcase pictures upon demand...and grabbed pizza and brought it back to mike's. after hanging out a bit, i came right home and felt strangely out of place...britt...home...sober.. *cue "Twilight Zone" music*

Friday, June 28, 2002

so it turns out Homestead is going to start charging me $60 per year now starting July 30. dammit. i was so comfortable there. maybe i should do what jason told me to do, and just combine pages. or hell, maybe even move out of blogspot and into my big secure webspace i have. who knows, i'm so indecisive and stubborn...
in other news...wait, IS there other news??? not really..but i'm going to Normal tonight..for real this time. but you know how it get a day off, and you wanna spend it being lazy. damn, speaking of NOT being lazy, i have some plays to read...sorry bill..pretend you didn't read that...ah ha ha...oh yea..."karma police"is a really good song too, go DL and listen to it..CYN!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

i changed my color and font on AIM...wooo...geez i'm such a geek. so AIM ME so you can see the splendiferous change...
i got a little present yesterday from the fuzz...

took him like 7 days to write the damn thing out

don't prevail, all you have to have is a Godfather in the East Peoria Police Department ( and as a sergeant doesn't hurt, either), and they "forget about it" (or is it "fuggetaboutit"???) whew. but c'mon, 43 in a 35?? puh-lease. and the fact i'd had a couple didn't help either..but he never asked.

Monday, June 24, 2002

it's here!!!! it's here!!!!!
the Illinois River Pictures

i know the water looks green, but it's really blue...or brown

there's the long trek out to the boat...well ok, it wasn't THAT long..but i did have a case of beer and ice to carry.

get in the boat dammit britt!!! so we can drink!!!

my sister and her husband's boat..oh and angie and bob..angie's a riot.

dude, i think this  thing was trying to speed away from us

the Spirit of Peoria..more than half of us in the boat used to work for that big ol cruiser.


angie =freak. angie + a few beers = even bigger freak.

club med's got nothin' on this

the beach we went to..really we just went up river and set up camp, as most people do..there's no real beach.

dammit, how'd the boat get in the way?

one picture of the cityscape of Peoria.

i need a panaoramic lens..really

ANOTHER picture of the cityscape of Peoria.

doesn't it make you wanna drop eveything and visit me?

and yet ANOTHER picture of..yes, you guessed it, the cityscape of Peoria...somebody STOP me!

Sunday, June 23, 2002

i'm going on the Illinois River today. i promise to take pictures.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

reason #1 you don't want to mess with me in the morning

oh dear, it turns out, in anger (of being up too late and being really really sleepy) of having to get up at the butt crack of dawn, i took it out on my dear old alarm. there usually is two black knobs on the back of this said alarm (neitehr one is the key to "snooze") and i guess i ripped them off....
*looks down sheepishly*
hence, the two white things sticking out where the now destoyed (??) knobs once were...

dammit, now i can't set it!

best quote ever:

The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?"

Friday, June 21, 2002

what would Jesus blog???
hell if i know...but i bet you one thing...he'd keep a nice and neat updated blog..that's for damn gosh darn for Heaven's Sake sure...anyhow, it's FRIDAY!!!! YAY! wait, no, it's the summer solistice, the longest (and maybe the hottest) day of the year, the first day of summer. that's right folks, there's your history lesson of the day...followed by the cool link of the day. that's why britt is here. speaking of SW geekage, i bought this today. yea, i know, $20, but it is worth it..and dammit they got an Episode I and Episode II one out too..dammit dammit...britt doesn't wanna add that up. and i really really want the new Chili Peppers CD. July 9. damn. oh, and cyn, bill tells me Spliff has been playing the field....i'll get pics today, don't worry.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

i'm really starting to get sick of all this sequence. yes, that's right, i've fallen into a sequence. get up, some more (well ok, at Pepperoni's i sit on my butt til i get a delivery and when i bartend i stand behind the bar at stare at the customers), drink..drink some more..the come home and bug those online. (maybe i annoy some of them but who knows and who cares) oh wait, stop right there...i'm not complaining cause #1- as i write this, i realize my same ol same ol lifestyle is NOT that bad and most importantly #2- whenever you resemble something close to complaining, you get a barrage of responses paralleling "oh WAH" "boo hoo" "quit your bitchin'!" ok, so yea, i really really don't want my comments loaded up with that. (what self-respecting person would actually have the nerve to do that anyhow?) damn, it's 2:00 already...go get dressed, bum. ok sure...

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

i want Burger King

(so then go get it dumbass)

dammit voice in my head, when will you learn to shut up?

(when you start acting like a smart person)

i am not having this conversation with you again...and i'm getting Bk dammit

Monday, June 17, 2002

the philadelphia chicago story, part one
day 1:as much as chicago is my kind of town, i need to relax and unwind as soon as i get back to my home turf. we had tons of fun, but i gotta tell you, my family sure can drink. i know you people already knew that..but damn, there were times i was ready to call it a night, and i'd hear “now where do you wanna grab a drink?” please also take into consideration, chicago, much like new york, is a city that doesn't (hardly) sleep; they eat late, and drink even later. but after a few coronas and guinnesses (they brought them...what was i supposed to do? be rude?) in the car up there, a few at Smith and Wollensky's (i had a tootsie roll to die for..see pictures...coming soon). britt was ready for bed...but nooooo...holly and pete tempted me with rock bottom brewery..damn, l absolutely LOVE that place. cept the rooftop/beer garden was closed. oh well
day 2: off to wrigley, which may be one of the coolest spots i've ever been. it's by O'Hare, so i had holly pointing and going “who-ooooa!” after every plane went by. since holly and i were sitting aways from pete, i let him sit in mine later, and i sat in the “empty” ones in front...until the inhabitants came back from their really long trip to the bathroom..bastards. then there was an empty spot across the asile. “Go ahead” the kid says. turns out he and all his buddies are Sox fans. argh. figures. then two of THEIR friends do show up. what's that mean? i gotta move. but it was all good, the dude and his girlfriend were super nice, the dude bought me a beer (so now i was holding 2 and seatless..yea, hi) and THEN they're able to scoot (they musta really liked me) so i get my seat..A-gain. then..(this is a fun story, thanks for sticking with me so long) 5th inning, two ladies show up; we're in their seats (yea, nice of you to show up)..turns out they were Sox friends weren't really in their right seats. so i wander, bought my dad a father's day present, drank more beer, and then got my origial seat back. during the end of the game, it got cold, like someone blasted the air conditioner. but that's what a breeze off Lake Michigan feels like. after the game ( oh by the way....CUBS WON!!! it was great) we went shopping briefly (damn that Old Navy, roped me in) and then to Govnors Pub. we went out to dinner at some italian place, forgot where..i now have a newfound love and taste for Chianti. THEN the party animals drug me of to Harry Caray's. cool spot, the bar is as long as the distance from home plate to the pitcher's mound. awesome. but i'd hate to work that bar.

there all done, alls that's left is the pictures....coming soon whenever i get my lazy ass on sure you checked the mouseovers...since i'm addicted to applying them to links.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

i'm back. and about to watch my wonderful gift from amazon that arrived yesterday.

Friday, June 14, 2002

so i'm off to the big shall be had and the billy goat tavern shall be done. and i really need to stop coming home drunk and talking to bugging cyn. oh, and alex..please please replace dumbass monkey boy kevin the bartender (he actually doesn't even deserve the title of bartender or the courtesy of a name) needs to leave. i guess well, Macaire was beeing mouthy (not really from where i was standing..she just wanted a beer, and he's pretty Nazi-esque with the last call anyhow), and he basically was trying to kick her out??? so anyhow, dumb idea, macaire knows danny mullen (the owner) and he tells kevin to go home. kevin gets an attitude...blah blah...what a dumbass, you don't challenge your boss...anyhow, i'm off..

Thursday, June 13, 2002

does anyone want to buy me this???

it's only $400 on ebay...but i'd love you forever..NO REALLY...i WOULD.
man do i wanna get out. sure, i'm going to Chicago this weekend. but for God's Sake, that seems to be my getaway all the time (or Normal). but i AM going to Skokie soon. oh wait; that's a suburb. anyhow...i wish tamara would hurry out to colorado so i can hang out out there. not really of course, cause #1- i know i'll miss her dearly as soon as she goes (as i do now) and #2- there's a shitload of fires out there dude.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

so i saw (barely) 3 movies over the course of 5 days. thank God for that 5 day rental thing from Hollywood Video. Legally Blonde was pretty good, Reese Witherspoon cracks me up. and the idea of a so-she-seems-ditzy blonde getting into Harvard? genius. but Iron so sorry cyn...i know you liked it...and maybe i was too distracted..but i didn't really dig that one all that much...maybe under another influence circumstance i'll watch it again. and finally, the one i've been wanting to see: Ali. though i gotta say, it wasn't all i'd hoped. and i don't think i expect TOO much...i mean, i liked The Phantom Menace (any anti-Menace comments not welcome here...fuck off..i LIKED it.) anyhow...on that note...damn, i think i'm getting sick.
Happy Birthday Anne

Sunday, June 09, 2002

as promised...a bit behind, sorry, i've been partying i guess..
9 Fabulous Shots of June 5, 2002

i saw this sign outside of a subdivision while on a delivery. isn't that just precious?? it's like the subdivision is wsihing me a happy b-day

my boss shy/paranoid i guess..and that's the bar i work at

CAKE! CAKE!!! and the one big candle..

my sister... normal

and after a few sister..PSYCHO!

then lindsay and her friend rob arrived...lindsay brought me friut roll ups..

erin and kurt. kurt looks like he's laughing hysterically at something, but he's really not...that's how he smiles...i think

hey mom and holly...WAVE!

and that's one of my other ex-cronies from Monical's (along with lindsay) , sarah...partying like a rockstar pizza shift supervisor of course.

Friday, June 07, 2002

the sad side of being irish (and having a cam....)
i'm alive, i assure you

Thursday, June 06, 2002

great now that i have a webcam, everyone can see me pick my nose (shut up Cyn)..

pick britt pick

but for now, the cam's home is at here ...if it's on, i'm not completely sure how to do all this yet. have patience with me. oh, and the 9 Fabulous Shots of June 5, 2002 are post, i promise..
note: camarades is really shows me doin' stuff 6 hours after i do it...*sigh* stop complaining britt...oh ok, i will..

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

happy birthday to me
although i'm not necesarily patting myself too hard on the back for turning as old as Star Wars..or a quarter of a century...i'm not sure which one i'll use today. anyhow, i awoke with a hangover...that wasn't fun. thank God mom didn't wake me up at 7:20 like she said she would....i think that's the only time in my life i've truly gotten up early..the day i was born. what was i thinking?? i'm not a morning person..anyhow, fun times ensue today, got my present..the digital CAM!!! and i'm going to work. woo hoo! don't worry, after work i'm all prepared to party (hangover-willing) down with my family and hit Peoria..i'm not driving don't worry.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

i spent the last two days watching a slew of movies (mouseover for rating): Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Rose Red, Slackers, and Sidewalks of New York. although i gotta say, i'm happy Edward Burns took a more normal life approach in this one. he's a great great writer, i just don't think erverything has to be "irish-catholic" this and "irish-catholic" that. seriously. we know, Eddie, every single one of your charcters/families IS indeed irish-catholic, and that's ok, for in The Brothers McMullen and She's the One, i kept waiting for lines to sprout of the characters such as "hey, who da FUCK ate all the Lucky Charms???" or "ok, who stole my flute??" or ooo oo "ok, who's shillelagh did i trip over THIS time?" ok, all in kidding...but still..dear God, my family always knows to look out for shillelaghs in way..

Saturday, June 01, 2002

well yes, i had fun last night, thank you for asking. actually, it was weird, it was the night of being easily bored. after work i of course, HAD to go to Kouri's to get the monkey back from macaire, which she grudgingly returned...but man oh man, lindsay and kyle seemed pooped. kyle especially, but he NEVER seems too enthused. they wanted to go after one beer. i was actually praying for sarah to show up. yea, so she could NOT listen to my conversation. anyhow, she did, and i went back in with her, and what do you know, i was really gonna buy a domestic beer (i'm a starving artist see..) to save cash, but macaire had already poured me a guinness and bought so..well..ok. after that (Kouri's was closing in 5 min) sarah wanted to go out more..and uh, just me and sarah, when she doesn't really pay attention to your conversations = not good. so i consult macaire, so this way, i'd have someone to talk to...shyea..anyhow, they were all going to Fenney's (Stephanie Feeney...yea, like any of you know her..), so we did that..and ha ha! look who's there! Lynn from Norway!! Lynn from Norway is the exchnage student that's staying with the Shallmosers. and her friend...uhh..i forget..but he's from Sweden..and she's not (do not...i repeat...DO NOT mix those countries up, it's like saying i'm from Wisconsin). anyhow, that party got boring quick (hehe..sorry) so i left at 2:30..sober! augh! i screwed my system up! but i'm NOT drinking coffee today; i just don't feel like it...Pepsi sounds really really good..i must still be dehydrated..oh yea, and i talked to tamara last night...she's still kickin'..she said she'd call sunday...let's hope for the sake i haven't talked to her in 17 years she actually will. ok, my rambling is done...dear GOD, i must have been in a blogging mood today..