Friday, May 31, 2002

bah, i drank too much last night..but i didn't drive, so it was all good. of course working at 10 am this morning didn't exacly appease me..anyhow, it was fun...Macaire had a zillion and half things to talk to me about, plus she needed me for i gotta do what i gotta do. although i really didn't get to talk to alex and brian much...sorry guys. too many people and not enough time i guess..anyhow, my car is returning today..all fixed up. bastards. this is gonna put me out $300 some..again, i chime...bastards..
in other news, jimmy eat world has a new video on MTV2...go check it the guys a's a kickass song too..

go watch 'Sweetness' !!!!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2002

here we go, random picture time continues...

i was seriously ticked off in this picture. i dunno why someone snapped it....arrrrr..britt MAAAD isn't it cute??

just for cyn's mom, here's the beautiful riverfront of Peoria, that's right, and i used to work on that big boat..

my sister, aunt, me and my niece at the annual Pekin Marigold Festival parade...which is too damn early

hey look what I got for Christmas! wait...what is that??

if anybody (that INCLUDES one in particular actually) wants to hang out at Goodfella's Pizza and Pub in Pekin tomorrow on 8th Street at 10:00 PM, show up, yo..have a beer on me too, if you claim to have read this message.
wooooo, i may go get to see Episode II tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

the past few days i've been a good girl and sat down and watched some movies...some good some yanked the tape out after 40 minutes...i had the pleasure of viewing The End of the Affair, Vanilla Sky, Hannibal, BUT NOT Tape...i mean i like movies that were SOOO obviously plays first, but only if they're done well for God's Oleanna..but now 13 Ghosts i think was MEANT to scare the crap outta me, but it didn't work..(though one scene IS pretty cool..). The Others did sorta freak me out a bit..and it has a suprise ending, which is always good, if it's done well. and OOO OOO if you go rent something to freak you out, go rent Session 9...NOW. damn, so many scary movies...i'm scared out...somebody hold me..

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

so i get this demand for random pics..and i don't yet have a digital cam, so bear with me. here's some horrid "deer-in-headlights" pictures i dug up that you can poke fun at.

my aunt, me and my mom hanging out at a hotel in downtown Chicago.the Omni i believe, where Oprah's guests stay...yes, we were guzzling it down.

uhhhh..i think i was trying to eat..or something..something really important it seems...

Monday, May 27, 2002

my computer thought it was Tuesday today. stupid computer.


Sunday, May 26, 2002

and a side note...

best bar conversation ever
setting: Goodfellas Pizza and Pub
time: Sunday May 26, 2002, 1 AM CDT

random guy hitting on me: you're pretty know that?
me: no, actually, i didn't know that...please allow me to make note of that...
yes, i'm alive. and kicking if you will. i'm about to watch The Others. i think if i don't get a digital camera (only 10 more shopping days til britt's b-day folks..), i'll buy one i got my eye on anyhow. but hell, i can't ASK for a digital camera for my b-day; it's not very classy. but damn dude, that's what i want. i guess i'll just use the good ol safe reply of "money." would it make you guys (my bloggerites or britphiles, whatever you're called) happy if i had a digital camera and could post stupid random pics of me on the blog?? yea?? yea?? get your votes in!

Saturday, May 25, 2002

for god's sake give it a rest.

i really have no clue what that's about. before i came to blog here, i saw it on the main blog page as the title of a recently updated blog. but maybe it's a sign to tell me to FOR GOD'S SAKE, GIVE IT A REST!!! ok, so i am a party animal. i for real, have been out every night this week. astonishing. i am a rock star movie star. and i see no signs of slowing down. no seriously drunk-oh-geez-i-shouldn't-have-driven nights amuck, and best of all, NO HANGOVERS! wooo. i hope i have everyone's approval on this, so comment away...should britt continue her rock star movie star ways? of course, a true movie star would be snortin coke and the like, and we just don't do that movie star style in Pekin, Illinois. anyhow, i'm just happy i've found a social life...and tonight i got TWO parties to go to. kim (from Waldenbooks)'s graduation party at Goodfellas, and then yet another party party (you know, house party...yes, with "stuff" marieke..hehe ) after that, somewhere on Redwood, damn, i'm trying to remember where the hell that is...then i'm going to actually try the early AM Mass...or maybe the 11:00..we'll see.

Friday, May 24, 2002

ok fine. i'll blog. cause i know how many comments are just going to be barraged at me after this post. did you know OK Computer is like one of THE best CDs...EVER??? well, it is. go get it. or find a friend and burn it. that's what i did. so anyway, since i can't seem to stop partying like a rockstar, i need to find a way to read and watch movies. maybe i should clone myself...oooo, speaking of which, i want to go see Episode 2 again. i may soon. some people from work may go. let's see how many times i can actually see it..
i wanted to blog about something spectacular but i am late for one of my many jobs...ok, i have two..blah. oh yea, and to those inquiring minds, i DID go out drinking last night..and uh...that's fill in the rest. more to come when i'm off work..

Thursday, May 23, 2002

a bit of news from the Pepperoni's front...marie is YES offically fired. this past sunday, she called in...yes YET A-GAIN.. d-uh, the dumbass hates dishes...or so anyhow, joe called her back and said "either come in or it's your job" well done, but shoulda been done about a month ago. oh well. last night Kaci had a party. it was funny, i felt like i was underage again..heh, especially with the "stuff" that was being passed around. don't look at me like that, you know what i did. and don't YOU cyn be giving me that stare. bah. anyhow, i've been out every night this week, and i promise promise i won't get drunk tonight..NOOO. (but i am going out...HA)

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

blogger is being a bitch and not allowing me to edit a post...nor delete it. BASTARD! stay tuned.....
wanna see something freaky? yea, i learned at the pub last sad is that? but it freaked me out. all you need is a $20 bill..and if I have one of those, then you should too. fold it in the necessary means shown by these pictures, and viola! you have a creepy prophecy of the twin towers and pentagon burning.


for more info, go here

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

look what i got in the mail today!!!

i want a gun like that now

authentic??? well, i'd like to think so. i did sneak a peek at what her autograph looked like when the lucky "i-can't-believe-i-waited-in-line-for-5-hours!" people walked by me outside her door. i noticed a few dinstinct things about her letters, and well, this looks pretty legit to me. besides that, there are some Carrie Fisher autographed pics on ebay now from C2...and they HAVE the C2 logo on them, so why wouldn't it be her John Hancock? of course, they are on bid for montrous amounts of money...but i'll keep watch on them, maybe i can snag one of those too. i really wasn't after the autograph, just the chance to shake her hand and say how i loved The Burbs....yes, that's right...that movie RULED!!! and yea, did you know she's in it??

Monday, May 20, 2002

yea baby! as expected...uhh... D-UH... #1 at the box office!!

man oh man, i took some allergy medicine this morning, cause my allergies were seriously hard core making some major offensive attacks on me, and it's starting to kick in. not good baby, not good at's not even 2 pm and i'm ready for bed! good thing i got this coffee. wooo! i'm off to Hollywood Video to rent some kickass 99 cent rentals!

Saturday, May 18, 2002

you know, despite popular belief, or rather yesterday's entry, yesterday was a really good day. Walden's DID go smooth. i was on man, ON! and in bookstore terms that means i rule the world. oh, you know...i find books for people quicker than the average bear, and hell i was even able to recommend stuff. (quoth bill, "Wooooa!") AND i got 2 Preferred Reader cards...and i didn't even TRY. Pepperoni's went well too. made $60 some. Jen M. was bartending, but we weren't too drastically busy. it was weird without the usual friday night lineup of diana, erin, and kelly..going home early cause no one likes her. instead diana went home early cause she was in first. and there was no kurt in the kitchen. he called in....hmmm...ah well. of course, after this long ass day had taken a toll on me, i WAS pretty bummed...and in that bummer-mood funk, i wrote in my blog...(quoth cyn, "bah")

Friday, May 17, 2002

work has encompassed my weekend so much it's ruined two festivities i had planned. i was supposed to go to liz's bachelorette party in bloomington tonight and stacy and kelly's going away party tomorrow evening. unfortunatley, i had to work over today at Walden's cause sandi got ill and because of that i have to go in early tomorrow. not that i mind double shifts, cause i don't. but we also have relatives from kansas visiting too. yea yea...waaaah...poor britt. bite me. damn, i miss my friends. damn, i'm beat. oh yea, Episode 2 RULED. i can't wait to go again.

PS- thanks for the articles cyn..and great envelope!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

good thing #1 about turning *groan* 25...

cheaper car insurance...

oh and by the way people, i want MORE comments on my picture posting entry..i know, i know, i'm such a comment HO, but damn..there are so many pics of the britt displayed there you can so easily make fun jive away. oh, and ps- cyn, you'd be pale too if you had that much irish in you.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

ok, picture's my newest ebay bid

now for the Celebration Pictures!!!...get excited roland!! ready ? set? GO!

dowtown Indy..isn't it beautiful??

mike, happy as all hell to be a participant in C2

Jango Fett (a bit close to me wouldn't you say?) , me and Darth "the man" Vader (acc. to bill)

alex and brian at the Brewing Company/eatery we had lunch at

and that would be me at that same place (that patio ROCKED)

that's about as close as i could get to Carrie Fisher's room.
yea, that's right, that's her behind that door....somewhere. wooo!

my geeky ID i had to wear during C2.
go geek go.

i thought this was hilarious. my kids are welcome to free beer, that's for damn sure.

Peter Mahew, aka Chewbacca...leaving..yea, i bet he was happy to get out of there

me and mike throwing unecessary stuff into the car..and i giving a thumbs up to the process...i guess

alex and and i at a bar called the times...look how crazy we are getting..oh, and why the hell am i soo PALE???

Indianapolis at night...(pssst, it's the capitol)

Monday, May 13, 2002

holy shit holy shit...i just saw Spiderman and it was freaking AWESOME!!! yea!!! and Episode II better damn well knock that out of the water...which i'm sure it will. britt only sees a few movies a year (anymore)..and as sad as that it, and as sad as you are right now...sobbing profusely into your's ok; i rent a lot. anyhow, rush out and see it now!!! now i say!!!
oh yea, Celebration Pictures and Britt's Crazy Weekend coming very soon (tomorrow maybe). for God's sake, this is my first night off in weeks, i'm off to spend it with my family from florida over cocktails...for now, just comment on this lovely post.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

argh..i just lost a post...stupid freezy i'll be able to be THAT creative again. anyhow, i promised cyn in a sleepy haze last night i'd blog about my shitty saturday, and with a double shift sunday coming up, it may be a double header, we'll see how today goes...i'll post later.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

so here's where the britt will be on saturday...that's right...we're talking AM baby!!!!! 8 AM!! it's all for a good cause though, and i do it every year. it's the Race for the Cure. anyhow, i gotta get up in 5 short hours or so..why oh why did i go to Kouri's?? ah well. bill was the only one to show tonight to showcase pictures. but he's already seen 'em. ah well, sarah got to. oo oo, and it's offical! i can see teh midnight advance screening...check out what i scored today...5 of 'em..

*sigh* i am SUCH a geek....

Friday, May 10, 2002

so my aunt (AND uncle...he was suprise cargo) made it here safely yesterday. the airport SUCKS!!!!!! man oh man does Peoria have TIGHT ASS security now. (but that's good). i had to park way out and get there mondo early. but like i said, that's ok. i really hadn't been there since 9/11, so of course with Peoria being up there right after Chicago, i guess it's gotta be cautious. anyhow, i work every night this week, so that kinda sucks. it really sucks i gotta work mother's day all day. oh well...what can ya do? i guess i'll just have to make money.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

To: Britt
From: the general blogging fans of britt
Re: the SW Celebration pictures

relax, relax, they're coming...i gotta do a swap with alex. cause you know, i have a lot of him + someone else and he'd pry like to put that on HIS blog, and vice versa. you dig, Holmes? good.
(what is up with the "Holmes" in that expression? that's like one of my family names...)

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

damn, i just realized how many things i gotta do today, and i think my mom is angry at me. why? i dunno, she has mood swings sometimes because of the medicine she takes, so i just have to lay low i guess. let's see how well i've done so far.

drink a lot of coffee
get change cashed
return "checked out" book to Walden's (it was Prozac Nation...depressing and boring as hell)
get mother's day gifts
get 2 money orders for my ebay-adled-addicted ass cause i can't stop buying!!!

*sigh* i'm not doing so well thus far. oh yea, i AM updating the Homestead site a bit, so don't get your knickers in a twist.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

ok, today is the day in which i execute my promise to update my site. i didn't say it would be DONE, just majorly updated. which reminds me, please change your links. my actual address is NOT, i repeat is NOT, but rather those of you thinking you have a sneak peek at what's going on the home page...well, you don't. it'll be a dead, lifeless inactive page until i well will the others, half-assedly done, at that. just cement your link to the second URL...and try to figure out the german..
i have a double today, so forgive me if my updating needs aren't wholesome...i really dunno what i meant by that..

oh, and cyn..get your ass on AIM, i have gossip..

Monday, May 06, 2002

i'm back. and safe. celebrate in the streets if you will. it was a good time, and though i didn't get what my #1 conquest was, it was still funcity, USA. (speaking of which, Indianapolis is beautiful) that's right carrie fisher's line was longer than your mom. and what i mean by that is, it was rumored to be 8 hours long. and by the time i went to buy an autograph ticket, it was closed. but from what i hear, she stayed til the end so she could sign for everyone, and tried to talk to every single person. wow..that's awesome. dammit makes me want to meet her even more. it isn't the autograph i seek so much, it's the chance to meet a respected and admired actor face-to-face and shake their hand and tell them how much you enjoy what they do. now, that's priceless. dammit...90% of those in line were just geeky SW guys who have had a crush on her since 1977 and have pry never read (or know of) Postcards From the Edge. oh well. other than that, it was was definitely interesting..and cyn was right, i WAS the hottest girl there! ha ha...uhh..maybe. after the celebration, we went bar hopping, off to the Claddagh Irish Pub then the Hyatt hotel (where it was rumored the celebs were staying...i was GONNA meet someone dammit!). nada. though the hyatt was cool and we got free Sam Adams glasses. pics coming soon. get excited.

Saturday, May 04, 2002

call me dumb, but it is 1:37 AM Central Standard Time and i am still up and never shall sleep..i got to awake in 3 1/2 short hours...why the hell not pull an old-fashioned-haven't-done-it-since-college all nighter??? that's right, the britt can. in fact, twas a good night. holly and pete came in at 8 pm, joe let me off at 9, chalsie and matt (who i can actually stand and think is pretty damn rad now) came in soon after and we all had beers. then i ventured off to Kouri's and *GASP* outlasted sarah!!!!!!!! lindsay and ashley (her sis) came out and had a few with me. woo hoo. now i'm watching the rest of Return of the Jedi and then who knows? maybe the other two movies i got in the mail today.
and with that, folks, britt hath just conducted a drunken blog!!! wooooo!

Friday, May 03, 2002

so this it, my last post for a few days. please don't cry; it makes it harder to go. i'll be gone all day tomorrow (and when i say all day i mean just THAT, i have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn) and i assume i'll be so psyched from all the fun on saturday, it'll spill over to sunday. ha ha...that's right...i ain't posting there! oh, ok, maybe i will...and don't you worry, i shall also return complete with pictures. speaking of which, i leave you with one..and old school one (britt's very favorite), my sister and me from the Florida keys on spring break 1989!!! wooooo

Thursday, May 02, 2002

oh my God, could my computer piss me off ANY more??? now that (i think) it's done with this utterly gay and retarded "freezing up", this afternoon it kept running really slow (ie-messengers weren't hooking up, webpages not loading), stupid cocksucker. sorry so harsh and bitter, but it's been a bad 24 hours.
plus, i had the bar customer from hell tonight. actually don was the only bad one (and he means well..and actually has a REALLY low tolerance...4 beers did it), the two women he was with were quite pleasant...but geez, buddy, ask for the tab already and GO HOME. i'm glad they were driving, he was pretty, i need to go to bed or have a beer or somethin'.....

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

wow, i just saw Mulholland Drive and is that ONE FUCKED UP MOVIE. i do like Memento better though. i got the SW Trilogy teh other day in the mail along with the Anne Frank miniseries. woo hoo. and the plans are laid for saturday. i can relax..and drink. any suggestions?