Tuesday, April 30, 2002

all the news that's fit to blog. that's me, giving you the full scoop on what goes on in my fabulous life as it unfolds...he he yea. wow, though, after that 11 commented post, how do come away from that?? i even got dizzy reading it. it was like a trip to Normal. speaking of which, i talked to stacy last night. tamara's party went about how i figured. though stacy said something cool that made me feel a lot better. even though we feel like secondary friends whilst around becca and annie and the rest of the new improv/theatre group, we aren't. well, we've known T since freshman year..if there's anyone that's a primary friend, it's us. you run around with different circles throughout life...i know this. it's just a hard thing to deal with. of course, maybe my feelings were easily flowed and everything sounded equally good on the phone last night cause i'd just gotten back from a few pitchers of beer (only a few this time, not like the last tuesday fiasco that entailed a few meaning 10 or 11..ughh) at the LePub...maybe not. anyhoo, it was a good night. bartending i made a total of of.....*GASP* are you ready??? TWO DOLLAH YEA!!! tonight is the Celebration II meeting...don't LAUGH!!! all this not-so-hot-Star-Wars-geek guys will be buying me cups and cups of beer at the event come saturday.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

here it is, the International Sunday Update Post. why that? well, it IS sunday today..check your self..., it IS a post, and it IS a damn fine update. oh, yea, and why can't i be international? marieke reads this..

yea, so friday night, we had the jackass dishwasher decide he'd be a no call/no show. lovely. so, not getting any direction from joe (like i needed any, i was the only hope), go straight back to the dishes. and i kept up good...i mean , i am fast. then...i get SA-LAMMED on deliveries...yea, no kiddin', i had 16. who was doing dishes whilst my absence?? well, that's easy ...ME!! yea...no really, it was me, and sometimes the cooks would come over and wash what they needed. it was rough, after my deliveries, i had 3 solid hours to wash all the dried-food-caked-on-piled-up dishes. i got out of there around 11:30. and damn, i didn't even get to have a drink or visit with my family who was in there for around 2 hours...or diana, who stayed for a FEW beers actually...
so what did i get out of all this? i got a $20 from joe (which i protested adamantly, and just proves, despite his jovial-sometimes-chauvinist-attitude, he really IS a good guy) and a beer.
then i ventured off to Kouri's cause Macaire came in Pepperoni's earlier and said i should come in after work, she'd even have a Guinness waiting for me..not only that, she bought me one!!! hooray! good deal.

part 2 of the International Sunday Update Post
fast forward (actually rewind) saturday..AM...no, PM...like i got up early...AH HAHAHAHA, i get up, watch Life As a House, then venture off to work, where i have 4 deliveries waiting for me. grrreat..no, really. and we have a dishwasher..a bit slow, but an actual dish-scrubbing incarnate back there. good thing too. i was SUPER DOUBLE TRIPLE WHAT-HAVE-YOU SA-LAMMED!!! that's right, baby, 22 deliveries!! and i made about $85. wooo hoo. ($62 the night before). but damn, was all that uncommon-to-saturday-night running making me tired. i helped the dishwasher catch up a bit , and was off at 10. one of the deliveries, a five 20 inch delivery at 7 in BFE (yea, i had to call; it's a new subdivision) ended up being holly's friends: jenny, michelle, amy and val ( i don't remember her, but apparently she does me), and holly was due over shortly. though they offered me a beer and i had to refuse, they extended their invitation to 10:00 and said i could take up the beer then. so that's what i did after work. it was a blast, partying with 30-year-olds...they had a karaoke machine there too...no, britt did not indulge..maybe next time...sorry cyn
so that's the big update post...please please comment away like mad fools, since i went to all this writing...thanks, you guys are the best...

Saturday, April 27, 2002

oooh oooh, remind me to write in this tonight. all about the shitty saturday psycho delivery/psycho dishes $82 dollar free Guinness and Bass night...ok? thanks guys, you're the best.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

guess who has the day off??? that's right. Dee, the sarcastic sister from "What's Happening". noooo, me! what to do what to do? i'll tell you absolutely NOTHING. that's right. a relaxing day. after this, i'm going to finish up Along Came a Spider and take back the Peoria (damn non-99 cent rental haven) Hollywood Video. i saw Kiss the Girls last night. i have high hopes for Along, considering it IS Morgan Freeman we're talking about here. after that, i may watch Life As a House...woo! movie night, damn i am so cool. although a new "Friends" is on tonight, as well as Empire Strikes Back. both at the same time!! oh well..what is UP with my linking today? speaking of which, i added jason to the links..long overdue, been meaning to do that. he's a cool cat, so go check out his blog, and his pictures, they're absolutely amazing..oh yea, and i won ALL those videos i bid on. yea! go britt ebay junkie!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

man oh man...i have GOT to say one thing here: so so so sorry cyn. i get online last night, lit up like a Christmas tree...i mean DUH-RUNK and get on AIM. yikes!!! whoops. damn britt, those work cronies get me into pitchers and pitchers of beer trouble every time. hmm..but i had fun. tons of it. so i think. hurray for spontaneous social drinking! how the hell i even got online i dunno. how the hell do people blog when they're drunk???

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

oh yea, and i'm currently on bid for these folk...dear God what is WRONG with me??? (but hey, all these combined is less than $20)


plus, on E! they just determined the #1 comedy of all time is Airplane!
ok, so i have a new relationship with ebay blossoming...or rather the strong one from my past is returning....i recently got this for $ 1.50!! woooo!

no way was i gonna spend $23.00 at Hollywood Video

yea, that's right, and NO, i'm not a Star Wars geek. i'd need some time to work up to that. hell, there's tons of movies i need to rediscover anyhow. oh, and a shoutout to marieke, i got her Mallorca postcard today! yay! snail mail!! thanks marieke!

Monday, April 22, 2002

well, i finally snagged it, Riding in Cars With Boys...and it was great, me and mom LOVED it. drew barrymore is really underrated in this; i think it's one of her best performances. damn, hope that doesn't happen to me. damn, now i gotta mail off some money orders (stupid ebay) and then go off to make NOTHING bartending at work.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

it really doesn't feel like sunday today. that's what i think. thank God we (Pepperoni's) close at 9 tonight, i feel like staying in today and watching a movie. today is tamara's birthday too. Happy Birthday T. i better call her later tonight. and on sadder note, Layne Staley of Alice In Chains died yesterday. it was like a surreal Kurt Cobain moment all over again. such a shame..i really dug those guys. if you can, check out their Jar of Flies EP.

Saturday, April 20, 2002

ok, so as promised...well, not really, but work with me here...here's some behind-the-scenes pics from the Manito Historical Society play...it's just me thus far, brace yourself...bill will get on it and post some action-in-costume ones soon..maybe..

so this was me learning my three lines
ok, so that's not really what i was doing...

yea, i was mostly reading Yahoo Magazine

Friday, April 19, 2002

i swear to you, i get SOO bored at Waldenbooks (better than dealing with th deaf-mute-yell-really-loud though) anymore. i musta flipped through a few dozen magazines. ok, maybe not THAT many, but still, even with sandi in the back, i had to be careful, in case she came up. i really dunno if i'm going to Normal tomorrow or not. yea, it's a get-together-party-type thing, but i really really don't feel like it...at all. why? i really dunno. i've been really mood swingy lately and i really don't want it to turn out to be a shitty weekend. oh poor britt feels left out, isn't as close to Tamara as once before...yea yea..boo hoo poor britt. not really. you see, this is why i never vocalize this; it sounds sorta pathetic. but that tears me up. i hate hanging with the new improv (excluding zac and the ones i DO know) crowd/ tamara's friends i really don't know. i'll avoid all uncomfortableness if possible. but again, i'm a moody swingy indecisive stinker...i'll just play it by ear.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

can i tell you how psyched i am i don't have a double tomorrow???? YAY! i don't have to go in til 5! oh god, and i had the computer question from hell today. why hell you say??? because i had to deal with deaf-almost-mute-but-she-instead-yelled-everything that had a major problem with her Win98 system. wanna know the prob? her computer sounded like it was frozen, and after a few reboots and unplugs she says, nothing. ok, so your computer is shit. so i tried to direct her to some good Win98 books, and even called gallatin river (her ISP as well as my piece-of-shit-good-for-nothing ISP) asking about a TTY TDY assistance whatever for the deaf. ok, she doesn't have that. nor could she go out there. so i try (with some accomplishment i guess eventually) to explain to her that i'd call GR for her, but i would have to have the visual (her crapass ghetto computer) in front of me. well, anyhow, she thumbed through the books for a few more minutes, then let out an exasperated sigh and walked out. ho boy...i can trouble shoot computer book inquiries, but why do i get THESE??!!
i got sent this barrage of illusions via email and one of them really really fucks with your head...no REALLY..try it.

go ahead...duel off your left and right brains

i really don't think that is such a good idea, though, messing with your left and right brain like that...a la West Side Story..if you're gonna scoot off some brain cells, drink beer for God's Sake. i think my ten percent just went down to seven percent. oh, and folks...CYN IS NOT A TREKKIE!!

Monday, April 15, 2002

awww...did i mention how much i love my subscrption to Entertainment Weekly?

so i was flipping throught the channels last night after the long ass rehearsal Sunday we had. and i came across a little show on the oxygen network. it wasa show called "Conversations From the Edge With Carrie Fisher" and it had Robin Williams on it. and damn was it good. i mean , i totally love Robin Willaims, from Mork to Garp to Jakob. but this show is so light-hearted. it would be like hanging out with two theatre majors. well, i guess it would be. Carrie seems a bit out there though, but again, she does have manic depressive illness. damn, so did Patty Duke, and look how cool she is. anyhow, it was a really cool interview show, i highly recommend it. hell, i may get to meet miss Freak Talk Show. i guess at the Star Wars Celebration II thing in May she's the only one (that i know of, i am such a bad SW geek) that will bethere. ok, lemme correct that. the only one i really care to see. R2D2 and C3PO, i'm sure you're great, but i dunno who you are from Adam. hell, the Celebration is in Indianapolis...rock on! liek i'm gonna let something that close get away. i think alex and and mike are going with. they better..unless they want me driving the trecherous roads alone. oh, and cyn seems impressed for some odd reason with this new geek factor of mine...pfft.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

damn, i forgot to give a shout out..hehe...yea, cause i do that...to kelly for the elaborate "you-didn't-have-to-so-that" gift she got me last saturday whilst on the Par-a-Dice.

Illinois people can send Illinois people postcards too you know

Saturday, April 13, 2002

i don't have that much to blog about...what do you people want from me? no, seriously, that's a good idea. comment on that. tell me what you want more of, and i'll pretend to take heed and give a flying...oh! sorry. i mean that, i do. i think i'm burnt out. play rehearsals (which are going well acc. to me) are getting pretty long and waiting around-esque. but all the whining just really isn't necessary...at all. first it accomplishes nothing (why don't people get this?)...and second..try doing a show in college, PRODUCTION at that...or in the real world rather..i'm not trying to brag cause i did Cabaret at ISU...yea, yea...blah blah, it sucked...i'm just trying to put things in perspective. and believe me, that show did.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

it is such a damn nice day out today. if you live in central Illinois, or herein nearby, GET OUTSIDE FOO!!! (and away from the computer...oh right, i will i will...I WAS TODAY) yea, it makes you happy to be alive i tell ya. so instead of paying my Sprint bill, i got four movies...YEA! what are they? well, ok, that nice Empire one, the pleasant Jedi one (d-uh..i got finish out my newfound love for the trilogy), and the two i wanted to get LAST night, Serendipity, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. i'm gonna buy the latter anyhow, but oh well.
wow. i just saw Star Wars fro the first time since the 80s and damn is that a good flick. i think i'm gonna rewatch all the movies i saw in the 80s.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives working at Pepperoni's

yea, that's right...it goes down at Pepperoni's. sunday night jen (you know, miss.."must be nice to sleep in") gets her knickers in a twist, or a bug up her ass if you will, about joe "mistreating the employees" yea, he'll say "you piece of shit" to us COME ON but if you know joe, do NOT take him seriously..it'll take too much outta you. so she's all "if he says one more thing i'll walk out.." (and she WAS contemplating putting in her 2 weeks anyhow)..ok lame lame lame..but whatever. i dunno how this all came out, case i left at 8...in swear, i left junior high 10 years ago, you know? so then i guess, she DID put in her 2 weeks..AND wrote a "letter" to joe saying he mistreated his employees (uh, ok) and THEN..she's a no-show tonight!! ok, she be gone i guess. ah well..

oh, and kelly? the other main co-star in this soap opera? i guess her "self-love" hubby (ie- choking the chicken with the blinds open) has an outstanding bill of 1-900 numbers and she "threw her ring at him and tossed him out of the house" ohhhh boy...i wasn't even THERE that dramatic monday night...thank GOD.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

dammit, nic, he always get me addicted to posting these..so everyone else do it and post it..i gotta dgo to work now

current clothes: grey thermal shirt, green plaid pants (aren't i stylin' today?)
current mood: in the process of waking up
current annoyance: whiny people
thing you ought to be doing: feeding South Pekin children
current desktop picture: the Badlands, South Dakota
current favorite artist: like drawy-drawy? me. music? i dunno
current favorite group: the Beatles
current book: still The Stand dammit
current cd in cd player: STP- Purple
current dvd in player: i don't have a DVD player you bastards..
current worry: when the hell can i afford to move to Chicago
what's the story behind your blog name? ten percent (the url and former name) is the part of your brain you use, so i figure when i spill all onto this blog, i'm spilling all of that. and i'm an artist..and i'm poor.
name five of your favourite pig-out foods: wings, cheesy poofs (no, really they have those), those wonton pizza rolls we get from the Scwann guy
name one thing you're grateful for today. i didn't sleep in
name three teachers you liked in high school. Mrs. Burwell, and these are junior high, but too bad suck it up: Mrs. Huey and Mrs. Barfield
do you have a favourite quote? what is it? "get bent"
name one tv character you'd most want to be. Phoebe from "Friends" duhhh
do you have any weird sleep habits? i have like two whole sleeping postions..and that's it, otherwise i can't get to sleep
what do you plan to do this summer? work, and maybe get to Wrigley Field, Florida and Germany
what's your favourite song right now? "Nice to Know You"- Incubus
write a line from any song.
"September '75 I was 47 inches high
Mom said by Christmas I would have
A bad-ass mother G.I. Joe
For your little minds to blow
I still got beat up after class"-Ben Folds Five-"One Angry Dwarf and Two Hundred Solemn Faces"
what's the weirdest/funniest nickname you've ever been called? squirrelbait...yea, well, we see how that came about
what are the magazines you read on a regular basis?
EW, Premiere, Yahoo, Newsweek
if you could change 3 things about yourself, what would you change? smarter, more open-minded (though i think i'm already pretty damn accepting), and NO ALLERGIES
on a completely unrelated note: Jane, you ignorant slut

Monday, April 08, 2002

remember that post when i said certian things made me cry? including the whole Lyudmila Putin giving Mrs. Bush a rose for their Texan hospitality? oh wait..WAIT...DEAR GOD BRITT IS BLOGGING A-GAIN !!!
any-ways, the rose picture.....(see below)

i found it and i put on my wall..so anytime i get ranty (yes, that's a word, look it up...no wait..DON'T!! Dear God, i didn't know you'd have a dictionary!) or pissy at the general public, i look at that picture and it let's me know that there is good in the world still, there are still nice and considerate people..there is no reason Lyudmila needed to give that rose to Laura, but she did, that's what makes it more special. ok, i better stop befrore i cry..

Sunday, April 07, 2002

i can't believe all i wrote was "i really don't feel like blogging anymore..." and i got 8 comments like that. wow. i really dunno if i found my Muse yet...but i'll blog anyway. i found this the other day

damn, they've been on a long time

talk about a pleasant suprise..i knew i was an avid viewer of "Friends" last fall...but who knew i'd become an addict. woohoo! i really don't care if you like "Friends" or not (and if you don't keep your damn mouth shut and OUT of my comments system), but this is something that made the britt's day week. and this is for cyn, I GOT TO WALK BOGEY!!! ah HA HA..oh, and i celebrated michael patrick mcgrath's b-day by giving away $30 of my hard earned cash. (eh heh he...not intentionally) i'm also not taking the golf course job...MUST MUST MUST be available thurs-sun NO MATTER WHAT ??? ehh..no thanks you damn Nazis...i gotta get to Wrigley Field this summer