Sunday, March 31, 2002

i really don't feel like blogging anymore...

Friday, March 29, 2002

Happy Good Friday everyone.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

so tomorrow is Good Friday and in two short hours, britt can no longer do the eaty eaty. in know i know, you Catholics are scratching your head right now thinking "but britt, you can take two light meals on Good don't have to starve.." yea this is true, but forgive me, i believe in the old fashioned definition of "fast" To abstain from food. it's not easy, but certainly not difficult. come on people, make a sacrifice once in your anyhow, i better go chow now...
and i forgot to mention HAPPY PASSOVER!! and HAPPY HOLY THURSDAY!!!
isn't it weird how happiness is infectious? i was in an ok mood; not bad, not good, just ok...i hadn't really gotten enough coffee in me to decide. and marieke comes online, happy as all get out..she passed her exam and is going to Mallorca! yay! go marieke! anyhow, that decided my mood for the day...or maybe it's coffee kicking in. bah. last night, i was in a chat with marieke, alex, AND cyn. (to quoth bill...see how i document this?? good ol English 8) whooooaa! it was like a blogger conference. anyhow, it was cool, but too many people in the conversation i guess, cyn had homework, and marieke and alex were dicussin Basque relations and i got a bit bored (i seriously dislike political me, watch how i'll ALWAYS change the subject) i just tuned out and worked on some other projects..which IS...go here. that's right, still a bit choppy's just extra webspace..nothing ground breaking.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

new's a MAP! that's right, go there and click the arrow on your location (and write some quick stats of course). ps- it's the "so, where YOU from?".....

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

and yet again, i get more squirrel love from work. diana went to an auction and got me this:

isn't he great? but this WAS NOT ALL that was left for me

look out Emily Dickinsona poem...and it rhymes!

and i'm also addicted to "The Osbournes" ...could this be the funniest show on tv? me and mom watched it tonight...yes, ME AND MOM. check it out.
si i did something spur-of-the moment last night. after work was over, i decided i needed to go see a not rent, i'm talkin' full force cinematic orgasm. that's right. that's how britt puts it. i need my feed of "at the movies" once in a while..but another spontaneous thing i did was go alone. sure there were many i could hav called to go see it with me, but you know, i've never seen a movie by why the heck not. i went and saw In the Bedroom at the Pekin theatres (dude, there's like 84 of them), and oh lucky me, the old neighboor girl works there, that's right..i've known this girl snce she was 6..she's great, she still comes to visit my mom..and she let me go on through for free. SCORE! thanks Jamie! anyhow, it was a terrific movie..and of all the ironies, the kid in this movie ended up being the kid that indeed got the role of John Connor in the upcoming T3...yea, sorry pete. i also made yet another ebay bid...but hey, it's been a while...and it's a good deal.
FUNNIEST THING EVER !!! (except for NUMERO UNO...remind me to tell you that one too)

Q: What goes "Fee fi fo, fee fi fo fee"?
A: Mike Tyson giving you his phone number

ps- thanks nicolette!!

Monday, March 25, 2002

ok, so i am addicted to EVERYTHING i link from now on, read the this..


oh geez, not again...well, maybe i'll have more than one delivery tonight.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

man do i love the Oscars. Halle, she made me start crying..when i win that Oscar, there's no way i'll be able to stop. and YEA Denzel YEA! you shoulda got it for The Hurricane!!! And Sidney Poitier is such a fabulous man. i knew he was a fabulous actor, but wow, did his speech ooze of elegance. people like that inspire me further. i cannot WAIT to be an actress. i mean a paid one. not that i don't love what i do now, i do. that's why i still do it. i mean i just can't wait to do it full time. that's one thing i need a fix from, acting. i haven't had a role since December. that's a long time in Britt months. and a road trip...i need that fix too. my next venture is Texas. why? why not? like i had a reason to go to Montana. other than that, that's all...i can't say i have any reflection of Best Picture or it's outcome, i only have seen two of them anyhow, but am happy A Beautiful Mind won...but the show in all made me happy...please don't rip apart any of my raves.
it's picture time again in central Illinois!! not really, i just felt like bein' random..anyhow, my allergy medicine is kicking in...nothin' like allergy medicine i tell ya..wait..what did i just say...

this was taken at Excalibur in Chicago. my sister's friend Jenny (loving her picture taken, obviously) and i were indulging in the 4 am beer festivities.
hey britt, don't be fallin' asleep there!

Saturday, March 23, 2002

so yea, i called off Normal...sorry guys..gonna stay and chill in P-Town. thought i should blog all about it.
so last night i finally got to experience Kelleher's, the new irish pub/eatery on Water street in Peoria. not so new i guess; it's 3 months old. but anyhow, sarah and scott came into Pepperoni's to eat around the time i was to get off...and it was VITAL i go out with her and Lindsay. but not too long, i wanted to get home cause i'm lame. so i got out, and i'm DD. and it was pretty cool, pretty crowded too. i had a Beamish instead of a Guinness; i wasn't sure if i'd tried one of those...and UGH! what are they thinking???? do they think they're Guinness??? cause they're NOT!!! anyhow, it was good times...and i'm OFF today! wooo. i dunno what i'm to do..there's some dinner party thing goin' on in stacy and tammy''s like a Smug Married Party..a la Bridget Jones' Diary...though no one is married..but i'm assuming we're all smug..ah HA HA.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

this week (or two) has been pretty much crappy for the britt..why? well, let us not ask that cause i freakin' hate that just has. tues night of all things wasn't the best (and besides wiping out), co-workers (ok, namely Jen, the other bartender..she just ticks me off...see the "must be nice to sleep in" post). yea, i know, don't let things get to me, but it's hard you know? although i am much better than i used to be. but a part of me just wants to explode and say "FINE! be that way" and just storm out of there so that i can go cry. but that's all hedonistic, not logical. anyhow, time heals all. and i also want to take this time to thank the three people that have especially cheered me up over the past weeks, whether they realized how much this truly meant or not.
alex- thank you so much for the little irish snowman, though i thanked you before, i want to express my appreciation again. that truly cheered my night right up.
marieke- though the card didn't arrive here for st. patty's day, getting mail is always a plus, and it showed me that someone across the globe was thinking about me and cared enough to drop a card in the mail.
bill- the shirt you and barb got for me totally brightened up my night. so bright, i think it extended into the next month a little bit. like i said before, the fact you guys thought enough of me to get that warms my heart.
ok enough of that..ha ha..i don't believe anything should go unappreciated..oh, and marieke, i'm glad you got and liked your Jimmy Eat World CD..just remember.."The Authority Song" always brightens one's day. ( works for me...)
did i ever tell of the story the other evening (Tues i believe it was) where i WIPED OUT on the pavement in my yard...taking out the trash (what a good girl)...and totally ripped the knees of my absolute favorite pants..and blooded up my knees?? no?? well, i did. stupid slick wet pavement. my knees are beat up now. only in Brittville..

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

don't you wish EVERY day could be St. Patrick's Day in Chicago??

so yea, i'm too rambley (ADJ- to ramble on and on..characteristic of Britt) to tell all about this weekend..blah was fun..end of story.. a HUGE shout out to MARIEKE, who sent me a St. Patrick's Day card which i received yesterday in the mail...just in time as i got home from my trip!!! wooo!!! thanks marieke!!!

Monday, March 18, 2002

work was a bear. no, not really, i did scoop up two videos to watch: Zoolander and Sexy Beast...and i managed to take advantage YET AGAIN of the 4 for $20 spendy spendy:
Cradle Will Rock
Bridget Jones' Diary
Waking Ned Divine
britt is back from the City of Wind...and yea, it was dang windy. i cannot express a better place to be than Chicago on st. patrick's day...wait, let me re-emphasize that..SOUTH SIDE CHICAGO..that's right, that is where the party truly is...these people know how to celebrate..after all, it IS predominately irish. to make things short, it was awesome, and i am going instead post the trip with picture accompaniment through the week. in short, we missed the regular parade, but i guess that really is no big deal anyhow, if you're gonna go SS. but i told stacy i hear President Bush will be at the regular one..then we looked at each other for all of 2 seconds and said "eh." settled. though i do have some utter distaste for the public drunkenness and "excuse" to get drunk on st. patty's day; that sort of irritated me about the SS parade, as well as all over chicago in general..but what can ya do? most people don't know it's a Catholic holiday. and GREEN BEER?!? what is that???? oh..that makes it irish...yea..posers. i disallowed green beer, and stacy and khalilah respected that. so anyhow, that's the mini-update for you, more to come soon.

Friday, March 15, 2002

i apologize for the chatter i indulged with last night, i was a bit emotional. yea, so i had a few to drink..and my mom's condition is just breaking my heart..and i'm HUMAN too. so sorry bill, sorry cyn, sorry mike. hope you had a good chat anyhow. mom's doing well now, i'm better..stable...huh huh...good God! i had A LOT of sales advice today at Waldens...i hate suggestive selling, i hate upselling...i'll be done with Waldens soon, anyhow. ok, i won't be around this week, up in chicago for the festivities, so you all have a good one..and

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

blog time for real, and i mean posting time. so today mr. foote comes in (you may hear about him a lot), he's a regular that drinks A LOT of Budweisers, and he's kinda..well...he likes to shoot his mouth. though i'm not sure how smart the guy really is...he pry is pretty smart..he's one of those bar customers you'll ALWAYS have to deal with. anyhow, he uses some racial slurs i'd rather not divulge, and i listen half listen to him, interjecting when i know he's being a total jackass (that IS not a swear word; it's a donkey..who cares, give me a break for the sake of this entry). so when the dishwasher come up front to the bar to get a soda, and now she's from Albania or Yugoslavia, don't remember which, and speaks not a word of English, and mr. foote puts his hand on his money, and slides it towards him, as if he (obviously) thinks she's going to steal it. oh dear..not cool..NOT off my face i believe came the evilest look i have ever given a customer, and i just shook my head at can someone be so like that? it's people like him that keep giving rise to racism and keep it alive. anyhow, i went in the back, that episode made me sick. when i came back up to the bar, he was gone. odd..he usually has at least 10 beers (no joke)..wonder why he left? was it my look? just as well..that's not the kind of bar i want to run. that kind of stuff isn't the crap i want to see this week. i'm already stressed out (i guess) enough, with my mom pretty much bed-ridden and me feeling guilty cause i don't know if there's anything i can do...and i've already had 3 or 4 nights where i just wanted to burst into tears...maaaan..i need a vacation..or a hug..or somebody kiss me for God's Sake, i'm irish you know..ha ha
click to take it!

Punk Rock is you!! Some of your songs have meaning, pertaining to your childhood or life, and others are just fun songs that everybody loves to listen to in their car with a group of friends, and sing to like a pack of coyotes. You're just out there to have fun, and you always tell people you'd never trade your job or friends for the world.

yea!!! i beat cyn to it!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA..ok, i gotta go to work now..
is this not the greatest sticker in the world???

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

on happier news, i receeived my first St. Patrick's Day card today!! YEA!! Aunt Dee Dee in Florida RULES! that's right folks get 'em in...704 N. 13th Street...Pekin, IL 61554...make britt's day!!

oh geez, a shooting at a Cathloic Mass AND poison on the Chicago subway? my tuesday so far gets better and better...oh yea, my sister told me this morning about a stakeout/suicide down the street from me.

Monday, March 11, 2002

i was watching The Mexican last night and i'm intrigued by the main theme, you know, the one they play when they show the story of the gun. Alan Silvestri is a genuis...and audiogalaxy is dang quick with downloading it...what's up Morpheus? you used to be my first love....
oh and cyn, i listened to "Champion Sound" not too bad..makes me want to dance..NO. (seriously, it's cool)
today is the 6 month anniversary of the terrorist attacks...whether you care or not...i DON'T care, listen up, show some respect, check amongst yourselves...see what your blog said that day..go back in time, go's intensley interesting, i'll tell you that. dang, does it seem like 6 months even??? no way. they're gonna light two searchlights sending 88 high-powered beams of light into the night sky in the spots where the towers stood from today until april 13. i think that's just awesome, and eerie; it's like their ghosts or something.
in other news, the car chase is news online..and if that date is outdated, click here...of COURSE i scanned the article...oh, and by the way, my mom is the "but was spotted by someone who called police" mentioned...

Sunday, March 10, 2002

grand theft auto on 13th street

so today my mom witnessed our neighboor chad's fiance (rachel) car being stolen. it happened so fast, but my mom got the description and all. true, rachel shouldn't have left her keys in the car (along with her purse)...but seriously, let's not call her any colorful words synonomous with "stupid" and add insult to injury...but anyhow, i guess after the cops left here with questioning, chad and rachel were on their way to a birthday party and chad sees the guy!!! jumps outta his truck and just runs for him. unfortunately, he jumped back in the car and drove off, as did chad...and soon the which a high-speed chase pursued into Havanna...they caught him early this evening, after he crashed (and totalled the car in the act) into a van that contained a pregnant woman (she's ok). whew..lazy sundays in pekin, Illinois.

i watched a very touching look at sept 11 tonight: "9/11", what a different perspective.

Saturday, March 09, 2002

ok, check amongst yourselves..and STOP!! someone is getting to my blog by means of my homestead home page area...not splash DON'T YOU DARE click there..and that someone is using MTCO, Netscape 4 and win95, so whoever you are...STOP. my homestead site is NOT revamped...don't go there...thanks.
no post here's where i was all you blame me??? i tried 17 beers WOOOOOO!

oh yea, and i had an interview hoo..i got the job i guess...
it's crappy again in the Peoria-area

i'm addicted to the PJS (Peoria Journal Star) BridgeCam..if you ever wanna see the status of Peoria, click here...yea, baby, you know you want to..
so i got another new book to read from Walden's..for two weeks, so let's see how smart britt really is..(like how it links from Barnes and Noble?? ha ha. so last night was pyscho rainy stormy, and i mean PSYCHO. i thought my wall was gonna rip off. but luckily, i'm fine. i have an interview today at the Sunset Hills Golf Course, where upon this i will proabably be hired and then i will have a kickbutt (after Lent i will reinstate this and say the RIGHT word) job driving a golf cart around and selling beer. sound fun? that's not even the jist of it, i guess tips RULE with this job. yay, britt is about to return to her girlish figure of three jobs....

Friday, March 08, 2002

i don't know why, maybe it was an episode of "Friends" i saw, but i really think Elliot Gould is one good-looking older man (and i stress older, cause he is up there) Phoebe would say "Jack Geller, Dream Hunk"..ok he is at least in this movie i'm watching now...made in what 1986? (wow, that never before was damed as "old").
so i needed a major update (well not necessarily, it's not like a have a HUGE adoring audience). anyways, blogger was down earlier this morning, so the post i had ready this morning...yes, i said MORNING...(i have to work at Walden's at 10 10 min..arrr) anyhow, to quick update, turns out the oh-so-naughty thing kelly's hubby was doing WAS an act of self-love. pffftt..what a waste of drama. anyways, i got a gander wed night and rushed out to Appleby's and joined bill, brian and ed for a few brewtuses...enough to kick a butt just a little. let's see, thursday, oh yea, that was yesterday, can i say how much delivery sucks this week?? it's SO NICE out, that's why. oh well, last night i did meager in some deliveries, it was a normal thursday again. wed night i joined erin and kurt at the lepub, and generations, and goodfellas..go britt..yea britt has like 8 or so. but i was ok, i paced myself..duh, i was DD. alex stopped by pepeperoni's that night, and said he was gonna come back at 9 or so. by 9:30, i saw no sign of him, and had no way to contact him, and i was erin and kurt's ride, so we just ventured out to lepub. fun fun. good to drink with a different and erin decided no one can celebrate St. Patrick's Day as a "American" holiday as a lets-drink-green-beer-and-get-drunk, it IS a Catholic holiday after all. thats not to say we don't drink, of course we do, we're irish *sigh*...but we go to Mass first, duh. the drinking is to celebrate st. patrick...don't you people know ANYTHING?!

oh yea, my mom's in surgery as we speak, turns out her gall bladder is giving her all these problems, she should be good as new soon.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

i want to post, but this allergy medicine isn't making it easy...........

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

oh yea, and here's what peoria/pekin looks like now

pretty gorgeous eh? makes ya wanna just get up and move on out here.

as the world turns, so do the Days of Our Lives Pepperoni's

that's right, monday night bartending was not your typical monday night bartending. first off, becky hasn't been a work for a bit because she got her teeth fixed or something or other. also, she has epilepsy..which means she could seizure it at any given time, unless she takes her pills, which she (as well as her girlfriend dawn) claims she does. diana (her half sister and the artist behind the sick squirrel drawings) claims she doesn't. anyhow, she HAS missed a lot of work becuase of this. so ok, she starting to feel dizzy mon night and all of a sudden doesn't know if she can be in the rest of this week, joe not knowing waht to do, becomes joe. ("insensitive" as becky and common plebians would put it...but to all us employees who know how he is, it's just "joe") ok, all i heard was becky yelling at him and joe saying "what am i supposed to do?" anyhow, she left..i assumed she was off early...nope not comin back i hear. THEN kelly gets a call from her sister. immediately after she looks upset. puts her head in her hands, sighs know, all the things we learned in acting class NOT to do. so i don't bite : #1 it's none of my business and #2 i don't dig it when people try to make it obvious they're upset so you'll bite..not cool not cool.

she finally says it: "i'm gonna KILL HIM"
me: "who?" (uh...DUH britt)
kelly: "my husband..he know she (her sis) can see through those blinds"
me: "i don't want to know...none of my business"
kelly: "no, it's gonna go to jail, for killing my husband"
me: "just one thing...adultery?"
kelly: "no no, He KNOWS i'd kill him then"

so what was it? who knows...who cares...kurt says he bets kelly's sis caught him in an act of "self love"..awww yea...UGH.

Monday, March 04, 2002

Logitech QuickCam Express...who wants to buy it for me huh? huh? pul-lease...i AM a starving artist.
diana strikes again:

some sick people i work with
i thought of something cool. ok, maybe it wasn't cool. i think it is. i saw this picture here. and thought (and yes, i actually think in these terms...cause i'm a GOOD Catholic), "dang, that's cool." that's all i thought. and then another thought surfaced. I want a pic like that of all the popular bloggers on MY list....yea!! well, popular in our own head. let's see, how cool would that be? even cooler if everyone could actually meet and get a picture. ah well, i think it's dang cool that jish, ernie and ev (i dunno that other guy, sorry) like KNOW each other...or whatever. it's like they're celebrity status. heck if i saw pete now, it'd be freakin funny...cause i know how his days go every day but i never talk to him, how scary is that?! muh hahahaha...

Sunday, March 03, 2002

ok, so i totally did NOT plan on going out after work and getting a lil bit buzzed/almost drunk. dangit chalise. she stopped by today with matt, and asked if i wanted to go bowling. since i worked, it was postponed til tonight when i got off at 9, since they close at 11 natch. so yea, i get off at 10:15 (stupid late bar customers). actually, they were nice, it was that Fed Ex guy (name of david benjamin so you know..half drunken britt blogging away) and his "ladyfriend" dunno if thats his "friend" "girlfriend" "wife" whatever, but they tip nice and are cool folk...just wish they'd come in EARLIER. oh well. holly and pete came in too. it was a good night. i was in a fine mood. and i don't remember..but i drank a lot of Bud Lites (heck no, i will not link it). anyhow, work calls at 9 am tomorrow, so i should "hit le skids". (that's a French Bill for ya)
so if you wanna see some great snow pics of Pekin IL, go here. Bill's got the hook-up...(as well as the digital camera).

Saturday, March 02, 2002

i think it's offical...i feel a lot better. britt is happy. yay. i think i'll post a picture to celebrate.


so i'm not looking forward to work tonight. why? if you live in central IL, look out your window.

yea, that's what i thought. oh well...what can i do right? it IS my job. and i dang well better get mondo tips too. and THAT's the bridge cam in Peoria...dang, you can't even see where you're driving!! (hey britt, you gotta drive in this crap tonight...oh..that's right..) ok, so i best be going, i need more coffee..and i no longer have anyhting to say..
so i tried that Skyy Blue tonight. joe got it free, but just one's not bad..too sweet for me, i can already see it would make me sick if i had more but interesting facts i learned tonight (if they aren't interesting to you, rip off): did you know that Smirnoff Ice was made by Guinness UDV North America? and that Anheuser-Busch teamed with Bacardi USA for the production of Bacardi Silver? dang....and i bet they all taste the same...

Friday, March 01, 2002

ok, i feel ok enough to post an entry. what was wrong? eh, don't worry about it. i believe a blog is a place to put down feelings and thoughts, but there are some things that a good ole diary is ideal for. and having a bad day...that's somethign you all shouldn't have to be subject to. peopel have bad days, they get over them. no need to post it so i can get "we love you britt" comments; i know you all love me. in some personal or internet way. so yea. moving on, i rented three movies the other night. i'm currently watching Uprising. i saw Hearts in Atlantis (great) and have yet to see Va Savior. YEA, go britt!! 99 cent rentals Hollywood Video YEA!