Thursday, February 28, 2002

bah. i've been busy. but today was my day off. i spent it thrift shopping and getting cards for people i love very much. and i'm still aggravated...i wish this would go away. did you know "Friends" and "Survivor" is on at the same time? dang it. i'll have to find away around this. stupid CBS.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

hey hey!! just in time for St.Patrick's Day (sorta) the 25 second Guinness pour?. crazy Brits. so anyhow, today was crappy. and i mean crappy in that beautiful way. it was snowy. very snowy. that equals crappy when you're a delivery driver. bah, i had a whole four deliveries. but if they would have told me to go home at 5 pm, i would have. dang, i wish i had a picture. but i'm not too sure on mastering my video camera to the computer...hence me not having a digital camera. donations anyone? yea. so i may post one tomorrow, if i can find a local source. inquiring minds not from the central Illinois area want to know. oh sheesh, and i just blew $25 A-gain that i don't have. but i love love this show, and it makes me laugh...hard. what more can you ask for out of life?

Monday, February 25, 2002

wow, two of my favorite addictions come together. but this is weird.

anyhoo, the weekend. i wasn't going to venture to normal, i was tired, and the drive isn't that inticing anymore. but i figured if stacy calls, ok. but she has a notorious habit of calling at the last minute. so i figured she wouldn't get a hold of me. no luck she calls me at work. dang, i wish so many people didn't have that number, i hate taking personal calls. oh well. so i was me, stacy, kelly and tammy. we went to killarney's (finally! i have never been there), and there was a kickbutt band playing, so i thought. oh well. we had one beer. me and stace. then off to fat jacks. yay. i drank...uhhh...oh geez, a few Amstels natch (they have it on tap), and then the notorious top-shelf-vodka-on-the-rocks...whew that did me in...but i drank stacy instructed to kelly. otherwise, as she put it, "she'll be hurling all over your floor and speaking German" ha ha...they know me so well.
so i've found some sort of Muse (pry the lady bill talked to at Best Buy...she is great) and decided to tackle my gallatin site since it is pretty blah right now. but at least i have established something. i still dunno what i'm going to do, so contact me with your ideas. and now, since squirrels have been the topic of discussion (between me and me of course) here's a bit of the love (presented to me in notes) britt gets at work...courtesy of diana and lauren respectively..


by the way, they're supposed to be flipping me off

Sunday, February 24, 2002

ok ok, ill post tomorrow when i have my quota of coffee. i didn't have ANY today. yea, that's right, as pete would say (and i honestly have no clue what this exactly means) i partied like a rock star last night. details later. i brought my squirrel to work and them done fools stole it and hid it! arggh...not funny.

Saturday, February 23, 2002

this is super duper funny...but you have to root out a few things you hate (which really wasn't too hard for me). actually amy had posted it on her blog a few days ago, but in britt time, i've just now gotten around to it.

Friday, February 22, 2002

so yesterday britt had herself a nice relaxing night at home. that was different, and well-deserved. being that i'd been so irritable lately, i figured i needed one. and YES, i'm fine, no more asking. believe me, when britt is upset or irritable, she must be left'd think my parents would get that by now, and not bombard me with the "what's wrong? are you ok?" and "do you want to talk about it?"s. no, that's never solved my problems. sure, let's dicsuss my problems (if i had any, sometimes it's just irrational irriation), that'll solve 'em up REAL quick. sheesh. so anyways, i'm getting $700 back on my taxes, that was some good news to start the day off with. bad news is, it'll all go to my ER bill. bah. but oh well. worked at waldens 1-5, came home, and realxed. no plans, nothing. sorry stacy and alex, i didn't return your calls...but since you know me well enough, you won't take it personally. i watched The Contender and All Over the Guy, both were excellent, of course, i think Adam Goldberg is an excellent actor, he's always enjoyable to watch.

today i worked from 10-1...and i actually got to experience that "oh wait, i don't have to get up for another hour" feeling...i was trying to drag myself out of bed at 8 am (morning person, i am not), and then i realized why my alarm hadn't gone off. duh britt. anyhow, it was great. i gotta work in two hours so i'm gonna skidaddle so i can go do some serious thrift shopping in Peoria and pay some bills.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

and a SQUIRREL!!! how cute is that?

HA! lookit who's up before noon!!! yea! anyhow, i have no rants today, though i must highly advise you, if you are going to call me (on either phone)...#1 if you do not leave a message and i find out, i may very well not consider you friend or family in my circles anymore, i don't care if you "hate talkin to those machines" it's a convenience for the callee, that's why answering machines were created, so GET OVER IT. (and people wonder why they can't get a hold of me...leave your message..D-UH...) and #2 do not, i repeat do not NOT leave a message and then hang up and then 5 seconds later call again. you think we're home NOW? or that NOW i'll pick it up (and not be irate?) ha ha...NO. sorry folks. anyhow, that's woke me up today. bah (dangit cyn, you got me sayin that). on a brighter note, bill sent me this today, i thought it was neato. and instead of forwarding it, cause sometime picture attachments (especially in yahoo) can take time to load, i'll post it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

now this is weird, i had two days off this week, that's right two..but the britt don't need ANY days off. so anyways, joe calls me in tonight to bartend. actually, a waitress called in, but he knows how much i love people to wait on their tables...nuh uh. please, i'm an actor, i've waited (and will wait) on enough tables. plus that's not my forte. anyways, that's that for tonight, and i have to work at Waldens tomorrow afternoon, after i get the information i'm getting millions back on my tax return. ha ha. anyhow, i've been sorta crabby lately, so i apologize...or not, i am human. i tell you one thing, never again will i tell people how late i sleep, i get the good ole (in a "i'm-a-better-person-than-you" tone of voice) "huh, must be NICE". oh excuse me, i forgot you have a REAL job and are therefore, a much much better human being than i am. whoops, silly me. bring it on, go ahead, give me a real job, i dare ya...i can DO IT you know....geez, maybe you aren't familiar with my first year at ISU, there i was a PRODUCTION MAJOR! let's just talk about keeping busy and being up at that butt-crack of dawn shall we? oh, and losing 20 lbs in the process..unintentionally of course...i swear, i know A LOT of people that couldn't pull off all that production bullcrap...and i was an ACTOR! excuse me for being at a time in my life where i can enjoy sleeping til 1. yes, that's how late i sleep, and please leave your gasps and comments regarding this at the door. stupid people...bah...well, there's my rant..but that's what this blog is for. oh, i finished Curse of the Jade Scorpion, and LOVED it...ha ...EAT IT! but that's ok. some people don't like Woody...but i do wish my mom would look past the scandal and view him as a flimmaker, but oh well, she's not a movie person. i liked the fact that you really have to pay attention in it, as it is in all his God, even if youn dislike or have never seen any Woody Allen films, go rent Bullets Over's GREAT. it's a refreshing change from those teen movies, what IS that? in the 80s it was at least GOOD teen flicks, like The Breakfast Club, Mystic Pizza, Better Off Dead, etc. hmph, i think this is long n a half...rant n a half..whatever...oh boy, can't wait for the comments on this one

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

you know, there are certain things that just make me cry. i dunno, maybe i'm just a more emotional person in the morning. but today (meaning Monday Feb 18) i was watching "The Today Show" before work, and this segment just totally got me. it was on the kid that died last year in Seatlle during Mardi Gras while trying to save a young girl being rioted on. it showed how not only did he save the girl, but also a year later, a handful of others. they donated his organs after his death and it showed the people that received them and how it's literally saved their life. and they were asked what they said to the boy's mom when they met her, and that was it, i started to bawl. how could they not? wow. i know i rattle on and off about "stupid people" but really, i'm the biggest crybaby i know. even when i still see pictures of 9/11, it not only makes me sick to my stomach but i start to choke up as well. i saw a picture in People Magazine today of Laura Bush accepting a yellow flower given to her by Lyudmila Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin's wife) when she and her husband visited their Texas ranch. that is such a wonderful picture (by the way, if this is getting too sappy...TOO BAD! QUIT READING THEN), that's the way life should be. and why the heck not? we're all human. in the words of the great John Lennon:
"i hope some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one"

Monday, February 18, 2002

right on, guess who's working at Waldenbooks today? bout frickin' time. no really, i can wait. it's not that i hate the job nor do i dislike it, it's just that it's so darn early and well, sometimes we get more of a barrage of the stupid people than usual. don't get me wrong, i'm sure there are worse "stupid people magnet" jobs out there, but for now i will stake my claim with this one. on the other hand, i have been very helpful to alot of Pekinites in my 5 month stint there. so i gotta go do that in about 15, an early shift today...9:30 am to 2:30 pm. then off to Pepperoni's at 4, to work that pointless Monday-sit-on-my-butt shift. argh. i can finally pay St. Jude though....the foundation, not the actual saint hitting me up for cash mobster-style...seems i owe them the $50 i pleged in November. i swear i don't remember doing that. maybe i was drunk. i always pledge to St. Jude when i've been drinking...bah..oh well. DUDE! Hollywood video now has 99 cent rentals (everything...even new release)!!! and of course, you get them for 5 days. so get off your butt and GO RENT. i dunno how long it goes on for...i think forever (as the clerk mundanely put it). anyhoo, i rented The Man Who Cried last night and Curse of the Jade Scorpion. The Man Who Cried sorta sucked. i mean, i was bored. no offense Christina Ricci, i still love you to death and you remain one of my favorite actresses, but ugh...get some better movies...and don't think playing a Russian immigrant Jew that was raised in England then moves to France to sing is going to interest me. cause i kept wondering where the heck your accent (any accent, pick one) was. i do have high hopes for Curse of the Jade Scorpion, i mean it is Woody Allen.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

i think that a glimpse of pure happiness is drinking a whole heck of a lot til 3 am then waking the next day feeling wonderful enough to enjoy the sun shining outside.

Saturday, February 16, 2002

hey guess what's a month from tomorrow? no, not your mom's birthday, although apologies if it indeed is...she can come party with britt in the LARGEST PARTY ON EARTH!!!! noooo, not Mardi Gras...i mean the largest party for the irish folk..yea, that's right St. Patrick's Day. and i'm goin to the South Side parade!!!
but back to me...what have i been up to..oh well Valentine's day was nutso at Pepperoni's, but i did score $35 bartending. i also learned how to play piano and guitar...really well. ha i have been workin' like a demon on my Homestead site and messing with this template here (as always). today is my day off...i may paint the town of Pekin red..or not. dang it, i need a job. oh yesterday, after i took my sister to the airport at 10 am, i got in some quality Normal time. i hung out with kelly, for 10 whole minutes, she had to work. bah. went to see where tim lived, scared the crap outta him...guess we haven't really hung in a while. he's got a nice apartment. why couldn't i score that then? hmmm..didn't see his possible Terminator 3 roomie. oh well, no congrats to him in person. then i ventured over and saw Kuntz, and we caroused around my car and (gasp) found places to park. i tried to track down tamara to give her back OK Computer...but nothing...she wasn't even at work at Admissions...but that was cool, i've never actually see that whole's cool, check it out next trip to Normal. oh, and i got see the Vidette's offices too...whoa...very nice. if i'd know they were THAT nice...i would have gotten a job there. me and Kuntz communicated with the squirrels on the quad yesterday too. it was soothing. i miss those squirrels. they are so a part of every ISU's students daily life. dang, why am i so hungry for McDonald's? (no, i'm not about to link that)

Thursday, February 14, 2002

ahhh..Valentine's Day. bah. just another day to me..or as amy so eloquently put it "not being with someone doesn't bother me any more on February 14th than it does any other time of the year" right on. tru dat (by the way, that's a local Peoria band...a bit of info from the Britt vault of ramble ramble better left unsaid..heh). i really don't think that couples should wait til February 14 to express their love or appreciation. my sister always used to say "it's really truly a family holiday" i mean, it is about love isn't it? and every year my dad gets me a card and candy. same with my sis. he, as he puts it, "loves his girls so why shouldn't he take care of them?" my dad rules. my whole family rules. in case you haven't noticed it, britt loves her family. sure they can drive me insane, but that's a family. who needs a significant other? life is not about that. if anyone tells you it is, they're full of crap. i hate it how society puts so much stress on "finding that 'special someone' or you're a loser". please. society is not gonna teach me life's heart is..and heck i'm happy, why mess it up? and that is my Valentine's day post. i plan to enjoy the day drinking coffee and EATING! yay..eating is so underrated, believe me of that..never take it for granted.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

cyn had a good idea. everyone send me bunches of moolah so that i can road trip. puh-lease...this is what britt does best...ask anyone. my PayPal account is about set up. i confirm all that crap with the bank today. then i pay my insurance. aren't you jealous yet? ha. oh, and stacy informs me there may be a road trip forming on the horizon on the 22nd...the 22nd of WHAT?!?. so it's depending...the 22nd of this month ain't lookin so good. geesh, and i dunno if i'll make Mass today. crickey.
the results are in ...britt is no longer swearing. HAPPY LENT EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

hey, i nearly forgot, today is Shrove Tuesday. and i remember just two short years ago we actually had a pancake dinner at my apartment. ah yes, all the improvers came. and even Mikel was there town for a visit. rememeber that mikel? ah fun times. anyhow, the countdown goes on. soda and swearing are tied at 47 % apiece.
the Oscar noms are in, read about them here. it's an interesting article as well. anyhow, mom got to Florida ok. i'm sure all my bloggerites (or are they called Britphiles?) were awaiting with baited breath. yea, i thought so. other than that, looks like Lent is closing's a close one between soda and swearing...ha ha..maybe both. NO! HELL NO! (or "HECK NO" depending...) we'll see.

Monday, February 11, 2002

did you know Leinenkugels is 135 this year? that's right. and yes, you oughta go try one for God's sake, it's good stuff...
man...i didn't go to bed last night (today actually) til 7 AM! whoa!!! (to quoth bill) anyhow, i had to take my mom to the airport at 4 am, so i figured what the hell, stay up, i'm up anyhow. i wantched old episodes of "Friends" to keep me alive. so then i took a POWER NAP...dude, it was like 7 am to 1 pm...hardly to be classified as "sleep" anyhow, keep voting on the poll, i appreciate it. and DAMN! me and cyn won NO antibloggies; they're fixed i tell ya. it's like high school all over again...*sniff sniff*..oh wait, i never wanted to be Homecoming Queen...that was my sister. is till think cyn reigns as CAMWHORE SUPREME and i am most obsessed with Radiohead, thank you very much.. anyhow, i need to get ready for work, another pointless sit-on-my-ass Monday..ho hum

Sunday, February 10, 2002

dammit britt...GET UP BEFORE 2!!!!! i was gonna post a really funny pic of Kunz and Liz...actually they're really BAD pics of them, so i won't. but they're so DAMN FUNNY. email me with requests if you must.
so has anyone bought me those converse yet? go here if you'd like to...tye dye orange or purple please...heh heh. ok, i am at loss for my Muse-inspired words, plus i have to look alive to bartend in and hour or so.
so i got a poll now. why? oh, i dunno, we damn indecisive Catholics can never decide what we give up. so help a girl out and vote. yes, A-gain, but the anti-bloggies noms are over, so you missed your chance.

Saturday, February 09, 2002

fun with AOL Instant Messenger and Bill *

THELANCETRAVIS: ok, you know when I call you Brittskeroneous - ?
THELANCETRAVIS: ok, is it ok if I like , use only one t
THELANCETRAVIS: it makes the name shorter to type
kickitsquirrel: NO
THELANCETRAVIS: see it would be Britskeroneous
kickitsquirrel: HELL NO
kickitsquirrel: ITS SO DIFFERENT
kickitsquirrel: lol
THELANCETRAVIS: man that gin and tonic has really got you ramped up tonight
THELANCETRAVIS: HEY we talked about you tonight
THELANCETRAVIS: Bood stuff of course
THELANCETRAVIS: After working at the Theater - we talked about Improv and other stuff ACT might try
kickitsquirrel: oh yea?
kickitsquirrel: improv? what the hell is that?
THELANCETRAVIS: yep, definately a Guinness, Amstel, Gin and Tonic night
kickitsquirrel: wait, lemme think of something top of my head...
kickitsquirrel: GOAT!
THELANCETRAVIS: I wonder how many computer screens you are seeing
kickitsquirrel: seventeen just like you
THELANCETRAVIS: whoopsie, that is a sheep
THELANCETRAVIS: what the hell did you mean GOAT?
kickitsquirrel: what?
kickitsquirrel: you're talking shit now bill...
THELANCETRAVIS: like you were going to improvise something about a GOAT
kickitsquirrel: a who?
kickitsquirrel: bill you're really whack..
kickitsquirrel: i did?
THELANCETRAVIS: after you did
kickitsquirrel: no...musta been you
kickitsquirrel: sounds like a Polish thing to do

* aka- fucking with bill
me : assorted Amstels, Guinnesses, and gin and tonics...
bill: who knows how many Killians Brewtuses!!!

Friday, February 08, 2002

been wondering what the WTC site looks like now? click here. amazing photo. kinda brings back the overwhelming sense of 9-11, but not quite. so onto non-terror news, i worked at Waldenbooks again today, first time in over a week. and no offense, but i'm starting to not like that job. i need to call Gallatin River and get a job there...even though i curse their name every time i'm booted. NTS paid $7/hr, and that was to "what is the internet?" plebians that i have the displeasure of working with. no really, they're ok i guess. ok, so i gotta work in an hour, so...bye bye...dont forget to VOTE

Thursday, February 07, 2002

i did it again...britt...QUIT fucking with your template. ok ok, i added one little thing...a free Weezer song sung to you via Voice AIM to who finds it first..heh heh i check my mail today...and i'm just in Normal (i love how i link that, like everyone is gonna visit the town of Normal's home on the net), so no big getaway-i'm-gonna-get-tons-of-vacation-mail. and guess what it is? crap crap and more crap. a few real letters from bill, but it's concerning the ACT board meeting thingies and where we are moving, etc, and i have been so out of the loop, i don't really follow those emails too well. oh, and some vicky keeps telling me she saw my email on a web technology list...what?! i'm on no list..and if i were it'd be a graduate school one. shut up vicky..oh, and one that said my computer is spying on me...hmmm....damn sneaky computer...

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

i've done it again...i've fucked with my template. let me know what you think though...and don't forget to VOTE, it's your job as an American. oh, and it seems i've been reviewed too. click on the link to the left or just click here. thanks, and may the Lord be with you...oh damn..look how i'm gettin' into the season.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

It's time for the anti-bloggies awards..YEA! so go and vote...linkage. vote for cyn for: TURN THAT CAM OFF or MOST OBSESSED WITH "WHICH X ARE YOU?" TESTS. her URL:


hey guess what? everyone's favorite time of the year is coming again. that is, every Catholic's favorite time of the year...and i say that with extreme sarcasm: Lent. ha. ok, so i figured out what it is that i am to give up, last year it was swearing (and somehow my computer managed to stay broken all through the 40 days...grrr), and the year before it was soda. and if you know me, that was GOOD. this year i decided to give up dairy. it will be especially "in-your-face-why-i-didn't-realize-dairy-was-in-that" hard, so it should be interesting. countdown is T minus 6 days...Mardi Gras is next Tues, bear with me through this folks. oh, and i made a purchase today (damn Suncoast...see what happens when i get out once in a while?), so you can take that off your "i-need-to-buy-this-for-britt-on-her-Wishlist" plans. other than that, i'm off, i'm gonna watch some movies

Monday, February 04, 2002

pssst. wanna see my blog? wow, lookit that, i'm finally part of a trend. i guess it is. i never much cared for the potato sack look or the "all-of-a-sudden-Grateful-Dead-love-shown-on-many-tye-dye-t-shirts" look either. (oh, ok, that may have been only at my high school) actually, my love for the Dead has been the same as always: they're ok; i'm actually more of a (gasp!) Phish fan. anyhow, i really like to write in my blog more during the morning afternoon, when i'm drinking coffee and waking up. actually, on a good day, you can actually witness britt waking up whilst making an entry. but not today. but i need to make this short cause i gotta take my uncle grocery shopping in 45 minutes, then it's off to work for me. the good ol "Monday-is-a-waste-of-time" delivery shift at Pepperoni's. oh well, they pay me to sit at the bar and read; what can i say? i'm not really complaining...and no bill and cyn, you cannot have an app. anyhow, i now have ALL Radiohead's CDs. i just downloaded Amnesiac and burned it and copied OK Computer as well. score britt score! well, ok not that big of a deal entirely, but i needed something to make feel cool all day. and that may do it...of course, it could also be the coffee. good, now i can return it to tamara. ha ha, it was funny (which was why i started this off with "ha ha" pfffffftt) on saturday, after the ballet everyone was in the mood for radiohead, not only Kid A, but OK Computer got a lot of requests. too bad tamara had to give me a seething look and reply through her teeth, "uhh..i don't have that one ...right this minute" ok, maybe it wasn't exactly seething, but funny nonetheless. that's what she gets for "borrowing" U2: The Best of for a whole freakin school year. heh. anyhow, enough about my tragic was your day?

Sunday, February 03, 2002

i saw a really great show over the weekend. no, i'm not talking about Todd's wedding, though that was pretty fun. AJ (our other co-rider up there) has dubbed the chicago trip the "britt's 15 minute ride to the suburbs" ok, i guess i DID drive fast, but we were short on time. when i got to tamara's apt, she didn't answer the door...yea, that's cause she was ASLEEP so anyhow, we got there ok, with 10 minutes to spare...please do not ask how we got to a 10:30 AM wedding early when we left at nearly 9 AM. britt books it up to chicago, that's how. so yea, the wedding went great, i cried. well, of course...*sigh* i remember when todd and hillary first started dating. but the funny thing was, with everything so early, the reception of course ended 4. but it was a FREE bar! yea! i'm talkin' free, free, free, free, free, and last but not least free. whoa...(hey, that's for you bill), did i really drink that many? oh well, tamara drove home. we dropped AJ off and went to the SHOW OF SHOWS...that's right, Illinois State Dance Theatre put on a freestage thing called Kid A Ballet. it was AWESOME it some of the improvers in it, like katy and adal, oh and my old acting teacher Patrick O'Gara...wonder if i can link him? he's such i cool cat i should. yep. anyhow, i was about ready to fall asleep cause of my lack of sleep but the show was really great. oh yea, and before that tamara got a thing in the mail saying she's been accepted as one of the finalists for this scholarship thing in France, where she'd study and work under this theatre director or something or other. anyhow, it's a HUGE honor, like hundreds and hundreds try for it, and the choose 20 for preliminary, and then 10 for final. wow. she was freaking out so much she was hyperventalating. what a rush. i'm proud of her. then after the ballet, we had a party, well ok, tamara did, but i was present, so it was sorta my party. i had fun, partied with the new improv girls, katy and annie (well, they aren't really NEW, but i'd never really drank with them). then the infamous michael patrick mcgath came over, wow is he cool. i know you're reading this don't let that fool you. it was funny, actually TALKING to your eveyday AIM buddy. i'd link mike, but he still DOESN'T have a blog. anyhow, i stink (even though it's sunday evening at 6), i need to take a bath.

Friday, February 01, 2002

wow, here i'm reading it's gonna be Steve-the-"dude-yer-gettin-a-Dell"-guy, and now i read this. congrats pete. i went to ISU with him ya know...don't believe me? ok fine, go here (second pic down)...there's proof..a theatre party. ha ha..