Thursday, January 31, 2002

so this asshole guy was in tonight. he was sitting at a booth and diana explained to him it was reserved for a group waiting for more, but he got miffed and said "well, im not moving, you can go ahaead and call the cops." diana laughs, thinks he's joking. he isn't. so the group of people move, and they were REAL pleasant...they're like "it's ok, it's warmer over here anyhow." so then the guy is waiting to go to the bathroom, and says to diana, "did i do something wrong?"

(insert "yea, you were born an asshole" here)

she was like "sir those people were waiting for a table"

assholeman: "i didn't see a reserved sign"

diana: "you had no right to snap at me to call the cops"

and he kept asking if there was a problem so i said "no, there is no problem, all is taken care of." so he kept asking that (obviously, he's been an asshole for a long time and was trying to start something) so i said "SIR, there is NO problem, as i said before, just go to the bathroom" so then he goes back to his seat, and i guess his wife reams him a new asshole (HA, just what he needs) and then they up and leave. arriveaderci...the fun never stops at Pekin's Pepperoni's Pizza and Pub.

i've noticed that the "Real World X" deals in intense stereotypes (well...DUH). and this one is classic. you got the gay white boy who hasn't really told anyone that he's gay (course, now into the season he has), cept for one girl, who happens to be the bisexual half black half Jewish girl. woo hoo. then now we got the "girl with kidney stones"...YEA! i am a MINORITY. oh and this girl just happens to also be the "small town girl who doesn't know jack CRAP"...aka what i might be being from Pekin...bastards...yea, cause if your town is mostly white and you see a black person you FREAK OUT. "OMIGOD..what IS THAT?!" sheesh...anyhow, so yea, "kidney stone girl" is also "i was born in a small town and hate blacks, gays, party lifestyles, and AM A WHINY BITCH girl" now i'm the horrible minority. hell no, the only thing i have in common with her is the kidney stone, i fucking hate whiny people.

moving on, check out alex's blog, he has a flag and a comment system now. woo hoo alex. be nice to him, and he may even teach you to swear in spanish. oh, and upon reading his, stacy's, mikel's, or bill's blog, you may notice a similarity in entries today. some of central illinois has experienced some iceage/power outgae -like stuff. schools have been cancelled today and YES i gotta work...but bartending mind you...yea, we should be REAL busy . and i guess EP was without power today as well. hmmm...poor storms don't bother hittin Pekin.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

wake up
clean myself
get gas
get aaa batteries
get CD-RW
get stamps
take back Godfather 3
work on homestead site
all before 4 pm...not bloody likely. aw crap. and im not going to normal way, not just to drink at the Cellar. sorry liz. anyhow, my dad leaves for vegas tomorrow and it's nastier than nasty i think i'll fuck all and go to Goodwill instead.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

i'm about to drink Hawaiian goes. uhhh...i guess it was ok, it IS coffee after all. by the way, mikel told me to get one of each on the shoes. shyea...try one pair...or wait...NO! NO! i'm gonna get the orange ones. cause i adore orange shoes and i abso-freakin-lutley LOVE Chucks. by the way, i linked mikel cause he now has a blog...what a bad influen-oh! i mean, what a GREAT person i am by introducing him to the world of blogger. check him out, he was the man responsible for Improv Mafia, yes yes, you know, when i was in the Mafia...the Mafia THAT MADE YOU LAUGH. ah yes, thank you mikel, for thinking i'm funny and giving me a chance.
aw crap, britt gone and gotten greedy again....i want both these shoes, but natch i can't have you readers decide for me...which ones should i get?

Monday, January 28, 2002

dammit dammit...why am i such a bum? i drink waaay too much coffee, and i swear if i didn't have a job where they either pay me $6/hr to sit around and do nothing or drive around pekin, i'd be sitting here all FRICKIN DAY. i need to find a job where they pay me to play on the internet or watch movies. cause that's all britt does. ooo, speaking of movie critiques and conversations i was just having in the car on saturday, i give you
the top ten dramatic performances by keanu reeves
i'm in the process of downloading the I Am Sam soundtrack (apparently, i've been hearing "it's all the rage" type things about it), ah ha and it's almost done. woo hoo...damn i'm so cheap...DUDE! it's all Beatles covers! yes, cyn...this is your muse!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2002

oh blog or not to blog...that is the...uhhh..thing to remember. ok, so i'm back from AH. and yes, it was fun. i really didn't like the prices at the restaurant we went to, La Tasca Tapas...yea, i thought todd said we were going to a topless bar, hence keeping in pace with bachelor party standards. anyhow, since the ten of us split the bill, it was $20 each...yes, $20. *sigh* ah well, todd enjoyed himself, all that matters. then we went to Jewel (there are so many damn Jewels in the chi town area, it's sickening) to get beer. me and kelly decided to slurp down 8 Caffreys...god, it was good to drink with her again. we played a few drinking games...not that i much remeber how to play them completely, but i'm sure tamara does. then we went off to not Arlington Heights, but Schaumburg to go to the Alumni Club. which had a ridiculous $5 cover...argh...and had to have 2 forms of Fascist is that? i snuck through with one ID. it was fun though, i ended up crawling..or rather being drug by todd to the dance floor. i DID have 6 beers and 2 shots of Vox in me. before that i noticed some chick at the bar was staring at me, so thinking it was a another one of those Creve Coeur prototype trouble causing chicks, i started to get a bit steamed (oh yea, and plus i was drunk). but then she returns from the bathroom, comes over to me and asks in an incredibly strong Hispanic accent if i saw who took her chair. i replied i did not. so then i go up to the bar...part concerned..part wanting another drink..and ask her if her stuff is all there though. it is. so then, and let's call her Consuelo cause i like that name and always want to use it, Consuelo starts chatting it up with me, asks me why i'm not dancing...blah we get to chatting and i tell her why i'm there blah blah. but the time todd drug me out to the floor and i was going out to dance on my own free will, Consuelo and her boyfriend were giving me the supportive thumbs up. todd was wondering how i had friends in Schaumburg. moral of the long-ass winded story? even though you consider your CD a "guilty pleasure" CD, your travel buddy may indeed like it and end up singing along to 90 % of it. oh, ok, it's don't judge people before you've talked to them....but the former is also a moralistic truth.

Friday, January 25, 2002

did i mention i had to get up at 6:30 AM today? nooo? well, i did...i did every day to make sure the kids get off to school ok. Dear God, 6:30 AM is a severly inhuman time to get up. who DOES this? ah well...thought i'd add that, you'll thank me later. my housesitting days are now offically over for this shift....and SCORE! britt got in 5 cups of coffee pre-work today!
wow. a police car just drove by. better hide. you know, i think i like the police much better when i'm in my house or more accurately not in my car
why you drive fast? comment...isn't there a fifth amendement i can plead? no, it's just that i actually feel safe when they drive by my house and in my car i have to slam on the br-ooops...ok, you got me. anyhow..i'm writing in this so damn early cause i work a double today and i want to try and stay off this phone line this afternoon cause i have this punkass friend by name of tamara that's supposed to call, at least by tomorrow so we can go over the chicago trip agenda. and since we all know how tamara is with calling back...ok, we all don't know, but just to fill you in: SHE'S TERRIBLE. anyhow, i'm all ready for the bachelor-party-that-isn't-really-a-bachelor-party-cause-me-tamara-and-kelly-are-coming-and-there-will-be-no-strippers tomorrow, turns out we're gonna rock downtown...ARLINGTON HEIGHTS! woo hoo!

Thursday, January 24, 2002

britt's quick hiatual return from EP

so i'm back in P-town for a few hours. actually never in my life have i referred to my home turf as "P-town". ahhh...have a missed my internet. it's not that they don't have the hook-up up there, they do, but it's through Compuserve and it has those crappy pop-ups that in my humble opinion, slows it down. plus they got the ghetto Win98. ugh. geesh, lookit me, a year ago i had Win95. so anyhow, now that i'm back in this awesome turf i call home...what to do what to do? ahhh..nothing. no, i think i'll see a flick tonight. which one i dunno. oh, and it seems monique got a wishlist response. damn, that's a sweet idea...if i had some extra cash i would most definitely indulge and buy my wish list buddies something from their list. what's better than an unexpected package in the mail? (subconscious hint : everyone go to my wish list NOW, pick a little somethin somethin out...and send it off to the britt)

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

so i start my mission of housesitting tonight at my sisters. hey they got a nice ole bar, beautiful luxurious basement, and wide screen tv. i don't work any am cept fri. i think i'll just kick back every night post work with a rented movie and tell the kids to "GET TO BED YOU GOTTA SCHOOL TOMORROW"....ahhhhh, will that feel good. oh, and did i mention the well stocked bar? it'll be like livin it up...and you know what? i have a confession to make (and please nic do not kill me for this)...i have never seen any of the Godfathers...that's right, not One, Two, nor Three.....isn't that a shame? well pete (who happens to be my godfather as well as my brother-in-law) has all three and i've been meaning to borrow them. but i figure now is a good time to watch them as any, on their beautiful wide screen tv in the luxurious basement drinking 12 year old scotch. ok maybe not that last part, but damn, did that sound like a good way to end see nic i WILL watch it, so she should at least be proud of me for that. ha ha
so i saw A Beautiful Mind last night and wow, what a GREAT movie, i'm not gonna say too much about it cause the less you know, the better, plus i don't need to give you no damn plot summary to justify why you should see it..just GO DO won't be sorry. if you are *sigh* then yes, you may travel to pekin to kick my ass...

Monday, January 21, 2002

and so then the next day SUCKED...naw, just kidding...although i must point your attention to the title and squirrel up that? that's called a separate table...yea, that's right. how does one create that? well, a computer genius such as my friend mike or comes easy...but for simple motley fools like me...not so much. but i figured it out (as i always seem to do with computer stuff). so send me a congratulatory somethin somethin. ha ha. so yesterday was fun...i GOT OUT AND DID STUFF i went bowling with the family...*sigh* i suck now...i'm just a has-been..the i came home so i could go to i called tamara to catch up for saturday when we go to todd's bachelor party..but we really didn't end up making any definite plans, cause now she has to call me this week..that's cause we spent the whole phone conversation playing catch up...arrr...she didn't get cast in any shows, either, so that really sucks for her..and it does...boy do i know how that feels...those bastards..

so ok, i made good cash last night..not bad for 4 hours of work...i get to go see a movie tonight!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAY... (uhhh...dude, i would probably never actually say "yay" like that vocally in real life) i'm going to see A Beautiful Mind. maybe i can sneak in some later in the week...though i'm gonna be house sitting in East Peoria..should be exciting.

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Drink me!

Which drink are you?

hell yea! these are funner than FUNFUNFUN to make...though i hate gin...hmmm

Saturday, January 19, 2002

it's funny how something you dread can turn out to be not only not so bad, but completely great. see, i wasn't looking forward to tending bar (or working for that matter) tonight. why? oh britt i remember the days when you said (and i quoth from the blog days of yestermonth):
so why am i not working yet? what is the deal..?"

yea, me too...but you see, i make a KILLING delivering, and think about it...if you like to drive, it really is the stuff dream jobs are made of. so yea, and especially bartending on a saturday...and i thought to myself, "well at least we have a hostess" uh..NO! allison never showed up. what's the deal? ah..pry a misunderstanding; she's a good kid, she is related to me (somehow through being my niece and nephew's cousin)...but no, she's awesome. anyway, we weren't really too busy tonight..or maybe it was cause i had all that coffee (see cyn, i have admitted i have a problem..ha ha) but anyhow, i was just ON IT tonight..biff bam! i ended up making $35. marie made $40, which she wasn't hesitant to boast, i kept quiet i made $64 last night..heh heh. oh! and dude was she in my frickin way and just being all sorts of colors of annoying tonight...argh. and can she be any whinier? geez, high school brats piss me off. so yea, the hospital called with a complaint...i guess they were "overcharged $3" ok, there was 3 orders, all separate. i TOLD marie (cause she cannot do math cause she's "dyslexic" now i guess..wah wah) i would divy up the $1.50 delivery charge amongst the 3 orders...which makes got it math geniuses..50 cents an order. and i wrote each total (with the 50 cents added in) on the ticket. so what did she do? charged a buck fifty for each order! *siggggh* UGH! so the hospital lady (named debbie) was cool, as i talked with her, she even got my name...i must have been doing good...and said she'd take joe up on that "mozz stix credit" tomorrow. i informed her i was delivering anyhow, so she seemed relieved at that. damn what a self-esteem booster i say...well, it helps that marie sucks so bad. anyhow, i guess being on the ball makes the night seem a breeze as well as putting you in a good mood....but i'm still glad it's over...
i have a disease. it is called CINEMA-DEPRIVAL. i haven't seen a movie at the cinema
*starts to sob (and this is one of those britt-is-pathetic sobs)*
(recovering) oh ok, it has been too long for my feeble-yet-somewhere-in-the-depths-strikingly-intelligent brain to recall. but here's the deal...and i say it loud and clear for all you movie fans/slackers like me out there....FUCK won't get in your way! oh no, not the way i thought it would...see, they (the fascist establishment we call our job) want us to think work inhibits us from doing basic human rights things like going to the cinema, but IT DON'T! no sirree...i get off work at 9 monday...uhhh...duh, i can see a 10:00 show..and I AM...dammit.

ok, britt has no clue where that rant came from...but you were forewarned (see blog description up top)...i really don't think my bartending/delivery job is fascist in any way, i just love using that word anytime i can. and YOU ALL SHOULD! try it in a sentence kids! yea! ok, i go now...

Friday, January 18, 2002

i love Tenacious D...i mean, i loved them before, but now i must say they rule at a 200 % rating. if you haven't heard them, DO IT! download some stuff, go buy the CD, trust me on this one. if i'm wrong, you can travel to Pekin and kick my ass. other than that, i have nothing important to say. i work a DOUBLE today! isn't that exciting? no? oh well, i didn't think so either...

Thursday, January 17, 2002

dude (that's for you cyn, although i guess it should be "DUUUUDE!"), i feel just horrible for not recognizing ER for the genius that it is. i think i've caught a blur of the episodes over the years, but i primarily work on thursday nights....give me a break. damn. great acting, great writing...why oh why do i not watch more dramas? that's cause i'm one who lives to make others laugh, so i like to watch otherwise. *sigh* other than that, i spent quality time with julie tonight in the booming metropolis of Morton. where? ahh...don't worry, you're not missing anyhting. and no, it is NOT a metropolis.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

as a self-admitted Real World addict (shut up nic), all i can say is bout damn time.'s nice to see the good ol city.. speaking of buttmongrel nic, go see his new (YES another) layout of types...very nice might i say...
well how do you like that? britt gave up blogging for Lent. no, i'm kidding. cause i didn't. and it's too (thank God) early for Lent. ok, so here's my make-up blog. yesterday i did a double, which explains why i no blog. i have no time. i think i squeezed in some time to eat and that's it. the good news is that i've been scared into a DOS format screen (called FTP in this cause) and successfully returned. after getting rid of what mike put on my webpage through Gallatin River, i've created this. take that mike....

other that that, i have a headache, and i'm drinking coffee BLACK. oh i weep for humanity me. and sunnovabitch, why did i sleep til 2 pm today? bad bad britt.

Monday, January 14, 2002

oh man, this didn't make my night any brighter....why is it the crappy directors keep making movies? and a beautiful genius like Ted has to go? we'll miss you buddy...
Good God, could pepperoni's delivery be any DEADER tonight? no, wait, i think it could. i could have had NO deliveries, despite the ONE i had. so ok, i made $2.50 from that. funny thing is, i made $5 off one single bar customer. sheesh. i'm burnt out, i don't expect the internet will amuse me i may call it early.

ok, whoops, forgot to post on sunday. was sunday, whatdaya want from me? good God, what is wrong with me? i accidently rented Scary Movie(ONE, not Two) and watched it liked it! well it IS an ok movie, but yeesh. i rented Someone Like You for my mom and i watched that last night...i'm still in the process of finding a picture hoster. i need to ask my computer-geek-mentor cyn when i get a moment. other than that, sunday went fabulous. no workie in the morning and only 4 hours of work in the evening (Dear God, can i stand it?). i still made $25 nonetheless.

so i got two books to check out at Waldens today, cause here i thought we were leaving the mall soon and i better get it in. but noooo...we're staying. ok, that's good. damn, i should really get on with reading The Stand, cause now i got two other to frickin' read. Idiots Guide to Creating a Web Page...and NO, i'm not an idiot....and Cheap Web Tricks...maybe i can read them at is Monday. ah well...will post more after work.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

yay. comments are back. so comment love you me hate me...the votes are in. gotta run to work now.

Saturday, January 12, 2002

last online test, i swear, awww c'mon it's a Radiohead one!

Take the Which Radiohead Album are you? Quiz.

Oh, man. No one is quite sure what to make of you. Your fans got kind of impatient in the three years it took the band to perfect you, and after you were released, a lot of people walked around scratching their heads, saying "Huh???" Lots of people don't really understand you, and even more pretend that they do. Bill Gates got it, after like, the seventeen hundredth time. Most of the people around you think that they understand you better than they do, and that gets on your nerves sometimes. But The small group of people who appreciate your beauty and intelligence keeps you going. You are a bit emotionally detached, but make up for it with your utter gorgeousness and dedication to your art.
i'm in a damn good mood today..why? hell, i dunno, i just am, it's absolutely amazing, it's just one of those good days. i'm currently taking a curve in my daily lifestyle and drinking coffee with a little bit 'o liqueur. yea, that's right, and it's damn good. i'm almost done making my sister's CD, should be cool...she's gonna be psyched. and by the wya, if you'd like a good FREAK OUT (and i mean it, but i am a liitle chickenshit), go here. be forewarned, don't do this home alone at night.
Friday Five: Saturday Five...courtesy of here

1. What was your first job? ahh...the same as Madonna's turns out...Dunkin' it's a pizza and wings place and Madonna is a international superstar...waitasecond...what happened to me?
"you want coffee with that dozen?"

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? i was 13, he was 15...wooo hooo britt! it was clumsy the first time, but aren't they always? it was exciting nonetheless

3. What was your first car? What happened to it? a silver 85 Oldsmobile. too many family members had been through it before me, so it gave in on me on Interstate 74 on my way back to ISU junior year...sniff..sniff..but it was my hella cool high school car and i'll love it forever

4. What was your first concert? ha ha, you're gonna laugh, but keep in mind, i WAS was New Kids on the Block and i had a DAMN GOOD TIME.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? filled with fun...i'm going to get pizza and beer tonight with the fam and bill and barb and give them their present (no, bill, you CAN'T know what it is)

Friday, January 11, 2002

so i slightly revamped. maybe not as special as it coulda been. but it wasn't exactly a facelift or anything. just messed around with some code on the contact area. (sigh) i'll be a computer geek yet... so anyhow, all my anxious fans (and i'm talking about me and my cat...who has never read this) have to wait a day or a half a day or so before they can comment on my oh-so-witty posts. blogback is undergoing some heavy crap. read about it here. what else has happened? oh yea, i got called today by Walden's saying "NO COME IN" ok. damn, i'm's three whole hours. oh well, i downloaded stuff and revamped my sites (or tried...actually i just tried to not fuck up my blog template) before work...damn i'm lazy...have i said that? hey, i washed my car today. too bad i only made $25 in tips...and 25 % of that was through bar tips...let's just say we were busy more in house. joe did give me a free beer though tonight. no cheering allowed, it was Old Style...ugh...i HAD to wash it down with a Guinness.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

ok, so i have this financial plan for my ER bill (a whopping $1300 thank you). i pay like $100 some a month interest free. yea, but mom and pop said they'd help. whew...they better. but i hope it won't be as painful as all that. Walden's is out at the end of this month, so i need another job. and here i wanted to road trip somewhere...soon. looks like todd's bachelor party and wedding are my next road trip. arrr...i'll figure something out come march...we'll see. in the meantime, i'm revamping both this blog (nothing serious, don't worry) and my homestead site. looks like i have enough on my hands for now.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

so i've been buying like a madwoman lately. not really. oh ok, there was that Margaret Cho video and i also picked up the Braveheart soundtrack and Phish : Farmhouse. kevin has prompted me (subconciously through email) to update my site. i'm not even sure of the look of it lately. damn you blogger...why you no publish?
damn, i was internet-less all day yesterday. why? ha...funny story. so i get booted yesterday and so then i can't log back on, so i think it's my computer ...possibly my ISP (they said to check password). nothing. so i retype my password, and it's already typed in and saved for me though besides that, but i retype it. still nothing! so then i think it's my computer. and i dunno shit on how my fix my computer or the proxy settings blah i call Gallatin River today and it turns out i'd been typing in the wrong password! no! not again!! i coulda SWORE it was "lizzie"! oh well. so i hung out at home mainly yesterday, went to peoria and paid some bills and got Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want. funny shit. ok, gotta go. (not really but it sounded good)

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

ok ok, so here's the lowdown. i have the day off today, so that should be exciting,and before all of you jump on me with things to do (yea, like that happens)..DON'T. my idea of a day off is that in which i have 100 % enjoyment. therefore, if i want to do something...i'll do it. i was gonna go to IBC tonight, but i dunno the skinny on that. tamara was supposed to call me yesterday, but you know how that goes. that's what i would like to do tonight...and if i don't who knows...maybe i'd like a nice relaxing night at home.

Monday, January 07, 2002

stop it britt...stop Dear day...auuughhh..

take the which weezer member are you test!

Sunday, January 06, 2002

i need to get a picture hoster. is no more ...or something...nice of them to tell me. so i'm looking at apparently you need your own webserver. i guess you can download some HTML editors that have them. we'll see. if anyone has any ideas, email me yo. thanks a lot. yesterday went well, case you were wondering. except for the fact it was snowing and SLICKER THAN HELL. yea, i slid and bumped one car. no biggie, made $50. (not from sliding into the car). i was going to go to normal, but the weather prevented me at the last minute. so i went home and watched the rest of Being John Malkovich. now, i gotta run...BK calls me.
damn, thanks to cyn, i've gone back to my girlish figure of online test taking (GASP!)

Take the Radiohead Collective Member Test.

Friday, January 04, 2002

let's see what have i been up to? oh yea, january 2nd. must you know...i WORKED!! it was a wednesday, i did the 12-3 shift at waldenbooks, flies by i tell ya, i mostly worked on changes. then i got a hold of stacy, she isn't so up for starved rock on thursday...hence me not being able to go saturday. and why? too cold...awww...stacy, you putz you. so they may come to pekin...ok no...they may go to chicago to see khalilah. uh...ok, so i get this message as i'm listening to my answering machine through the phone at sarah's. chicago it is. ok. sarah's was ok, we just drank a few beers and tried her virginal jello shots. and i mean virginal as in she's never made them before...ever. kouri's was the fastest visit EVER. i had ONE beer, then was ready to hit the hay. after all, i had to get up at 8 am the next day to go to chicago. stacy the fascist wanted me to be at tamara's at 10. grrrr. anyhow, we get on the road Thursday, January 3rd at 10 am...or know how road rtips are. anyhow it was tons of fun, we got to khalilah's house, then got on the road to see the W and met up with her friend sarah and went to fado. and i really wanted to go for just a few drinks. we ate lunch there and had a few drinks...then a few more...Dear God, i think i got half drunk by 7:00. ok ok, i was drunk. but how many times can you get to chicago? oh, ok, i can easily anytime in 2 1/2 hours, but still. i had to partake in different irish and english brews. after that we went to sarah's and yes, drank MORE. ha. ok, i had just one. but it was Goose Island, it's not like that's native here in central Illinois; it's a chicago beer. ok, after 5 fun-filled hours at walden's, i'm off again to pepperoni's. i have no clue if stacy, shane and tamara are gonna make it into town tonight to go to kouri's. we'll see.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

oh, and a couple of things of has it that pepperoni's was to stop delivery service after the new year (and i wasn't supposed to know this, but i'm sort of on the inside see), but in the last two weeks (so says joe to my parents last night) "delivery has been flawless, not one mistake/screw up." credit to me? ahhh...i guess, it's not exactly my job to screw up now is it? and i guess i've taught them a lot on how to do delivery, so they're keeping it. joe and lauren weighed especially on this decision. well, i already knew lauren liked me, so that didn't hurt. so, yay, i won't be out of a part of my job. oh, and hollywood video has this 4 movies for $20 thing, and they're good ones, so i picked up High Fidelity, Memento, Being John Malkovich, and The Winslow Boy.

i had a good ol time last night. i was able to get off work at 9:00 and have a drink with my family (holly, pete, mom and dad were still there). then off to Normal, but it was conflicting, stacy wanted me to stop over, and kinda not go to zac's...uhhh...but i said i'd stop by..and i did, after being at zac's 10 minutes and tamara was on the phone with her, whoops. sorry stace, but she was drunk, so just damn happy i brought over my present, and then t and i ended up staying there throught the new year. ok, in true bill fashion, i shall do highlights (this is for you bill)...

seeing as well as drinking and ringing in the new year with those i love: stacy, tamara, buck, zac, wyatt, and brian.
getting a new years kisses (yeeea!) oh, ok, it was just from tamara and stacy (but she was waaay drunk see).
drinking Guinness with brian (he's my old Guinness drinking buddy).
seeing the exuberation on stacy's face when she opened my oops-sorta-late Christmas gift.
hanging out and bonding with becca...ok, so i just didn't know her well enough.
being able to exclaim (along with tamara, thank God for her): "damn! i hate the game of Mafia! new game!".
staying up til 6 am and still alive and kicking for yet another year knowing no worky-worky in the morning: PRICELESS

ok, so i also slept til 2 pm. whoops, but at least in tamara's room (on the floor in the good ol sleeping bag i used to use back in the dorm days) i'm not in the middle of everything, thus bein in the living room...drat, my couch was occupied this time. anyhow, stacy and tamara were off to see LOTR at 3:30, but nooo...britt's gotta work at 5. ah well, since marie can take one night for me this week i asked if they wanted to go to Starved Rock on saturday. little did i know, marie's hosting sat, so it may be thursday (since i'm off all day then) or a movie on wednesday night...i gotta see a movie soon dammit...Pepperoni's was D-E-A-D tonight; we closed at 7. pffftt...coulda went to LOTR.